PlayStation Plus: Puppeteer, Surge Deluxe Free for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Puppeteer, Surge Deluxe Free for Members

Puppeteer is a stunning adventure starring a boy named Kutaro, who unfortunately gets turned into a puppet and then has his head removed. Tough break. As you make your way home, you’ll collect heads from other sources (not sure why there are a bunch of heads lying around, but y’know), which serve as collectibles and your health bar.

Color-match games can be quite addictive, and Surge Deluxe on PS Vita is no exception. As you clear out blocks of the same color by dragging your finger across Vita’s touchscreen, you’ll also be racing against the pressure building in the surrounding pipes. If you don’t vent the pipes by clearing out blocks, it’s game over. Don’t worry though, you can always try again. ;)

You can download Puppeteer and Surge Deluxe after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, May 20th.

PS Plus - Puppeteer

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Puppeteer (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet. Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy’s wooden head and cast away his body. But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.
Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Surge Deluxe
A new energy source provides humanity with enormous electrical power, but by-product materials build up fast, and must be constantly cleared to keep pressure levels in check. Shatter the dangerous by-products by routing electrical surges between matching blocks, and then vent pressure in huge blasts to buy you more time! Surge Deluxe puts sizzling electrical energy at your fingertips!

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Last Chance (Leaving on 5/27)

Instant Game Collection
Velocity Ultra (PS Vita)

Serious Sam 3: BFE (PS3)

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7 Author Replies

  • No sales this week? I’m really looking forward to playing Surge Deluxe. :)

  • Really looking forward to Puppeteer!

  • BrianMcGuinness

    Puppeteer was amazing. Everyone who missed it should get it as soon as it’s free tomorrow. It was so good and fun.

  • Great, looking forward to Puppeteer. Will give Surge Deluxe a go too.

  • No plus discounts? I already have Puppeteer, so see you next week.

  • No plus sales make me a sad panda. Anyone who doesn’t own puppeteer enjoy, it’s a really good game.

  • If you have a 3D display, make sure to use it on Puppeteer.

    off-topic: Kristine, do you know if Watch Dogs PS4 digital pre-orders will preload?

  • This is a saving week, prepare yourself for E3 sales.. and maybe a end of may flash sale…

  • Cant wait to play Puppeteer! I’ll bet they’re going to have a flash sale for the holiday weekend.

  • Puppeteer! great adition to IGC =)

    @8 hope to see some discounts on PS4 and South Park TSOT.

  • Neat! I will try puppeteer, :–) too bad there isnt a ps plus discount in sight but hopefully there will be other discounts when the store updates tommorow.

  • @jamonxin You speak the truth. I hope E3 goes easy on my wallet.

  • kristine, do you know if the doom beta will come out the same time wolfenstien comes or is it later because I know there are going to give you a code the same day but I just want to know if it will be playable the same day. thanks

  • Woohoo! Thanks again Sony for Puppeteer, very much looking forward to playing it.
    You rock! <3

  • no sales or flash sales this week? :/

  • What’s the next free PS4 game? How about that standalone assassins creed dlc

  • Got Puppeteer on sale a few months ago. Haven’t played it but it probably the best Move game so far.

    I’ve enjoyed Tearaway, so I hope get that same feeling of surprise when I get across to playing it.

  • @13 Bethesda hasn’t said when the Doom beta is happening, it may not even be this year.

  • Are there different schedules for US and EU? Because this has been on my PS+ since start of May.
    if so that explains why I’m always confused about what is available when :)

  • PS4 Game ??

    • Kristine Steimer

      The PS4 game for this month — Stick it to the Man — is already available on the Store :)

  • Im stoked on the Puppeteer! Haven’t been able to give it a go til now and I got to say the game look like a beast to play. I can’t wait!

  • two great games – can’t wait

  • Thank goodness for no sales this week. My wallet needs a recharge!

  • Bought Puppeteer a while back when it was on sale. No complaints though. Still need to find time to play it. If I could make one complaint about Playstation Plus it would be that there’s not enough time in the day to play all the games they offer us.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    Puppeteer looks great. Also very much looking forward to seeing E3 sales and and the new yearly PS Plus titles that will hopefully be revealed in the upcoming weeks around E3 time. Very excited to see what E3 will show off and bring about this year.

