DISH Hops onto PS3 with Virtual Joey App

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DISH Hops onto PS3 with Virtual Joey App

PlayStation fans who are DISH subscribers can now take control of their Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR with the new DISH “Virtual Joey” app on PS3, which will be available to download with the PlayStation Store update later today.

Virtual Joey on PS3 and PS4

Virtual Joey allows you to seamlessly tap into your Hopper using your PS3 without additional wires or boxes. The app communicates with Hopper over your home Ethernet connection, providing an easier, clutter-free way to watch your favorite shows, live sports, thousands of On Demand titles, and DVR recordings.

You can navigate using your DS3 controller or your DISH remote for easy channel surfing, viewing or recording shows.

As we announced earlier this year, the DISH Virtual Joey app will also be coming to PS4 and we’ll have more details to share very soon.

You can download the DISH Virtual Joey app from the app section of the PlayStation Store, or from either My Channels and What’s New on the PS3 XMB. Not a DISH member? Call 800-333-DISH or visit to sign up.

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  • Hi :)

  • That’s a cool feature, even though I’m not a subscriber (I’m a proud cord cutter).

    Just please do not force the Dish app icon onto our XMB like you did with the Redbox app. No interest in Verizon.

  • Is there any chance for a Vita version of this, or will that be impossible to do at this time

  • Yes PLEASE don’t force the app icon LIKE the RedBox and Hulu.


    Cool feature. Too bad Dish Network sucks. and I agree dont force an app icon.


    BTW i know from past history, I had Dish for 3 years. I had nothing but trouble through them. switched to Direct TV, and could’nt be happier.

  • Nice. But who has DISH?!

    Keep it coming with the apps!

  • I wish we could get this and HBO Go on the Vita. Just think if you were out of town on business and then being able to watch your shows on your Vita in your hotel room.

  • I also have to voice my frustration with forcing apps on the XMB. It’s almost like permanent advertisements on a game console.

  • I’ve had DISH for almost ten years and never had any real trouble. It’s been great for me, though I don’t have the Hopper DVR so I guess this app won’t be of any use.

  • can you add the optimum app as well

  • too bad I have DirecTV :(

  • Dish charges for the extra hoppers, would be awesome to eliminate the box on my desk. would it add another hopper charge onto my bill?

  • Netflix……acceptable.
    Direct TV… unless its to pay my bill, I do not want it.

  • Kind of useless considering that a PS3 hooks up to a TV like a normal Hopper/Joey. A Vita app would be amazing, though.

  • I have dish and I don’t even have a Hopper because those things are so expensive. dish sucks I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

  • Ultimate_Atheist

    Just don’t shove the App down our throats (e.g. Redbox). That is all. =)

  • It’s always nice to have as many options as possible. With that mentioned, when will we get a Viki app on Playstion?

  • Please tell me that it’s not an automatically added program. After several bad experiences for myself and my friends, we are boycotting Dish Network. I had Direct TV and it was much more reliable. If it’s automatically added to my system, is there a way to delete it?

  • For all of you complaining, I recommend you take a look at the Xbox 360’s dashboard. It’s nothing but solid advertisements with a SMALL portion of the screen dedicated to showing the content you actually own.

    The ‘Games’ tab is merely dozens of ads trying to sell you something, a couple video advertisements that you CAN’T pause, and a reminder that constantly tells you to upgrade to Gold.

    So I think a tiny little icon in the ‘Streaming Services’ tab won’t kill you guys, considering most of us spend out time in the Games and Friends sections…

    On top of that the PS3’s online servers are free. So be thankful for what we have, or rather grateful of what we don’t have compared to the competition.

  • Awesome! Thanks Sony and Dish. 1st I went from Xbox to Playstation (a few year ago) and most recently Direct TV to Dish. Now for the 1st time in a while, I’m a happy gamer and enjoy watch TV way more since switching to Dish. Here’s some referral codes if anyone wants to take advantage of Free Hopper, Free iPAD mini, $50 off, and much more. Plus, you can enjoy the new app on your Playstation!


  • Great Idea…..wrong brand. I would love to see other TV carriers use Playstation to stream cable content. I wish they could do a Tivo App. I’ve had Tivo since 2006 and I love it. It would be fun if they had DVRs on Playstation in the upcoming years that would be great. People don’t want extra cable boxes. I love the idea but wrong brand. Dish Network isn’t as good as Direct TV sorry to say. I have Comcast right now. But regardless of the TV Carriers the more cable boxes the more money people will be playing for them. That’s all I’m saying.

    Thank you

  • This seems awesome… except I have DIRECTV :-/

  • Is anyone having luck starting up the app?

    Every time I open it, I get a message saying call Customer Service to authorize. So I called them, and the lady had no idea about a PS3 app coming out. She said to call back in a few days since it’s not in their system yet.

    Why do I need to call anyone? It should be simple to set up the program.

