R-Type Dimensions Out Today on PS3

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R-Type Dimensions Out Today on PS3

We’re back with another look at R-Type Dimensions on PS3 (available today for only $9.99). Before you rush off to buy it, I wanted to give future R-9A Arrowhead pilots a few tips and a closer look at R-Type Dimensions’ new features.

R-Type Dimensions on PS3

First off, R-Type Dimensions features a newly arranged soundtrack by Kenichiro Iwasaki that is pure audio bliss, and is a perfect matchup to the game’s new HD graphics.

Speaking of new audio and graphics brings me to the option to swap back and forth between the new and the old. In R-Type Dimensions players can swap between the new versions of R-Type and R-Type II on the fly, directly in the midst of the action, simply by pressing the Triangle button on DualShock 3, or on an arcade stick. It’s awesome to see and hear the changes right there on the spot without having to back out of the game, return to the menu, and start the game all over again. And if a player prefers to map any of the controls to another button, R-Type Dimensions features full controller customization, too!

R-Type Dimensions on PS3

Another new feature which I am in love with is the slow-motion feature. At any point during the game, players can hold down the L2 Button (by default) and enter a super slowed down mode that brings the action to a crawl, and allows players to better analyze their surroundings to make calculated shots and maneuvers. It’s key for those looking to 1CC either game! At least it is for me. I honestly don’t remember R-Type being so challenging.

Growing up in the 80s, way before the days of PlayStation Network and other online gaming services, we would have to take our games or systems to our friends’ house if we wanted to play the same game together. And with R-Type Dimensions, players can reignite that feeling — to a certain degree — with local two-Player “couch” co-op.

R-Type Dimensions on PS3R-Type Dimensions on PS3

There are plenty of other new features like Infinite Mode that grants players unlimited lives, a Stage Select, Leaderboards, full player statistics, Trophies, and more, but rather than hold you up any longer, how about we start chargin’ our beams and start blasting away, ‘eh?

See you on the leaderboards. More info here: www.rtypedimensions.com/ps3.

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  • There’s a Vita version? For ps3 I will pass!

  • Yeah, I hate to be another of these guys, but for some reason I feel this would be perfect for the Vita, not really for the PS3.

    Still, I have an itch for an old-school shmup so I may get this anyway.

  • I’m really looking forward to this. I played the original R-Type like crazy on the Game Boy of all things, but never made it past the fourth stage. It’s going to be a lot of fun playing this co-op with the kids. :)

  • I’ve been playing FF14 too much to give this any time. But I may come back to this if it’s free on plus in the future.

  • Perfect for vita, not so much for PS3

  • Looking forward to playing it!\

    Now bring Spelunker HD to PS4 and I’ll be quite happy :).

    • Thanks for the support, Poodude. Prolly’ one of the few, if not the only time I’ll ever have to say “Poodude” in my life. Hehehe.
      I’m sure that Tozai will see your comment, but I’ll be sure to pass the request along. ;)

  • “And if a player prefers to map any of the controls to another button, R-Type Dimensions features full controller customization, too!”

    That this isn’t standard in all games is nigh criminal. Thank you, all who were responsible for including this sort of accessibility for players of any kind who can use a controller.

    • Yeah, it’s a super handy feature, isn’t it? I have been experimenting with mapping Slow motion to R2, the rapidfire to the Square Button, the call/recall Force to the Circle Button, and 2D/3D switching to the Select Button. :)

  • This is fantastic! Thank you so much for including arranged music this time, a flaw of the XBLA release, IMHO. Instant buy!

  • why no vita? ;_;

  • Let me know when this is reasonably priced then I might buy it.

  • So no online co-op and no vita..no bueno..:/ Im still going to support this game..since its been my favorite shooter on the PS2, but im a little disappointed in the lack of features. Hopefully a new RType game will be released with the missing features and some new customization for our ships.

    • Thanks for the response, nYc. It’s fun to game with others online, and I have played a couple shmups with online functionality, but personally, I’ve found it far more fun to play locally without the concerns of latency. :)

      I still can’t believe the demand for Vita – seriously mindblowing. :D

  • Sold. Glad it’s no longer exclusive to XBLA so more people can play it. And Vita demand shouldn’t be surprising, we are few but we are noisy. :)

  • No Vita? That does suck.