  • No Plus sales? Oh well, I have Transistor. But the Plus games for this week are amazeballs even though I already own them.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 18 – On a 2nd note Wolfenstein New Order will be friggen AWESOME! I bought puppeteer on a PSN sale 3 months ago for 3$ (also Crysis 3 for 5$) it is a fine game, but no sales…

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 25 – E3 will show 1 main thing this yr…. MORPHEUS! Prepare Sony fans for virtual reality is coming. Also, inFAMOUS for the Vita and a PS4 God of War will be announced.

  • Disappointed that there are no discounts this week, but Puppeteer looks awesome, so that almost makes up for it.

  • If you are just playing Puppeteer for the first time this week, keep a few hours free — it’s a wonderful game and it’s quite addictive.

    Along with Gravity Rush, it’s one of the most underrated exclusives Sony’s cooked up. Thank goodness for the Instant Game Collection, ensuring that these great games actually get played instead of becoming mere cult classics that are remembered for being overlooked!

    Transistor looks like a good choice for this week’s non-Plus content, and I’m interested to see what the reviews for Wolfenstein look like. It’s really going to be a great week for gaming’s summer season!

  • Hey, here is an idea if you guys are running out of them for sales..


  • Puppeteer is pretty great. I really hope the offerings for Vita are much improved next month. They’ve been downright horrible these past two months

  • Nice! Glad to see that more people will finally try this amazing puppet show!

    p.s: Looking forward to new PS+ Deals and Games! Would love to see Assassin’s Creed IV or Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

  • I have Puppeteer. Highly recommended. The absence of sales sucks.

  • @jorumrat: Yes. Separate blogs for EU/NA. Separate PSN and separate Plus, too. Content often overlaps across regions, but check the EU blog (link at top of this page) to find out what they’ve got. By the way, EU Plus does drop all the games at once when the month starts. NA has a weekly setup: 1-2 new games per week all month long, with older ones dropping out along the way to perpetually maintain the same number of games on each platform.

    @dorukhan_: This month’s PS4 game was Stick it to the Man. Stay tuned for next month’s IGC. (Usually previewed on the last Thursday of the previous month, which would be 5/29 for the June preview.)

  • Here’s to hoping for a flash sale!

  • Surge Deluxe is so much fun. But I’m still disappointed that you are giving it so early since its release…

  • Give a discount for South Park TSOT, please.

  • i really hope vita gets some good games next month, my ps plus is about to expire and i am not sure i wanna renew it because these past months the games have been of a low/ mediocre quality. if i had a ps3 or ps4 a ps plus subscription would have been a no brainer but as a vita only ps plus user, the quality of games is not a good incentive to renew

  • Nothing for me since I already own Puppeteer, but it’s a GREAT game and I hope everybody else gives it a download.

  • I was waiting for this amazing and beautiful game since I came across with the detail that it has 3D support.
    And since it’s from Japan Studios, well, what more can I say? Bring it on!

    A proud Sony user and Gran Turismo fan.

  • Why no ps plus sale this week? I’ve been looking forward to a sale on some stuff.

  • Puppeeter! The reason I am excited for this month as a whole! Can’t wait to try it.

  • i pressed this to see what sales were available and then im like O.O …. are these people serious right now?! lol a week with no PS Plus discounts … HA! … something big BETTER be coming for E3 then! lol

  • No sales this week? That really sucks. And why are digital games so expensive. If you compare a retail game thats been out for a few months vs its digital counterpart, the retail version is always way less. Here are some examples, Saints Row IV is $20 at retail and $40 digitally. Batman Arkham Origins is $20 retail and $40 digital. And there are many many more instances. I really dont understand this.

  • Kristine can you please help me out. When the store updates can I preload Wolfenstein or do I need to wait intill midnight

  • can’t believe this is added for ps+ you guys really need to start taking care of those consumers who get these games right before it goes to the plus library, i feel robbed. did that with soul sacrifice too..

  • Playstation Plus is awesome for PS3 users. Too bad it’s weak for PS4 users…

  • @ Carpediem139: It’s quite simple really. Retail stores have to deal with more and more games competing for shelf space. Digital stores don’t have this problem. So retail stores HAVE to lower prices and take a cut in their own profits in order to move stock that isn’t selling, to make room for the new content that comes out every week. Generally once they have the game, the publisher/developer already has their money, so the store just takes a profit cut when they lower the price. It isn’t until an official “price cut” is announced by the publisher, where they may actually do a kickback to the retailer, so the retailer doesn’t take the full brunt of a price drop. Aside from competitiveness, digital has no need to do this, as one in four gamers prefer digital and seem to buy content regardless of whether it’s priced competitively or not.

    OT: Yay, Surge Deluxe!

  • Awesome been waiting on Puppeteer

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