This Week in PlayStation: Into the Wild

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This Week in PlayStation: Into the Wild

Far Cry 4, you guys! And it’s coming out this year! I’m just gonna go ahead and drop it on my GOTY nominees list now.

More highlights from this week: We learned about Transistor’s “Recursion mode,” which will give you a reason to play the game more than once, Mare from Metanet explained just how they’re creating N++’s deceptively complex graphics systems, MLB ’14 The Show is the fastest-selling game in the series’ history, Soul Sacrifice Delta is out now on PS Vita, we got a freakin’ awesome new trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order, toddler terror title Among the Sleep is coming to PS4, six new Japanese PSone imports are coming stateside, and more.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Fez, Pinball Arcade
  • I’m watching: Godzilla, Bob’s Burgers
  • I’m listening to: Bastion soundtrack, Transistor launch trailer on repeat

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This Week in PlayStation: Into the Wild

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  • Looks like it was a busy week on the Blog. Any idea if we’re getting a podcast this week?

  • I’m playing: MLB The Show, Killzone Shadowfall and OctoDad
    I’m watching: Firefly (actually just finished the series again)
    I’m listening to: Game podcasts (Beyond, Blogcast, Joystiq and Married to the Games)

  • Can’t wait for Watch Dogs, looks like the most fun game ever created.

  • Why did Sony list Watch Dogs at 1080p? @_@

  • Sony promised Watch Dogs would be 1080p/60fps on PS4 ):

  • When can we expect the next PS4 update, there are a lot of things left broken from the last update and a lot of missing features still. Seems to be taking forever. :/

  • There was no 99 cent indie flash sale. : (

  • has info about this and more – check ‘em out!

  • My greatest disappointment this week was the digital only release of Soul Sacrifice Delta. I’ll be skipping it and keep my fingers crossed for its eventual addition to PS Plus free games.

    On the other hand, I still haven’t seen any comment from Sony regarding the “error” that allowed any PSOne and PSP game to be downloadable on the Vita.

  • I really hate the toxic mindset of the gaming community that disparages “cross-gen” titles like Far Cry 4. It just reeks of vile elitism. To me, it’s just a lot of people being angry that their early adoption is the exception rather than the norm. Most people I know are perfectly happy with their PS3s and likely will be for a long time. You really expect companies to just abandon such a large, already-installed market?

  • iamtylerdurden1

    @ 10 – it works the other way to, ppl stuck in the last gen are jealous or can’t afford the superior hardware. Look at Shadowfall & Warframe & Outlast…. inFAMOUS SS. I’ll be enjoying Arkham Knight, 1886 The Order, and AC Unity – the reason y we hate cross-gen titles are because it bottlenecks the next-gen version of the game usually only seeing slight improvements in particle effects or res (same goes for Vita ports of ds games ie Marvel Lego compared to KZ Merc). If a game is nex-gen only u can expect wholesale changes & texture/design choices that wouldn’t be possible on current gen. They could never have achieved the beauty of 2nd Son if it were cross-gen.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    the same goes for PS4 exclusives compared to games that come out on PS4 & xbone – they have to dumb down the game (even if it’s next-gen only) so it can run on the inferior xbone hardware/DDR3. They only true next-gen experience is & will be on PS4 only…. i dont think xbone ect could support 1886 The Order even at 720p. Look how beautiful Shadowfall looked & then look at cod ghosts on next-gen, or compare 2nd Son (technically) to Dead rising 3 or titanfall (graphically). This is y the new Uncharted, GoW/the next Sony SantaMonica game & 1886 will blow the doors off this next-gen race, they simply couldn’t be made on anything but PS4.

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