The Walking Dead: Season Two — Episode 3 Out Today on PS3

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The Walking Dead: Season Two — Episode 3 Out Today on PS3

I’ll keep this one short (Because hey, most of the fun is playing the episode for yourself!), but here’s a little rundown on what Clementine is facing in the next chapter of The Walking Dead on PS3.

The Walking Dead: Season Two — Episode 3 Out Today on PS3

After Clem and her new group are captured by Carver, you’ll be forced to make some seriously hard-hitting decisions as escape becomes a priority. It won’t be easy, because Carver’s intelligence is rivaled only by his propensity for brutal violence. In this episode, the weak will perish and only the strong will survive… check out the trailer to see a little more if you’re game.

As ever, thanks for continuing The Walking Dead journey with us, and let us know what you think in the comments — just please be mindful of SPOILERS for those who have yet to jump in!

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  • Mmm no comments, that’s weird. Anyway, I’m playing the next chaper today after I get home :)

  • Any news on when it’ll be out for Vita? My sister and I were pretty surprised that it wouldn’t be launching for us on the same date as everything else, including iOS.

  • And on the Vita?

  • Thats all fine and dandy, but can you please for the love of god STOP making us wait so long between episodes? Originally you said Season 2 would only be 4 weeks or less between episodes, yet, it takes 2-3 months!

    I absolutely LOVE your products, but its extremely bad fanfare when you make us wait so long.

  • Looking forward how they gonna top the last episode, cant wait to play it hopefully the next episode is close behind it.

  • I see the vita version will be late (again)…..

  • No season pass huh? That’s unfortunate. I bought the last one and I loved it, but I don’t see a second season pass offered on the store so I won’t be grabbing this. :/

    Unless there was one and i just wasn’t aware? >_< work consumes most of my time so I don't keep up with the sales as much anymore.

  • Can’t edit, but on a final note:
    Its been proven. You making us wait 2 months for a 2 hour episode of an episodic game is not something your fans want, and you should always listen to fans. You are becoming irrelevant by doing this, and people are forgetting about your games. How about a less wait between them? Like the originally planned 4 weeks?

  • Thank you for the release. On the side note, I was lucky I did not the purchase Vita version instead.

    @adsps: @yosp @amboyes @giocorsi @shahidkamal Please re-enable the PSOne, PSP games on Vita. Fans want it! #VITAnoLicenseLock #FreeOurGamesOnVita

  • oversevethousand

    Is there any reason you aren’t making releases universal now between this and Vita? If you’re releasing it on the Vita, put it out on everything at all once – if that means releases take longer, so be it. Making one part of your userbase wait for months while the other has it is stupid. Don’t tease Vita users and then hold the game from them though.

  • @oversevethousand

    Telltale has the most crazy release dates for everything. Its really weird how they work. Force us to wait 3 months between episodes despite fans being negative to that (You should ALWAYS listen to your fans. WE put food on YOUR table), and when they do, they never have a consistent release between all devices. Heck, Season 1 still hasn’t rolled out everywhere yet. Ouya and Amazon Fire TV had releases set but nothing since.

  • @ccrogers15 Come on. It’s not like they’re making us wait for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. A month or two extra in the can to ensure quality is better than launching something terrible to keep a tight schedule.

  • #9-This isn’t Twitter. Hashtags don’t work here.

  • I have the season pass for this and wolf among us, but I am not playing either of these until episode 4 is released, so I won’t have to wait so long between like i had to with season 1. But even that wait is way too long. Like another poster asked, what happened to promises of shorter wait times between episodes? If anything I think this season has taken longer between.

  • Ohhh man just Episode 3 … =\ Waitin’ for at least the 5th Ep is announced to start my playthrough though, I don’t want to wait soooooo long between episodes. Thx .

  • So happy I wanna crappy! XD

  • @ZeeGeeEmm,

    But this is EPISODIC and Telltale said we would only be waiting 1 month between episodes, yet, its been 3.
    I can understand a month or so, but not three. Waiting 3 months for a 2 hour episode is unacceptable.

  • While everyone is complaining about a PS Vita version telltale has there hands full so be patient it’s coming soon. And for me when the sat episode is out and I can get them all I will. Great work as usual on the walking dead season now I have to get caught up on the tv show as well.

  • Eagerly awaiting it to appear on the store.
    BTW is someone at Telltale stalking my uncle or something, I kinda laughed it off as a coincidence in season 1, but now im starting to feel someone is watching him for inspiration for Kenny’s model (doesnt help that he has grown a beard now)

  • @19 do you miss Duck?

  • @Laura When reading “I’ll keep this short”, all I can think about is Lee’s advice to Clementine about her hair lol.

    @ccrogers15 Telltale has explained before (in an episode of the PS Blogcast) that there is quite a bit of time between each episode because they take player statistics and feedback from the previous episode(s) and use it to help design the next one.

  • @BlueBl1zzard

    Except that these episodes are developed months in advance. So… either they lied, or whatever. Either way, it doesn’t take 3 months to compile feedback and results, and its not cool that telltale lied and said we would wait only 1 month between episodes, when this took 3.

  • Getting this on Vita

  • I love season 2 so far, but i’ve noticed your games have gotten more and more glitchy lately. They feel unpolished compared to the first season. I can’t help but think its because Telltale is juggling way too many properties at once, instead of just concentrating on one game at a time. :(

  • It definitely looks like Vita is a secondary concern for Telltale Games. I will wait to play season 2 now.

  • Soooo… why wasnt this listed on the drop?

    Im waiting for all episodes to release bwfore i start.

  • Juststeveplease

    I STILL SEE DEAD PEOPLE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe the drop is reserved for new game releases, not dlc

  • Awesome, one of the best ps3 games…but I will wait a little bit I think before playing…I feel like waiting too long between each episode kind of makes fans forget what was going on last episode…. I think I am going to play the whole season once they are ALL out. Because releasing them like this is like reading a chapter of a boom and then having to wait months to read just 1 more chapter. Just my opinion, what do you guys think..wouldnt it be more fun to play them all together / closer to each other? Maybe telltale should consider releasing the whole game or at least the whole season in bulk and on disk at the same time. Anyone?

  • heartbreaker1978

    just curious why the playstation store on the computer lists it as available today yet it says coming soon on my ps3? anyone else have this problem?

  • @31 I’m having the same problem.

  • Even the game itself says episode 3 In harms way, available now in North America. I am in North America but it keeps saying coming soon. Wtf?

  • Seems I had to go directly to the ps store under downloads and download it that way.

  • Edit: I had to go under add ons


  • Well this is an awesome surprise and I just noticed!

  • when will episode 3 be out for PS VIta?

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