New Trailer, Q&A for Wolfenstein: The New Order

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New Trailer, Q&A for Wolfenstein: The New Order

The Resistance has gathered, and the time to rise against the Nazis is almost upon us. Here’s our final pre-release gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order:

New Trailer, Q&A for Wolfenstein: The New Order

With the game arriving on PS4 and PS3 at retail and on PlayStation Store next Tuesday, May 20th, we’ve taken the opportunity to answer some of your questions about the game. Check out the answers below and leave your own in the comments below!

Q: What are the differences between PS3 & PS4? 60 FPS on both? via @Stringer2355A: We’re happy to say the game runs at 60 FPS on both consoles, but you’ll notice a visual boost for the game on PS4. The PS4 game also has a second screen experience where you can access the game map to find where enemy commanders are lurking, as well as where secrets are located.

Q: How long will the game be roughly, time wise? via @Iain04

A: Our extensive playtesting shows that normal playthroughs of the game generally take
around 15-20 hours. It’s worth noting that the game features an early game choice that creates alternates timelines in the story, and as a result, we believe many
will want to go back and play the game a second time.

Q: What do you want other/new future FPS titles to take away from The New Order? via @SEAtacticsFTW

A: Lean mechanics can be really cool!

Q: Are we to expect amazing Easter Eggs as usual? I loved the Wolf3D room in RAGE. via @MikhailSe7en

A: They’re not Easter Eggs if we tell you about them :)

Q: Will the #Doom4 beta come with the digital download version on PlayStation Store? via @TheRafCave

A: In North America, pre-ordering Wolfenstein on the PlayStation Store will ensure you get added to the beta program for the next DOOM game. Currently, this is not available in Europe.

Q: Do I need to play the other Wolfenstein games before I play The New Order? via @mpinks970

A: No, but we’ve put up a browser-based version of Wolfenstein 3D to play on our website, Check it out… it’s a true classic.

Q: What is the best weapon in this version of the game? via @WarthogGamer

A: For our money, it’s hard to beat dual-wielding automatic shotguns with shrapnel shells. :)

That’s all for now. Get psyched (!!) for next week’s release!

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  • Excuse me, what’s this “second screen experience” on PS4? It means the Vita (or perhaps other Sony-branded mobile devices) could be used as a map?

  • will there be a pre load option?

  • Thanks for answering my questions . Enjoyed the new trailer.

  • I’m buying this…game looks great and this is awesome because in the beginning I thought this would be just another FPS…now 15-20 hours?…this is plain amazing,hard to believe.

    PS:In the last trailer you guys released about Stealth and Guns Blazing paths….I noticed one really cool thing….that you can put and take out silencers from guns(at least the pistol)…this is so awesome for real…remembers me of Black.

  • Cannot wait for it, fully paid off and ready to play!

  • Already paid in full, but please push Sony to enable Pre-download. I really wanna play this the same day it releases not 2-3 days later because of network congestion

  • generic nazis killing game #196452

  • generic n–a-z-i killing game #196452

  • I am so hyped for this game!! I missed the Rage Easter egg but did see others unlock it.

  • EverythingOnFire

    I can’t remember my last pre-order. It’s been a LONG time, but my PS3 and I just have to have this day-one. Can’t wait!

  • is it true there’s a day-1 patch that is ~5GB in size for PS4?

  • will the PS4 version have stereoscopic 3D support for 3DTVs? same 1080p/60hz as the non-stereoscopic render?

    are there any GLBT characters in the game? The genocide extended to GLBT populations as well (even gentiles), and I don’t think I’ve seen a WWII game really feature/address this historic fact.

    is there any Move support so we can use our sharpshooter peripheral?

    Vita as a second screen is cool!

  • @ Lance_87: It’s probably a mobile app for iOS/Android, similar to what S-E did for Thief. Thief’s companion app had basically all the maps you’d normally find in a strategy guide with collectibles marked on them, as well as some other features. I’m guessing this will be a similar thing, and there will probably be instructions included with the game (not sure with digital) explaining how to get access to it.

    I’ve never played a Wolfenstein game before, but this one just looks like too much fun. I pre-ordered it about a month ago. Looking forward to trying it out next week amidst the late-May rush of huge game releases.

