Promote Real Music in BigFest on PS Vita

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Promote Real Music in BigFest on PS Vita

Revealed at Gamescom 2013 for PS Vita, BigFest is about building your own festival that will promote real, unsigned bands. Players will go on a journey with the bands with the goal of building their own thriving festival and becoming the most successful promoter in the world.

Do you have what it takes to discover the next big thing, and take them to the top of the charts?

Before you take a band to the top, you’ll need to give them a platform, and that means building the best festival you can. Starting with a small stage in a field, it’s up to the player to build their festival their way. Choose the basics from shops and stalls to earn money and use that money to enhance your festival by installing the right speakers, lights and video screens, increasing the “vibe” as you go.

The levels themselves are run as Festival “Posters,” with headliners and support acts. Some Posters will let you play whatever music you want while others will have specific needs to succeed. Visitors to a rock festival will have different needs to those at a dance festival, so it’s up to you to keep everyone happy.


Once the platform is set, it’s all about the music! Create your soundtrack to the game by breaking real bands from the real world. Discover artists to create your own playlist from a library of thousands of songs which will dynamically change and grow as new bands enter the game.

If that wasn’t enough, your friends can be there to share the journey. Visit each other’s festivals and choose to be a good friend, or for the more competitive player, a bit naughty. For example, boost each other’s festivals by gifting a must-have rock statue or repairing a broken toilet. Alternatively, simply cause chaos by destroying a friend’s video screen or even their stage.

Together, build the stars of tomorrow by favoriting bands, sharing playlists, and voting for songs. We look forward to showing you more in the future, and hope you’ll be as excited as we are about bringing real music and gaming together.

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