  • You people are crazy, Dish Network is fine. I’ve had them for over 10 years and no problems, they often give me discounts and free upgrades. Now Comcast, thats a greedy, expensive and nickel and dime you to death company right there.

  • No word on a vita version that would be cool. This feature is a great one you can save money on you bill with it since each joey cost 7$. I only know since I’m a dish employee of 9 years.

  • + Bandizain I heard we STILL have to pay for Virtual joey. So Virtual Joey or Joey client cost $7. Go figure. Im glad I havent upgrade my VIP722k DVR

  • Dish Network (or Notwork, if you prefer) is anything but good. I had it about a year until 3 DVRs had memory failures within 8 months time, so I swapped to Direct and never had non-weather related issues again. A friend also had Dish Network and began to loose access to channels one after another until he was down to 3 channels left. He repeatedly called the company, which claimed that the issue must be his fault. Finally, service workers came out and discovered that the lines running from the street to his house had gone bad and he needed to pay $100 to have them fix their faulty equipment, so he cancelled his service. I have Xfinity now for the faster internet speed (my partner insisted on it, but it works well, I’ll admit), and refuse to ever use DN again. Dish Network has junk equipment, lousy customer service and one of the lowest employee satisfaction rates of any company out there. Direct TV or Xfinity would have been better.

  • Never heard that I’m calling now.

  • I’m glade I upgraded I really like my hopper. I just wish I waited for the hopper sling.

  • i have dish but what the heck the a hopper? i have a DVR but i don’t think its a hopper an i was hopping to not need a box an use the ps4 as a box

  • No the hopper is a whole home dvr and you can use the ps4/ps4 as a second box. The hopper has 2000 hours sd and 750hd hours Facebook, Pandora, blockbuster apps all on one box. Check it out…

  • Terminator_T-X3

    It would be nice to have a “TMN” (The Movie Network) app so I can watch my subscription movies on my PS3 / future PS4.

  • Well anyway it’s good to see more options for those that maybe want to take advantage of the service. This is a great addition to the consoles with this app.

  • Now when will direct tv get this feature

  • Wrapped-in-Bacon

    I just called dish to activate this and they wanted to charge my for another joey box. Told her to forget it. Yes she knew it is just an app like dish anywhere for the iPad. I don’t understand how this app has a five star rating right now. It should be free, not $7 a month.

  • Lets get a Verizon Fios one!!!!!! i want it on my PS4

  • Does this mean I won’t have to pay for 2 boxes? Have 2 ps3s, and a ps4, so possibly 3 tvs? Plz let this be so

  • I think we have a new system update coming soon.. Because when i start the app up it asks me to go to system setting and enable dcp.ip and that setting is not there.. So i am thinking we are getting a new update soon…
    Also the ones saying dish sucks don’t even know the difference between dish network and directv….

    Dish is way better than directv, dish has better dvr’s and technology than directv..
    I have had disn network for well over 10 years and never had a problem..
    I had directv before and if we had a cloud in the sky not even black a white one it would go out for hours..

  • @39 hjason1 The dcpip thing is already there, under system settings. You just have to enable it.
    This is a great app for a great provider. Love Dish and their features.

  • Oh and for people who were asking about the fee, you’ll still have to pay the same fee per PS3 Virtual Joey as the regular Joey (about $7)

  • Dish no thanks. I wish it was a direct tv app though on Xbox or PSN

  • I want the DirecTV App, Dish kind of sucks. LOL

  • This is awesome. Just recently got Dish and I love it. Isn’t this almost the same thing the XBOX ONE is doing with being able to switch to television?

  • I can think of a list of other support that I would rather have how about External storage support Like the XBOX ONE has coming next month Its BS that on day one I upgraded to I 1TB Samsung 840 EVO and I’m already running out of room because of games Like Wolfenstein The New Order coming in at a huge 50GB to download I use to be an Microsoft fan when the first Xbox came loved it when the 360 came loved it but had to many rrd with them so I came back to you sony for the past 5 year I have backed you how about you backing the people that are stuffing your wallet with apps we want like DLNA MP3 1080p on all games I know you don’t make all the game but if Ubisoft is cant hit 1080p with Watch Dogs maybe you guys should team up and work together to hit 1080p THIS IS JUST PLAN OUT BS THAT YOU GUYS ARE LETTING M$ MAKE THE XBOX ONE BETTER AND YOU GUYS ARE JUST SITTING AROUND THINKING YOU HAVE THIS RACE IN THE BAG!!!

  • No problem with DISH, I wouldn’t have any other provider. Until it’s possible to pick programing alacarte over the internet and stream it into the home without having to buy bundled worthless programming, there’s nothing better. All you negative commenters probably complain about everything.

  • so this is so bs and its funny. I oay $7 for another box and if i use this app its $7…..I love the hopper but this is dumb and also they said you have to have a lg tv which is a lie. I just hook it up and told them they were crazy to charge me $7 for my own box (ps3)

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