What You Need to Know About Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS4, PS3

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What You Need to Know About Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS4, PS3

Hey folks! There’s less than two weeks to go before Murdered: Soul Suspect is out on PS4 and PS3, and to bide your time while you wait, we’ve conjured up a comprehensive 101 trailer to show you today.

What You Need to Know About Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS4, PS3

But firstly, we’d like to say thanks for your support for the game so far, it’s been overwhelming to say the least and means a great deal to the development team at Airtight Games. Additionally, we’ve received a ton of questions lately about gameplay features and story, so hopefully this trailer will help enlighten you on everything you need to know about the game. But don’t take our word for it — jump in and see what all the fuss is about!

It turns out humans aren’t the only beings Ronan can possess in Murdered. Our talented dev team have plugged away intensely to bring you a unique investigation game unlike any you’ve played before, with fresh gameplay mechanics, relatable characters, and a twisted story that will leave you speechless, even after you’ve put down the controller.

So what do we know about Ronan’s ghostly abilities so far? He can walk through walls, possess and influence humans (And cats!), teleport to hard-to-reach locations, and poltergeist objects to spook innocent bystanders. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… but we’ve gotta leave a few aces up sleeves, surely? Well, that’s what Ronan would do for sure.

Then there’s our ruthless antagonist, the Bell Killer. We can’t tell you too much about him without spoiling some element of the game, but he’s a merciless serial killer terrorising the town of Salem who Ronan must stop before he becomes trapped in the Dusk world for eternity.

The spirits you encounter roaming the Dusk are people who have left something unresolved in their previous life, who, much like Ronan, cannot move on to until they’ve settled their unfinished business. Several side-quests in the game revolve around helping these lost souls move on, while some can’t or don’t want to be helped, Ronan will need their help if he’s to catch the Bell Killer in time.

Murdered: Soul SuspectMurdered: Soul Suspect

The path to uncovering the Bell Killer will not be free of obstruction. There are those who linger in the Dusk that seek to consume wandering souls. These Demons will devour Ronan if you’re not careful and should be avoided at all costs. Confront them head-on if you’re feeling courageous, but be warned: they’ve been roaming the Dusk far longer than anything else.

So what did you think of our 101 trailer? If you’ve still got questions, fire away in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is out on PS4 and PS3 on June 3rd, 2014. Pre-order the game now to guarantee your Limited Edition and get access to the digital strategy map.

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  • Looks like a fun game might grab it for ps4 =D.

  • Any word on what upgrades we can expect on the PS4 version?

  • I hear this game doesnt give you much roo to explore or your choices dont matter at all and doesnt let you investigate well.. is that true?

    By that I mean according to previews you cant leave a scene or advance until you found everything youre supposed to find thus it holds your hand in that way (unlike heavy rain where you could leave and miss a few things but still figure it out or missing something had an effect in the story).

    also when questioning people and getting answers they say you cant ever pick the wrong answer as if you do you just get asked the question again until you finally choose the correct answer… again unlike heavy rain or beyond two souls where you could make a “bad” choice and there would be consequences this game seems a lot more linear with no right or wrong way to do things as it holds your hand until you do it right…. tell me thats all inaccurate?

    Id actually like to use my brain to some degree as opposed to the whole game being 100% trail and error…. i AM supposed to be a detective after all.. why even try to think if I can just guess my way through til I get it right? Any puzzle solving?

  • Looks like LA Noire meets Silent Hill. Good Trailer, I will keep my eye on this game

  • I am SO excited!

  • Looks great!

    This is going to be the PS Plus free game of June… right? ;)

  • PS4 i meant :P

  • A couple years ago, I tried Telltale’s CSI game. Wasn’t expecting much from a TV show/videogame tie-in, but it did have a couple of clever mechanics. To combat the issue of having mindless trial-and-error, and simple process-of-elimination gameplay, they had a points system that rewarded you for making the correct choice the first time. They applied that to the various mini-games, and the decisions you had to make, which helped keep you interested and “on your toes”. I wonder if they’ve implemented some kind of reward system for being a good detective in this game. I guess at some point it’s up to the player to determine whether they’re really figuring things out, or just brute-forcing their way through. In any case, Airtight should get some points for thinking outside the box here – it’s always nice to see people trying new things. I am definitely interested in seeing how they solved various design challenges.

  • After watching an interview with one of the co-owner’s of Airtight on Up at Noon this week, I’ve decided to get this game. I try to support the game industry as much as possible, and seeing a new IP like this coming from Airtight and Square-Enix is kind of amazing in this era. I’ll be pre-ordering this sometime this weekend after I get paid tomorrow. Kinda looking forward to this, though it’ll be a while before I can get to it. Still need to finish Wolfenstein, then play Transistor and Drakengard 3, AND… Watch_Dogs…

  • Looks awesome!

  • I’ve been so PSYCHED for this game since I first saw the trailer for it at last year’s E3…..I instantly knew there was something that is gonna make this game so cool as hell. And considering I will be getting a PS4 in couple of weeks, I may just make this game my first physical disc purchase for it (I was originally gonna get it for my PS3 before you all surprised us w/ a simultaneous PS4 release)!

    I’ve been hooked on the premise of this game from the jump, can’t wait!

  • ChaoticAssault31

    Looks awesome but also really creepy. Serial killers really creep me out especially the ones in the TV show Bones. :P So if I jump into this game it will probably give me nightmares. :/ It looks really fun though kind of like a L.A. Noire type game.

  • Well I know that this will be a purchase for me definitely besides watchdogs. This is the kind of game that I can get into.

  • How much, if any, DLC will there be for this game?

    If there’s no DLC, I’ll be buying it day one because this looks unique.

    However, I don’t buy incomplete games new. DLC = a used purchase.

  • This game looks interesting.

  • This game looks to me like a GOTY candidate if its done right.

  • This game has potential…got my eyes on it since the announcement….will be buying for sure on PS3….may get the PS4 version instead though…since I can take screenshots.

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