Wolfenstein: The New Order Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Out Today on PS4, PS3

Wolfenstein, DOOM and Quake are the three games that not only introduced me to gaming, but also to game development. All created by id Software. By the same company. Think about what these guys made for gaming and did for game development. It’s truly remarkable. And the companies and the games that followed; Unreal, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, etc. They all sprung from the same source.

Wolfenstein. A game we grew up playing.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

It’s surreal that we, MachineGames, now will be part of that history. And believe me when I say that Wolfenstein: The New Order can’t be revolutionary in the sense the previously mentioned games were. Those times have passed. The leap in technology will never again be as apparent. But I do believe our game stays true to its roots — to its fans — and at the same time manages to follow its predecessors into the future.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

Wolfenstein: The New Order is more than the traditional shooter. It’s an action-adventure tour de force. This is important to mention. Like I tell my father-in-law, (whose father personally drove a tank into Berlin in 1945) when he’s asking me what I’m currently working on: it’s about killing Nazis, but that’s just the surface of the game. It’s an adventure not unlike “Where Eagles Dare” and “Inglourious Basterds”. It’s a totally story-driven game experience that has a range of environments and characters and gameplay styles that you don’t normally see in standard first-person shooters. Drama, humor, and even love are carefully layered into the experience.

This is where we can break ground, where gaming still has a long way to go — the narrative — this is where I believe we shine, where I believe we will continue to shine. Great stories combined with exciting and truly fun combat experiences.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4 and PS3

This is what I believe is the future of gaming.

And if you play until the end, which I hope you will, you will experience all of this; an affectionately -crafted love letter directed to our dear friends at id Software, to everyone that loves to play games and especially to all of you who love Wolfenstein.

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  • Game looks interesting but i’m not sure i feel comfortable spending full price on a single player shooter, so i might just have to rent it from Redbox.

  • I actually support developers so I bought the game full price :)

    It’s in the mail en route to me right now :)

  • Got the digital version pre-ordered for that Doom beta. Very nice to see a single-player focused game on the market, plenty of MP focused ones already anyway. Also, very nice to see the second screen function of Remote Play being used, so that got me excited as well. Hope release goes great for Machine Games!

  • Shame,it’s not on PS Vita.

  • 70$ for a single player only game… no thanks.

  • JimCarreyForYou

    left it downloading and going straight home after work to play this. cant wait

    are you guys gonna release the OST of the game? i would like to buy it

  • Also, people commenting on not buying single-player games just make me sad. What’s wrong with newer gamers not wanting a good single-player game? Geez.

  • I know this is off subject but…whats up with the cloud TV service i am very interested in that…

  • @Sneeches, why do you say $70 for single player only game? I got it on PSN for PS4 for $53.99.

  • Single player FPS? YES!!! I’m all over this.
    Not into the multi player thing.

  • @Sir_Bronius, maybe Sneeches live in canada that why she said 70 .. lol that suck for people who live in canada because games increase 10 dollars are 60 to 70

  • I’m picking this game up today, pre-ordered it a while ago. Very excited about this one… and I commend a developer who spent the time to make a lengthy, story driven FPS campaign, rather than following the same pattern everyone else is doing by offering a short campaign with tacked on multiplayer.

  • Wolfenstein was one of the first ever PC games played…it shaped me as a gamer and I would not miss out on this experience for the world. I pre-paid mine off and will pick it up later today. For those of you not willing to pay for a single player only experience…SHAME. The best story telling comes from a narrative driven by its author; multiplayer is fine, but I want my story to be the focus. With experiences like Uncharted and The last of us being great examples of what a focus on single player can create, the added bonus of multiplayer is great, but not required to have an awesome time. I will joyfully go home and kill nazis today. You should too!

  • @11 Tell me about it. It’s a crappy move on their part.

    Glad to see the game as no online trophies. Makes me want it more now

  • @ 11 the game is 70 bucks in stores here in Canada but it was available for 53.99 on psn for PS Plus. I buy all my games digitally now, store price is just to much, even if its only to save the tax.

  • Even if you missed out on the pre-sale PS+ discount, the game is still $59.99 on PSN in Canada, no tax. That’s a lot better than the Canadian retail stores charging $69.99 + tax (which comes out to $79!). I’ll save the $20 and just get it digitally.

    For PSN, it seems it’s only the Sony first-party titles that are marked up an extra $10 because of the exchange rate. I guess the other publishers are more interested in selling games vs nickle and dime’ing customers over minor exchange rate fluctuations.

    How much do you want to bet that if the exchange rate drops to par with USD the games will still cost $70?

    Anyway, Wolfenstein looks like a solid games that’s getting pretty decent reviews. In Canada, PSN is the best deal.

  • Just picked up my copy. I didn’t pre-order it since reviews didn’t come out until today. Can’t wait to start playing.

