Wolfenstein: The New Order Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Out Today on PS4, PS3

Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake are the three games that not only introduced me to gaming, but also to game development. All created by id Software. By the same company. Think about what these guys made for gaming and did for game development. It’s truly remarkable. And the companies and the games that followed; Unreal, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc. They all sprung from the same source.

Wolfenstein. A game we grew up playing.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

It’s surreal that we, MachineGames, now will be part of that history. And believe me when I say that Wolfenstein: The New Order can’t be revolutionary in the sense the previously mentioned games were. Those times have passed. The leap in technology will never again be as apparent. But I do believe our game stays true to its roots — to its fans — and at the same time manages to follow its predecessors into the future.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

Wolfenstein: The New Order is more than the traditional shooter. It’s an action-adventure tour de force. This is important to mention. Like I tell my father-in-law, (whose father personally drove a tank into Berlin in 1945) when he’s asking me what I’m currently working on: it’s about killing Nazis, but that’s just the surface of the game. It’s an adventure not unlike “Where Eagles Dare” and “Inglourious Basterds”. It’s a totally story-driven game experience that has a range of environments and characters and gameplay styles that you don’t normally see in standard first-person shooters. Drama, humor, and even love are carefully layered into the experience.

This is where we can break ground, where gaming still has a long way to go — the narrative — this is where I believe we shine, where I believe we will continue to shine. Great stories combined with exciting and truly fun combat experiences.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

This is what I believe is the future of gaming.

And if you play until the end, which I hope you will, you will experience all of this; an affectionately -crafted love letter directed to our dear friends at id Software, to everyone that loves to play games and especially to all of you who love Wolfenstein.

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