Worms Battlegrounds Coming to PS4 on 6/3

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Worms Battlegrounds Coming to PS4 on 6/3

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! We’re thrilled to share that Worms Battlegrounds will be available to download on PS4 starting June 3rd.

Worms Battlegrounds on PS4

Worms Battlegrounds features an extensive single player campaign spanning 25 story missions and 10 “Worm-Ops” time-attack missions, which are set across five stunning environments (Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan and Industrial Revolution) with new day-to-night lighting transitions. Multi-BAFTA award winning writer Dean Wilkinson provides the script for the single player story campaign, which is in turn brought to life by the talented Katherine Parkinson perhaps best known for playing Jen in The IT Crowd.

Multiplayer fans will be glad to know that there are both local and online multiplayer battles for up to four players! Choose from two different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts and Classic and either predefined or customized game settings.

We’ve even added in multiplayer clan support! Create your own clan and choose your own clan emblem or simply join another existing clan and take part in league matches! All of these earn you community points, which allow your clan to level up and grow larger. A particularly cool thing is that if we were in a clan together we could — for the first time — play controlling the same team! I’d take control of two of the worms, and so would you. Just don’t let me down; we’re fighting for our clan’s reputation as the best global Worms clan after all!

The crafty blog readers out there will be pleased to know that we’d added in a Landscape Editor, which allows you to create your own marvelous maps to play upon. Draw out your landscape, place any hazards (mines, barrels), physics objects and contraptions and then challenge your friends to a battle upon your own creation.

Worms Battlegrounds on PS4

Worms Battlegrounds on PS4Worms Battlegrounds on PS4

In Worms Battlegrounds you’ll be able to choose from 65 outrageous weapons and utilities including 10 awesome new items: the Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Oxygen, Worm Charm, Bovine Blitz, Whoopsie Cushion, Teleport Gun, Aqua Pack and The Equaliser.

In a battle, feeling under pressure and want to quickly get out your Banana Bomb? No worries, we’ve added in weapon gestures allowing you to assign up to four weapons for quick select using the DS4 touch pad. So want that Banana Bomb? Just swipe up! Swipe left for the Holy Hand Grenade, or any other weapon of your choosing. You’ll never encounter the embarrassment of failing to select a weapon in time again!

Worms Battlegrounds on PS4

We’ve also implemented DualShock 4’s light bar, which will dynamically change color depending on your worm’s scenario. Watch as the Light Bar glows red for attacks and explosions, blue when your worm is submerged in water and green to indicate that your worm is poisoned.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the online battlegrounds on June 3rd. May the best worm win!

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks good

  • were you able to use the controller features like the speaker or motion control or the touch pad?

    • You are able to indeed! From the speaker you’ll be able to hear the worm voices, the light bar will change color depending on your situation e.g. blue to show you’re in dynamic water and then we’ve also used the touch pad for quick weapon equips. So you can swipe up to equip a weapon of your choice – saving you the hassle of opening the weapons panel and going across to choose it when the match gets super serious and you’ve no time to waste :)

  • I must of missed that part!!

  • Love that accent.

    • That’s our wonderful narrator Katherine Parkinson, best known perhaps for her role as Jen in The IT Crowd. We’re glad you approve!

  • Looks like epic fun as always. Thanks for bringing it to PS4! Any word on price? Day one purchase here!

    • Hi FireGuy13, thanks! We really hope you’ll enjoy the game and we hope we’ll see you online! The game will be available from the PlayStation Store in the US on the 3rd June as a digital download for $24.99

  • Nice! I have to get this. Have to admit i’m pretty excited.

    SO MANY games next month….

    • Thanks! We’re pretty excited too, hopefully we’ll see you online for some wormy warfare.

  • Will the online be smooth in this one? I have Worms 2: Armageddon on PS3 and it was suuuper slow/laggy when playing with friends.

  • Is this plus game ?? free ?

  • I always love to see Worms on a new platform. I always snatch it up right away – then play it compulsively for a while, eventually forget about it in the flood of new stuff, then go back to enjoy it all over again whenever I get a reminder.

    Time to dust off my PC and PS3 versions, since I won’t have a PS4 for a while. Oi, nutter!

  • Pocket Tanks? Is that you? I’m intrigued!

  • shame not for Vita

  • smoothboarder540

    $25? That’s a lot. Please tell me this is the free plus game.

  • Can you comment on the local multiplayer.

    Can we create teams and each player choses his team and uses it?

    Is it possible that more players play with just one controller?

  • Will it be possible to use USB keyboard & mouse (for those Worms seasoned PC players)?

  • I’m interested to see Worms on PS4, but the price is a bit high for my taste :/

    Will Worms Revolution eXtreme on Vita ever get a patch to improve the art quality? The environments looks *awful* when the camera zooms in, even in the tutorial. I might be convinced to spend more money on Worms, but only if there’s proof the title will be decently supported.

    does the level editor use the DS4’s touchpad? can I use the Vita as a cross-controller for level creation, like in LittleBigPlanet 2?

    you’ve got great voiceover talent, will this game have FLAC audio assets? or at least 320kbps Ogg?

  • I still have never played any of the games in the worms series but it’s great to see it coming to he PS4.

  • Really cool seeing a new worms game. I remember the first time my friend showed me Worms Armageddon on pc. We played that game nonstop. Definitely thinking about getting this.

  • It’s great to have Worms for PS4. 25 single player story missions will definitely entertain)

  • OMG!!!!! just found a Diamond in the Rough people!!!! I remember this game on the PC back in the day it was awesome and to get it on the ps4 to introduce it to another generation….my Kid is awesome!!.

    You can count on my purchase

  • Its June 3rd… Where the hell is the game?

  • Can you play death match in offline mode with four players against eachother with only one controller behind one screen?

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