  • No Vita = no purchase. This would be a perfect cross buy. I loved this game as a child. But to pay 9.99 for 1 system that is getting more dated by the day makes no sense. Why not the Vita and PS4?

  • spelunker Super HD complete for PS4 and R-Type final HD with trophies next please! Will be downloading R-Type dimensions soon. 8)

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Obiwan176 on May 20th, 2014 at 1:24 pm said: “But to pay 9.99 for 1 system that is getting more dated by the day makes no sense.”

    EVERYTHING is getting more dated by the day. So… ???

    Anyway, $10 is being sent your way, Tozai. :)

    • Hi PrimeroIncognito, I remember you from the R-Type blog post a couple weeks back. Thanks again for the support! You da’ bess! :D
      Also, I love that you and IcedDice777 just made the Mega Man and Rush duo by posting back to back like that! So awesome! @Brelston would be proud!

  • This is a great remake, I love being able to switch the graphics/sound in realtime!

  • Love it that so many shmups are hitting the PS3 lately. Would also love this game on the Vita: horizontal shmups seem like a perfect fit for it!

  • Doppelgangergang

    Joining in to say “VITA VERSION PLEASE!” :D

  • Hope there’s a Vita version in the near future. Looks good, but I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it unless a Vita version gets announced, kinda like with Child of Light.

  • For thinking that you’ll be getting this free for ps plus if you don’t mind waiting awhile because it’s going to be sometime before that happens. Ten dollars isn’t a lot of money cheap skates surely you spend more than that on watchdogs which I know a lot of people are getting. But anyway I like shooters a lot at some point I will get this I have a lot of games because I’m a ps plus member.

  • Just wanted to back up the better on vita comment. I have a huge r-type fan and really intensely would like to play through this game again, but r-type is such an amazing game in short bursts. Picking up a particularly hard level,learning a few things, doing some work, and coming back is how the game works. On vita it would be perfect and I would love to play it. Btw really excited about child of light. Vita has so many good games. No ps4 yet, still a rolling stone.

    • Thanks liminal18, I totally agree with you. Repetition and memorization has a lot to do with mastering shmups. Some good reflexes and hand/eye coordination helps a bit too. ;)

  • +1 on vita version

  • PrimeroIncognito

    I just beat the first R-Type and… wow, it was a lot harder than I remember. I think it has to do with me aging, though. Heh… my reflexes must be starting to slow down a little bit. But I still got through it!

    I’ll try beating R-Type II tomorrow. My thumbs are dead now (I used the D-Pad). Good ol’ classic gaming :)

    • That is EXACTLY how I felt returning to R-Type. I too play with the d-pad.
      Good luck with R-Type II. Don’t forget about that slow-motion button. ;)

  • I’m definitely gonna be picking this one up, but I gotta wait a while since my money went to Transistor this week. Shmups are becoming a rare breed nowadays.

    • Thanks Remmy8199. I still gotta’ get around to picking that one up myself.
      Hope you enjoy both games. :)

  • Will buy this if it were on Vita.

  • This game would be perfect for Vita (hell, if it was on PS4 I’d buy it and play it on vita)

  • Perfect price point. Long time R type fan so thank you for this. Can’t help but agree with the others who are requesting a vita version too.

  • The infinite mode and slowmotion features are nice so practically anyone can enjoy these games. I like other R-Type games but back when I played them I don’t think I could ever beat one. I’m better at shmups now though I think, will have to see if I can beat the standard difficulty without any handicaps.

  • Game is great. Lots of options and modes to tinker with. Thanks for bringing this over to PS3!

    • Thanks, Kaddyshacks (awesome name BTW). Quite a few options indeed. And seeing as how players can swap and forth from new to old in both games, I like to think of R-Type Dimensions as 4 R-Type games in one. :D

  • Yay….I’ll be getting this ASAP…right up my alley as I said in the previous blog post.Thanks for supporting the PS3.

  • plz vita ver relrese
    wtf ps3???

  • I have to jump on the Vita Request Train, please bring it to Vita!!