  • @Junguler: Wolfenstein is THE original nazi killer game. Actually its the very first FPS ever. There would be no COD or Battlefeild if not for the original Escape From Castle Wolfenstein. Classic.

  • Just so you PS Blog people know, clicking on the links to this on the main page just brings me back to the main page. I had to click on “games” in the right sidebar, then the article title to get here.

  • So will there be the ability to preload this game because it will take me probably 2 days to download 47 gigs of this game?

  • Fatelementality

    Its pretty sad that I cant view this video…on a Ps4.

  • I kinda want to play this but not in a rush to get it either until I actually know when the beta starts.

  • Demo?

  • @14 – I’m hoping for a preload option too, but from what I’ve read there’s a multi-gig day 1 patch for the game as well. Hopefully we won’t have to download the 40+ gig game and then the 5gig+ day 1 patch and they just combine the contents

    I’ve gotten a handful of large digitals like this and usually you only have to download the first 4 gigs or at most the first 8 gigs and you can start playing. The rest downloads in the background while you’re playing. This is true for PS4 only and not for the PS3 release

  • why no DOOM 4 beta in Europe?

  • mastorofpuppetz

    More cross gen ports…..ugh.

  • Paid off my copy yesterday…The original Wolfenstein was one of the first PC games I ever played (shareware disc purchased at a kiosk in the middle of the mall) and I have made sure to play every iteration since then. I love that it looks like Bethesda has returned the IP to its original glory. Can’t wait to kill some Nazis


    Consider adding a “Horde Mode” to this game. I believe the visuals and style of game play would be great – Wolf is the original FPS for me and I believe it should contain an Undead Nazi Mode.

    As the first game I have ever pre-ordered, I am really pumped for this!

  • I wish we could get some statement on the preloading because I will preorder this on disc if you are not allowing preloading so can someone from sony please let us know one way or the other on this. With game files as big as these this information should be available so we can make an informed decision on what is our best option.

  • @25 – I preordered both this and Drakengard 3 last week. I was able to preload Drakengard 3, but I still can’t preload Wolfenstein. Games of this size preload should be standard but it looks like this one has missed the preload boat

  • So… excuse me my french but where the hell is prelod sony ? The new order is a must and a perfect start ! And what about watch dogs ? Hell were is the feature ?

  • hmm wat this all about

  • So, still no news on preload? I would love to play it on day one… =)

  • iamtylerdurden1

    I’ve been hyped since b4 last e3. It’s funny how when they announced this nobody took it seriously (even ign at e3 last yr), but now ppl seem to be changing their tune because uhh…. it uhh… looks freaken awesome! This game will be AMAZING & congrats to Machine Games on your first game i can’t wait to see what u do next! I preordered & paid it off i really hope this game sells like crazy (5 million+). This game has 10x the heart of a CoD game me & my friends will be going after Deathshead day1 (tomorrow) & u should too. C’mon Sony sign these guys exclusively to the Sony family, we want Machine Games to be a 1st party studio they’re a super talented studio who makes games for gamers by gamers. Ps, u guys should ask Gearbox if they’ll let u do a new Duke Nukem game.

  • iamtylerdurden1

    If u guys want a bad-ace thrillride with Nazi robots, crazy villains, dual weilding machine guns, a castle wolfenstein prologue, narrative altering choices, 1080p/60fps, great visuals/art style, the best blood splattering i’ve ever seen, varied gameplay- flying fighter jet, rappeling up/down walls, moral choices, controlling Nazi mechs, pulling stationary turrets off their mount & using them as mobile guns, “retro sci-fi” weapons (loads of guns, laser gun turrets (removable), Gatling grenade launcher ect, upgradable weapons with alternate ammo types, dual weilding any gun, stealth suits, doom4, & an awesome alt history resistance story then buy this monster AAA game. This will be the best fps in yrs.

  • One let down after another. No preload for Wolfenstein and cross save functionality for borderlands 2 vita still not here yet. Sony please stop promising things that should be there day one, or takes weeks or months to finally get, if at all.

  • Also, don’t read your own forums and answer anybody’s questions. thank you.

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