Jet Car Stunts on PS4, PS3, Vita: Release Details, Pricing Revealed

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Jet Car Stunts on PS4, PS3, Vita: Release Details, Pricing Revealed

Hey! This is Jakub from Grip Games. Some time ago, I told you that we’re bringing the popular racing franchise Jet Car Stunts to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. We can now share more information about the release dates, pricing, cross-buy and cross-play.

But first, have a look at the new trailer showing the game in all its insanity. You’ll be flying in the air, racing on narrow tracks and using jets to reach supersonic speeds. Jet Car Stunts is a hybrid between a racing game and a platformer. The tracks are devious, the pace is ruthless and your opponents are the best racers on PSN.

Jet Car Stunts will launch on PS3 and PS Vita in July, followed by the PS4 version in August. All three versions support cross-play, and the best players’ ghosts and leaderboards transcend all three platforms.

Jet Car Stunts on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

Jet Car Stunts on PS4, PS3, and PS VitaJet Car Stunts on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

The PS3 and Vita versions will offer cross-buy and will cost $7.99. The PS4 version will be significantly upgraded – offering better visuals and more track details, and running at 60fps and 1080p. Anyone who purchased the PS3 or PS Vita version will get a discount when buying Jet Car Stunts for PS4. We will announce more about the PS4 version upgrades and the discount for the owners of the PS3/PSV version as the release date gets closer.

We can’t wait to show you more of Jet Car Stunts. Follow PlayStation.Blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages, and our official website for more news about Jet Car Stunts, including the exact release date.

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  • Looks interesting, it reminds me a lot of Gripshift from back on the PSP.

  • This game looks like a even more badass version of GripShift! count me in for the vita version!

  • Good price. Looks fun and thx for cross-play.

  • Fair enough on offering a discount to PS3/Vita buyers for the PS4 version. How soon until we get the sequel though?

  • Gripshift is can customize your car and the tracks look better. This looks like it was the tech demo for Gripshift. lol but thats just MY OPINION..

  • Nice. Looks pretty cool, and at a good price as well. Thanks, especially for the “cross” capabilities. Will this be cross-save as well?

  • I’m not much into racing games, but this certainly looks fun for those that are. $8 Cross-Buy is hard to beat.

  • Wow, for $8 I am definitely going to get this!! At first glance I was like “uh no” but after watching the video, I’m stoked!

  • Looks super fun!

  • Looks awesome from video, not so good in reviews of the PC release. Maybe the flaws were fixed? Maybe?

    • Most reviews actually complained about the graphics. It seems they didn’t “get it”. Also, it is hard to please the reviewers on a platform that has a free Trackmania. But I can’t remember reading a single review which said that the game wasn’t fun ;-)

  • Theres a reason why this got better reviews on mobile then it did on pc. Maybe is should stay on mobile? Well maybe send it to the vita seeings as its just a glorified mobile device anyways but why console? And why isn’t it cross buy all the way around? Just because the ps4 sports better capabilities? Either way I’m skipping this regardless… Looks too much like Gripshift and I hated that game…!!!

  • No disc, no sale.

  • I know it’s not a AAA game, but if its fun to play for more than just a few hours at 8.99
    including CrossBuy, makes it better than alot of other choices.

  • Nice to have some more info, though interested in the release date. Mainly looking to play it on the Vita as it looks to be a great game to pick up and play if you have a few minutes. Hoping it’s not too far out so I’ll have something else to play on my travels later in summer.

  • @11: Because mobile reviewers are very forgiving. For whatever reason. While PC/Console reviewers are less so. A game on mobile with control issues? Awesome 9/10, console/PC? 5/10 easy

  • This looks to be fun and I’m not sure about this yet compared to the indie games that are incoming.

  • @ 12 you are very annoying. if you arent going to show some intelligence, atleast you could please stop expecting indie games to get a physical copy. or just stop commenting on indie blog posts and spare of us you being so irrational.

  • Hmm… reminds me a lot of San Francisco rush. Both in a good way and a bad way. One one hand this is what you get when you take San Francisco Rush: 2049 and strip away the music, graphics, collectibles, and multiplayer. On the other it’s a new San Francisco Rush experience that I’ve been looking for. I’ll try it out for sure.

  • Looks like a lot of fun and at only 8 bones? You have my buy its just to bad that its such a long wait for the PS4 version.

  • Not of my interest. I see the effort in it but it’s too much money for a casual game…

  • A modern day Stunt Car Racer? Sign me up!

  • Looks interesting. +1 for the PS VITA love. Sony doesn’t look to have too much love for its own handheld nowadays, so it’s good to see others trying hard to get something out for it. This game looks very cool. But I know you guys are expecting to sell less on the PS Vita than on mobile devices, but I always asked why games on the PS Vita (or any other consoles) that are also out on mobile devices, are always pricier on consoles than on mobile devices, but never got a clear answer from anyone. Who decides on price? The developper, the publisher? Is it because of licencing issues related to the platform?

    By the way, I know it’s a different subject, but why Sony haven’t annouced that Duke Nukem 3D, megaton edition, is coming to the Vita? Devolver digital annouced via Twitter that the game was submitted for certification to Sony for release on the platform… The Vita definitely needs more love right now.

    Anyway, thanks guys for what looks like a nice racing game for the Vita! Will buy!

  • @ 12 Expressing your preferences as a consumer is neither annoying or irrational. It also takes some actual intelligence to stick by what you believe in, rather than just buy whatever is shoved in front of you.

    If companies want to make the most money possible, they need to reach the highest amount of consumers possible.

    Instead of spewing anti-consumer hate, how about you actually consider what other people want? Not everyone is as self-centred as you.

  • @23 wow! You really are annoying.

  • @24 I’m also correct.

  • younginflavor18

    I gotta say the gameplay of Jet Car Stunts is interesting and might consider checking out.

  • younginflavor18

    @25 I understand that you won’t buy the game since it’s not going to be on physical format, but do you really have to be condescending to the other people who may disagree with you?

  • @ 27,

    While I understand the concerns of many who refuses to hop on the digital distribution bandwagon (really, I do), I agree with you on that point. It is quite condescending to imply that everyone who doesn’t think like you is automatically wrong.

    Now, I want to add something to the debate regarding physical vs. digital distribution.

    Personnaly, if a physical copy exists for consoles (home or portable) I’m usually more than likely to buy physical. There’s an inherent security of ownership with physical products that you don’t get with digital ones. BUT at the same time, it would be completely silly to ask of small independent studios to fund the production of physical copies of their games. Of course, going both digital and physical will probably grant you extra sales. The problem is if those extra sales are going to cover the cost of manufacturing all those physical copies. For triple AAA, big brand titles, that investment may be worth it (note that I wrote “may” as even then, it’s not entirely certain). Thinking indie developpers can easily do the same is showing a misunderstanding of the industry.

    Not buying digital is a choice. And it’s ok. But we won’t ever support indie development this way.

  • Wow, this looks incredibly fun. I started smiling just watching the trailer. Looking forward to checking it out.

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