  • Loved the trailers for it, great idea / concept for a “WW2” shooter. And of course I love all the oldschool FPS ID Software games which led to more favorites (Unreal Tournament, CounterStrike) …lookin forward to playing it.

    Play this game to see how oldschool FPS games were like before COD changed things for the worse. No magical regenerating health here..you have to find medkits…I love(d) that about old shooters :) Regenerating health is not only less realistic but easier / dumber because it rewards camping / hiding to wait for your health to magically come back.

  • Oh, and not every game needs to have an online mode. I actually respect these developers for NOT putting an online mode in the game…maybe they wanted to focus on the 1 player and they felt this was a ONE player game instead of an online one? If you have nothing new to bring to an online game then why bother making an online mode in your game?? There are too many games out there with the same boring online modes that other online games have.. Again, make something new and something you think will be better or don’t bother making it at all…I think that is the approach that more devs need to take.

    Art style in this game looks badass too, will definitely play it. Ain’t no better gamer to kill them nazi’s instead of ME!! :P

  • Wow, Wikipedia actually says your name is “Jerk”. Got this Gamefly’ed for PS4, hope the 60fps is as beautiful as it sounds.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this up on PS3 once it goes on sale. I’d purchase it now but I’m a little tight on funds atm.

  • @19 I 110 Percent agree with you if you don’t have anything new and interesting to add to the multi player universe and instead tack on some BS MP then leave it the hell off your game!!

    Developer/publisher are only creating something that will ultimately fail!!

    Not to mention adding crappy BS multiplayer trophies we all adore!!

  • I’m D/L the update now and can’t wait to play. You guys have kept iunder radar but I always had my eye on this gem. I got two words for you guys.. THANK YOU.

  • Thanks for this game. A month or so ago it wasn’t even on my radar, but as of a week ago it’s been my most anticipated title until August.

    Finally finished my DL, can’t wait to play.

  • Is there going to be a demo available? I don’t normally care for FPS but ones with a strong story and interesting setting can pull me in. I bought Bioshock Infinite for that reason.

    If there is a PS4 demo I would try it out.

    The Canadian prices of things are really odd right now for video games. For some reason MS is keeping their prices par with USD even on consoles meanwhile Sony first party is all +10% or more. They are actually charging over the odds of the exchange rate.

    Many retailers are increasing the costs of things by $5 dollars, so you pay over the odds on a 39.99 title and a bit less on a 59.99 one. The strange thing is that Sony was always cheaper by $10 dollars in the past, so It is very odd to see. I understand them not wanting to lose money to our weakened dollar but it would be nice to actually be charged what the conversion is not rounded up.

  • Just means more than ever I will wait for sales, and watch for the odd retailer selling a game I really want for the base 59.99 for something new. Like Infamous SS which I bought at Loblaws of all places for the 59.99 on release.

    53.99 Digital no tax plus price was very fair, provided the game is good. But I would rather own a physical copy unless it has multplayer or I am going to play all the time. Good luck with the game, it looks interesting.

  • laughing at all the idiots who think this an every FPS needs MP, wolfenstein would suck with MP because like what happened to call of duty the campaign would be cut in half an i rather have a longer compaign than half it with a MP that should not ever been made

  • also i already got most of these game downloaded an played about 35 mins an its wicked fun, to bad for a the MP cry babies

  • Sure these guys have made me happy in the old days. Im 33 so ive played all those. But then something in gaming happened. It went online. Im sure this game is great, looks wonderful, all that. But even games like tomb raider didnt fail to get online. Sony claims they made the ps4 after talking to game developers. Maybe game developers should start talking to sony. Sony might say “we just got this new system out and charge people to play online. People that pay to play online might just want an online game.” I laughed outloud when this game had a ps plus discount. How does that even make sense? Fps without online and this company thinks that they are actually innovators and then the 21st century came. Sorry.

  • Interesting to see that so many people are focusing on the multiplayer side? Why? If there was a multiplayer it would probably be poor. Or if the MP would’ve been awesome, then the SP would’ve probably been poor. I like it when the developers focus on ONE thing.

  • I want to get this buti’ll wait till E3 to find out when the beta is coming out then make my purchase.

  • @29 really ur gonna cry about no MP, not all FPS need MP, no MP means more time spent on the campaign an it being really good an not crap like how call of duty turned when it started MP

  • I feel sad for those who are skipping out on this game just because it doesn’t have multiplayer. I wonder how they would have react to classic FPS games that didn’t have MP in the old days….

  • OMG people are actually complaining about no MP…damn whats wrong with gamers nowadays?….I’ll be buying Wolfenstein exactly because it doesn’t have a MP….which means a way better experience because the focus was only in the SP…gotta support devs who believe on SP only….and of course the game looks really good.

