Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE now on Music Unlimited

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Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE now on Music Unlimited

Michael Jackson Xscape - Music Unlimited

The wait is over! Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE is finally available on Music Unlimited. The album features previously unheard work from the King of Pop’s vaults, contemporized by producers Rodney Jerkins, Jerome “J-roc” Harmon, Stargate, John McClain and the album’s executive producer, Timbaland.

Along with the unveiling of the first single, “Love Never Felt So Good,” which was written by Jackson and Paul Anka, five more songs from XSCAPE premiered on Sony’s Music Unlimited streaming service last week.

Now fans can hear the whole thing available here.

Five years after his death, Jackson remains one of the most influential artists of all time. In an effort to keep his musical legacy alive, Epic Chairman Antonio “LA” Reid went through his archives and recovered eight* songs the pop icon recorded but never released from 1983 to 1999. His aim with the album was to make the material sound contemporary while preserving the raw genius of Jackson, the singer and songwriter.

“Michael Jackson was the perfect artist, who spoke to all of us” says Reid. “He tapped us on the shoulder and said, ‘Would you just do me one small favor and remind people I’m the greatest?’ And we all said, yes.”

Music Unlimited is available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, PCs, and many more. Available in 19 countries across the world and offering over 25 million tracks*, Music Unlimited is the music subscription service for people who want to be able to enjoy their music whenever they want, wherever they are, without paying for individual songs or albums. New users can try a 30-day free trial membership by visiting the official site.

*number of tracks available from catalog varies by country and may be less

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  • Anyword on Music and Video Unlimited for Philippines? I can’t subscribe to them even if I have a US account.

  • Are you proud of yourselves cashing in on a dead man? The last few years of this man’s life you never would have made a whole post about one of his albums on the PSN blog because of his checkered history but now that he’s not around anymore it’s OK now? Let me know. Just checking where we’re at with this kind of thing.

  • CommandingTiger

    Don’t care, You don’t have the most popular Rock, Metal bands like Metallica, AC/DC or even Five Finger Death Punch.
    Change it please.

  • I agree with #3. There needs to be more high profile bands on the Music Unlimited service. Where is Snoop’s and Dr Dre’s first albums.

    The search function is practically useless. When I search for the song “Oh No”, I should be taking straight to it with info from the track, each artist that is in the song, the album that it is on and links to each. As it is right now “Oh No” is barried under hundreds of songs that doesn’t even have oh no in the title.

    The app for android barely works. I am always disconnected from the server. Songs refuse to play for no reason. The database is a straight mess. The database itself needs to be cleaned up really bad. It should be easier to find everything.

    The only thing that I like about the Music Unlimited service is the design of the GUI. Everything else needs to be worked on. Saving music for offline play is brilliant when it works, but other companies are rolling out that same feature so you guys really need to step up your game.

    I use the Sony Xperia Z from T Mobile and the Sony Music Unlimited app should run smoothly on it, but sadly that is not the case.

    Please keep up the hard work and roll some updates out soon that addresses some of these issues. Thanks.


  • I have to say I agree with #2, because I’m not sure who is making $$$ off of Michael Jackson’s music now and why you feel the need to. If you loved his music and respected his life you would give these “unreleased” songs out for free, or at the VERY least give the $$$ made from his “new” music to CHARITY. That is all I have to say.

  • I had heard a “snippet” of ‘A Place with No Name’, so it is interesting it took this many YEARS to release the song. With that said, how about you release the PS4 from their shackles… i.e. MP3 support.

  • @2 and 5: so after an artist dies you expect their work not to be sold or released??? and all the money Michael would have made now goes to his family. this is the same as books, films or anything else. this kind of release is very common for any type of entertainment. do you think since phillip seymour hoffman died they wont release the new hunger games. please be realistic. most fans are atleast happy with things like this because its a chance to hear or experience more from an artist you love. i wasnt upset when the unreleased music of tupac was released. i wasnt upset when charles bukowski unreleased poetry was published. plenty of books, music and films have been released after an artist has died. this is not new or uncommon. i can see that maybe this is exploiting his death but Michael shouldnt of signed with a major record label if he didnt want this to happen.

    btw, this was released by MJJ Music, which is a record label founded by Michael Jackson, so maybe you should get your facts straight.

  • @7 – i have no problem with their work being sold after they die. I’ve bought previously unreleased Nirvana and Alice In Chains music after their respective lead singers died. What I have a problem with is nobody would touch Michael Jackson in the last years of his life but both Nirvana and Alice In Chains were still relevant at the time. Michael certainly wouldn’t have received a full blog post in the last years of his life because of an album release. There was no respect shown to the man in his last years by pretty much everybody, but now that there’s a payday involved somebody’s trying to cash in on his name

    It’s about human decency which seems to be a lost concept. In it’s place is morbid corporate greed. This is shameless exploitation of the deceased

  • @8 You do realize he was a pedophile, right? I don’t think that is very decent.

  • You guys complaining about him being a dead man… Do you guys understand what the art of music is? If you were making music you were going to release and you unfortunately died unexpectedly, you’d want your unreleased tracks for the public to release. It would be disrespectful to a artist not to. Also, MJ might have had been criticized but you don’t realize that he was still popular as hell before death and it’s his death that made him this big a deal, not Sony. They have to give him this much promotion for his project. Hell it was probably on his contract to use a certain amount on promotion and Sony living up to it. People waited years to hear this, I’d be pissed if I didn’t know this stuff released.

  • King of Pop’s music is a beautiful thing. Let his music be respected. I don’t understand how a Company showering money to promote a dead mans last project is disrespectful lol. World will get riled up over anything smh. I hope any complainer doesn’t listen to the album since it would “be disrespectful and indecent” lol

  • how can i win a joel and ellie figurine??

  • @9 – Maybe and maybe not. I wasn’t there and neither were you so honestly we can’t say 100% for sure. He was a strange man and the possibility exists that people were just trying to cash in on that fact, If he was convicted of being a pedophile (meaning there was proof in the eyse of a court of law) he would have done prison time. He didn’t. The only place he was convicted was in the court of public opinion and the news media

  • @10 – While I agree with the spirit of what you’re saying I don’t feel that it’s the case here. Sony spent a lot of money buying the rights to MJ’s songs. They’re using it as part of their XPERIA promotion. It’s not a coincidence that the album’s called XSCAPE. It was chosen specifically to promote those XPERIA phones and tablets. It’s a cash grab. Plain and simple. I’d be interested in knowing if the percentage of sales that Michael would have received is going to go to his children or not. If they will get MJ’s standard/average percentage of sales, then I have no problem, but I feel like that’s not the case. Sony bought the rights and Sony will keep 100% of the profits instead of doing the right thing. Cash is not king. There has to be a point where people will speak up when they don’t feel something being done by corporations is right

  • Although this is Sony…I’m so interested in this….they’re making money out of dead body..heard the songs and they’re pretty weird to say the least…..haha this will keep on happening more often from now on,with the same excuse that the musics were recorded years ago but never released…hum….Artists such as MJ are more valuable dead than alive right?…..wonder who’s next….2 Pac,Bob Marley?

  • @ 9 mightyjerm – You better get your facts straight son….MJ was one of the most/only good and decent people amongst the celebrities….that pedophile stuff was throwed in the media to ruin his image.All he did was help poor children without a home….now pedophile is a thing that he never was.

  • When/will the app is going to be available on Windows Phone?

  • Why is Sony promoting pedophilia now? Michael Jackson is a proven pedophile and children play video games on the PSN. This is wrong and reckless of Sony to do and is probably traumatic for his many proven victims.

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