  • +1 Vita. $9.99 is a good starting price for a vita game.

  • +1 to everyone saying a Vita version would be perfect.

  • Didn’t have much nice to say about this game yesterday with the lack of sales/deals for us digital owners, And the fact there was no Vita / CrossBuy option.

    But your posts seem sincere and definately do not want to discourage major classics being reinvented, modified, and improved.

    May I make a couple suggestions that would be a welcome addition, that is if Vita versions could be available.

    Ninja Gaidan, and Master Blaster…….too bad Duck Tales remastered still has not made a Vita version.

    thanks for listening.

    • Well thanks for the input, Rezolution77, I appreciate it a lot, and I am sure that Tozai does as well. ( ^_^)b
      And heck yes! I would love to see a remake of the original Ninja Gaiden, Master Blaster, and Rygar too!

  • And probably not your title either, but the Remastered addition of Bionic Commando.

    MmMmpphhh. Perfect choice.

    One of the few titles I can remote play currently, but would much rather have it on Vita.

  • BurritoAssassin9

    Another vote for Vita!

  • I had this on the *other* platform a couple years ago, and will gladly buy it again! Is the slow motion new? And add me for a +1 to Vita request and +5000 for a resurrection of R-Type Final…

  • I’ll throw my vote in with the others asking for a Vita version. While I’m glad it’s on the PS3 so I can do local co-op I’d love this on the Vita. The system needs more shmups, you can only play Sine Mora so much.

    Man, now I really want to start bugging Square to release Einhander on PSN. Love that game.

  • Put it on vita and you have a sale. I gave my
    PS3 to my son and use the vita for games like this.

  • Will also buy on Vita. Just throwing that out there.

  • used to play this on super famicom but it suffered badly from slowdown. can anybody say if this is the same.

  • So wait, you guys and gals want R-Type Dimensions on the Pocket Station? Am I reading your requests right? ;P
    I’m just joshin’ you guys. I know you all want to see it on the PS Vita, I hear ya’. That would be pretty cool to see that come to fruition.

    Once again, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read, comment, and hopefully vote on this post. You guys are are awesome! And give a round of applause to the PlayStation community team that makes these blog posts possible, those guys are super hard-working. Thanks, guys!

  • Looks great – and when you put it out on a physical format, you’ll get my money. Not before.

  • I need R-Type Final in the PlayStation Store, guys!

    Throw some trophies on it, too! :D

  • I just want to clarify my earlier comments.

    I DO think 9.99 is a GREAT price point if it was on the PS4 or the Vita. I still support my PS3 but everything should slowly migrate to the PS4 at this point. I love a lot of the PSN games. I would LOVE to see Tony Hawk make it to the Vita especially and the PS4. We just are not getting enough content on the Vita or the 4. These released would be perfect for those systems.

  • I purchased the game yesterday and I’m enjoying it, but I really, REALLY wish it had online co-op.

    Did Microsoft make you remove it or something? As I recall, this originally said ONLINE XBOX LIVE underneath where it says multiplayer. Would it have been that hard to include online play over PSN?

    Sure local co-op is almost always better, but are you going to pay for a plane ticket to fly my friend across the country to play R-Type II with me? I didn’t think so. :( Some of us are older and our friends are no longer near by. Online brings us all closer and should be added when possible.

  • Im so happy to see this, will definitely buy it as soon as i get paid. I sent so many happy/brutally angry hours as a kid playin super R ype for the snes. I too would pay to see this hit VITA by the way. and can you guys please stop saying shmups hahaha, i hate abbreviations in general but that one is extra annoying. while Iam here andwere talkin throw backs, please bring back Maximum Carnage! the best spiderman game ever, better than web of shadows and thats sayin somethin you don even have to remake it but that would b sweet jus put it on the psn for VITA and 3.

    ps. localize sword art online and a million other japanese games, give me my VITA her portable ops and fat princess already, convince japan to make a VITA Initial D game. love you Playstation!

  • Where is the PS4 Version?
    I loved this Game on my Commodore Amiga, but now i own a PS4 and I would buy it soon as possible if would be available for the PS4.

    @Sony – Is there a chance for a PS4 release?

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