  • Content is currently unavailable. Please wait for it to install and try again

    What the hell? I just spent forty five minutes playing patty-cake with my controller to make sure the last bit of data downloaded so I could start playing. I looked in my notifications to see if anything was still downloading. Nothing. I looked in the game information screen itself, which told me it was ready to go, and would only let me go back into the main menu of the game which would once again lead to the error screen.
    Despite appearing like my 51 GB download finished lightning fast, I merely had downloaded enough of the game to start playing. How on earth was I supposed to know this? Since the active download didn’t appear in “downloads” or in the game info section itself, I literally had to go into the storage management of my PS4 and find Wolfenstein. The game info and storage info told me I had 51 GB downloaded, but it was only when I went into detailed storage info I finally found yet another progress screen. I’d only downloaded 8.6 GB out of 51, and it was ticking up by a MB or two a second. No download speed, no time remaining bar.

  • Too bad there isn’t any multiplayer. Might rent it – probably not. Can anyone recommend a good multiplayer shooter for the ps4? I have all the ones that came out at launch. I mean something new – like titanfall or something. This system has a lot of single player stuff like infamous but it doesn’t really do the other stuff. Would love any suggestions.

  • Content is currently unavailable. Please wait for it to install and try again , the same happens to me , I have bought the game through ps store and when just played the first chapter it didn’t wana play and the command content currently unavailable !! its seems that the full game isn’t downloaded yet !! it will take ages to download and play the full game , so I recommend u buy the DVD , DONT DOWNLOAD IT

  • I Absolutely love this game!

    I have no regret buying any game at full price as I support all game developers 100%!


  • iamtylerdurden1

    THE GAME IS GREAT!!! I would of payed 80$ easly if that’s what they charged, too bad there is no collectors edition. MP is mindles & repetitive for the life of me i don’t get ppl who want MP only, it’s fun to screw around with but the single-player should be the main course. Doesn’t anyone like story, drama, humor? Don’t u want your shooting to mean something? Don’t u want to get lost in a fascinating world with interesting characters? Thank you Machine Games this EXACTLY what i wanted, & the id tech5 looks AMAZING.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    It’s sad that ppl don’t have taste & are sheep-like. CoD ghosts had the WORST piece of garbage sp campaign i have ever played yet it will sell 10x what this truly entertaining game (Wolfenstein) will sell. U guys didn’t buy the Darkness (1 & 2) either & that was a terrific FPS with an entertaining story. Rage, though the story was bare it still was gorgeous, atmospheric, & fun it was going to have sequel but it undersold. I’d take Rage2 over the next generic military shooter or mp shooter any day. Spec ops the line was great, Metro 2033 was atmospheric & immersive but they sold WELL under 1million copies, even a masterpiece like Deus Ex: HR sold 1/8 what CoD sells. If ur an Activision/CoD fanboy then try Singularity, nobody bought it, it’s very interesting & fun & right in your backyard (Activision). Anyway… Wolfenstein ROCKS!

  • Deus Ex, Half-Life series, Bioshock, Thief, Skyrim, System Shock 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dragon Age Origins, Final Fantasies, SimCity, etc. Nobody cried when those classics were released full price without multiplayer (thankfully). WTH is wrong with gamers now?

  • ( Content is currently unavailable. please wait for it to install and try again )
    what is issoo? I can not play, can someone help me please

  • This difficult for someone working sony? or is it lack of competence and voltande resporder to my question, I paid for this crap game

  • @43 relax game is downloading in background, to check on progress press options an then go to info

  • hmmm same thing is happening to me downloaded wolfenstein played and it stops in the middle of gameplay but it said it finished installing only when i look at the status of each game they all say completed but not wolfenstein still says 15gb out 52gb i mean if isnt finished downloaded then theres no need to play it right? just weird how this never happened before. its okay though i got time to kill and other things to do but this should be noted that if a game is downloaded off of psn and it tells you finish installing check it yourself in system storage under applications and see if it actually finish downloading all of it i don know if other people know this already but i hope people take notice of this. i hope this doesnt happen again when i decide to get watchdogs maybe ill consider playing it safe and get a physical copy.

  • Brutal downloading the game. The PS4 is easily the biggest waste of money currently on store shelves. Since it lacks so many features compared to the PS3, Sony comes out with a “It’s just for games” marketing scheme. Other than the 2 or 3 that are actually worth buying, it would be nice if you could actually play the games within a day of downloading it. Maybe by the end of next week I’ll be able to play Chapter 2 of Wolfenstein. Yes, I’m referring to the awesome “Content is currently unavailable. Please wait for it to install and try again” message. Even better, you can’t tell if there is any downloading in progress. I love guess-work after spending $60 on a game.

    If Sony’s aim was to put out a $399 boxy dust collector, they succeeded in spades. Garbage, just plain garbage.

  • To the guy who just commented above me . why post on the blog ? You clearly have issues . the ps4 is making history in the gaming industry . devs and ign myself as a Dev think that its great but guess we can’t please everyone . the fact is the ps4 just out sold wiiu Wii soon ps2 which was the worlds home console for years before ps3 launch so put your hands together cause Op your wack.

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