R-Type Dimensions Out Today on PS3

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R-Type Dimensions Out Today on PS3

We’re back with another look at R-Type Dimensions on PS3 (available today for only $9.99). Before you rush off to buy it, I wanted to give future R-9A Arrowhead pilots a few tips and a closer look at R-Type Dimensions’ new features.

R-Type Dimensions on PS3

First off, R-Type Dimensions features a newly arranged soundtrack by Kenichiro Iwasaki that is pure audio bliss, and is a perfect matchup to the game’s new HD graphics.

Speaking of new audio and graphics brings me to the option to swap back and forth between the new and the old. In R-Type Dimensions players can swap between the new versions of R-Type and R-Type II on the fly, directly in the midst of the action, simply by pressing the Triangle button on DualShock 3, or on an arcade stick. It’s awesome to see and hear the changes right there on the spot without having to back out of the game, return to the menu, and start the game all over again. And if a player prefers to map any of the controls to another button, R-Type Dimensions features full controller customization, too!

R-Type Dimensions on PS3

Another new feature which I am in love with is the slow-motion feature. At any point during the game, players can hold down the L2 Button (by default) and enter a super slowed down mode that brings the action to a crawl, and allows players to better analyze their surroundings to make calculated shots and maneuvers. It’s key for those looking to 1CC either game! At least it is for me. I honestly don’t remember R-Type being so challenging.

Growing up in the 80s, way before the days of PlayStation Network and other online gaming services, we would have to take our games or systems to our friends’ house if we wanted to play the same game together. And with R-Type Dimensions, players can reignite that feeling — to a certain degree — with local two-Player “couch” co-op.

R-Type Dimensions on PS3R-Type Dimensions on PS3

There are plenty of other new features like Infinite Mode that grants players unlimited lives, a Stage Select, Leaderboards, full player statistics, Trophies, and more, but rather than hold you up any longer, how about we start chargin’ our beams and start blasting away, ‘eh?

See you on the leaderboards. More info here: www.rtypedimensions.com/ps3.

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