Drive the BMW Vision GT in Gran Turismo 6

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Drive the BMW Vision GT in Gran Turismo 6

GT Fans! Following the promise of the Vision GT program announced last year, we are proud and excited to share the latest release of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo virtual race car now available for all GT6 owners.

The race-car, created by BMW Group Design combines many years of their motorsports experience and signature performance design, portraying a sense of speed and power, even while standing still. The technology in the BMW Vision Gran Turismo is a powerful three-litre six-cylinder inline engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology delivers a maximum power of 404 kW/549 hp between 6,200 min and 7,300 min. Its peak torque of 680 Nm is developed at just 1,900 rpm. A sequential six-speed transmission, operated by gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, distributes engine power to the driven rear axle. The outstanding performance characteristics of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, which weighs only 1,180 kilograms, include perfect 50:50 axle load distribution.

Gran Turismo 6: BMW Vision GT

Gran Turismo 6: BMW Vision GTGran Turismo 6: BMW Vision GT

All these elements are painstakingly recreated within Gran Turismo 6 for you to immediately experience!

As with previous Vision GT and new vehicle releases, be sure to participate in the custom Special Event Challenges will have a chance to win the BMW Vision GT virtual race car for their garage. You will also have the option to purchase the car within the dealership as well.

Additionally, the 1.07 Update includes the following:

New features added in the Open Lobby

  • Endurance Race has been added to the Room Mode option within Basic Settings of the Event Settings screen.
  • Tire/Fuel Depletion has been added to the Time Trial Settings options (“Off”, “Normal”, “Fast” or “Very Fast” can now be selected).
  • Start Type has been added to the Race Settings for Qualifier, Time Trial and Drift Trial, allowing you to select from Final Corner Start or Pit Start.
  • When Grid Start with False Start Check is selected in Race Settings, signal lights will be displayed as start indicators.

New features added to Replay and Watch Race modes

  • Button controls can now be used to switch between Full View and Live Timing, turn the Driver List Display ON/OFF, switch the Information Display and change the target car.
  • The Keyboard Switching Feature has been added. A USB keyboard can be used to switch the Information Display and to change the view.

For more info, be sure to check out and GT Facebook.

See you on the circuit!

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5 Author Replies

  • time to boot the old GT6 again :D

  • Nice. Keep them coming, love some detailed virtual cars only in my garage ;)

  • Caught this when I booted the game this morning & already had a few laps on by the time of the blog post. The car is just…..wonderful. Very quick and light. Gonna have lots of fun with this car.

    It’s taken a while, but great to finally see a new Vision GT car and now I feel confident that all those Vision sketches in the game will eventually become reality at some point (in the game, I mean). Thank you Ken & everyone at PD for everything that you do!

  • The Car looks awesome! It also has to drive awesome! Hopefully we get GT6 (or prologue of GT7) sometime after E3 on PS4. I’d love to drive something on my PS4!

  • I would love a GT on PS4 but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. At least we can look forward to Drive Club this fall.

  • Nice car from BMW.

    But what about solo endurance races that last more than 24 minutes? We had full time enduro in GT5, why not in GT6? (Sick joke if you ask me.)

  • Awesome, what a sweet car. I’ll have to boot up GT6 again.

    Now….please….Can we have GT6 on PS4 and PS Vita. Thanks.

  • I agree with Ryusennin, we need proper endurance races in solo mode to give us a real challenge. I appreciate the fact that PD is at least adding updates to GT6, but we need some of the features that were promised like course maker and B-Spec soon.

  • Finally. At least it’s something.
    Really glad to see the adjustments in the lobby and all that.
    You’re being really slow this time PD, but I still have a lot of faith in you. PLEASE, don’t disappoint your fans.
    Now give us all of the other promised features, like the track editor (please BE a real track editor, let me judge FOR MYSELF if it’s too complicated. If you give again that excuse, that would be offensive) and give us back some endurance events in GT Career.

    Besides that and some other details (like sound in so many cars sadly), I’m waiting for the Senna content :)

    See you on track.

    A proud Sony user and Gran Turismo fan.

    PS: It’d be nice to see some answer from time to time to the fans.

    • We’re right here :) Always listening. Senna content is less than two weeks away. Enjoy the BMW Vision GT for the time being

  • 1GB download for this and some open lobby features? really? then it installed for like 25 minutes. Really? 6 months and the game is still very bare bones. Totally disappointed in PD. I’d be very careful with your business practices from now on, you’ve fallen from that high pedestal for many of your long-faithful fans. GT6 is the proverbial quick cash-grab.

    • Unfortunately, game updates are never simple, especially when there are added game features within the update. The team is working hard to release more free content like Senna and additional features as they become available.

  • hopefully we get more features soon

  • Am I missing where the special event is to win the car? Is there something I have to do to unlock it? I thought I remember just getting the last car without competing.

    • There’s a dedicated BMW Vision GT challenge within Seasonal Event. If you can achieve a Bronze or better, the car will be added into your personal garage. Good luck!

  • First of all thank you very much for all the support – the car looks great and drives great.

    Unfortunately the game structure don’t allow us to fully enjoy ANY car in single player.

    – AI opponents are WAY too slow – it’s no challenge and no fun

    – engine sound…(but I understand you guys are working hard on that)

    – no practice, no qualifying – no proper “race weekend” anywhere in single player

    – Arcade mode don’t allow to create races – let me choose tire/fuel wear setting, mechanical damage, – just like in MP lobby but with AI opponents and payout. With hand picking cars for the grid ? Infinite game-play. Quick example:

    Corvette VS Viper / Laguna Seca / 30 minutes / real tire/fuel wear

    There’s so much unused potential!

  • I would of preferred an actual car like the BMW i8 over this. Less fantasy more reality. Please pass it on.

  • Beautiful work Bayerische Motoren Werke .

  • What about Shuffle Racing? That’s the one thing that i liked the most about GT5 Online.

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