Sparkle 2 Coming to PS4, PS Vita on May 20th

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Sparkle 2 Coming to PS4, PS Vita on May 20th

Hello again! I’m back today to announce 10tons is about to bring another action puzzle game, Sparkle 2, to PS4 and PS Vita. Sparkle 2 will launch on both platforms on May 20th, with cross buy support and a free trial. It’s priced at $7.99.

Sparkle 2 is a superbly polished match-three puzzle game set in a mysterious world of magic and wonder. The game features smooth gameplay, plenty of power-ups with big special effects, beautiful graphics, and a cinematic soundtrack.

We’re particularly proud of how well the basic gameplay translated to gamepad controls. Marble shooters play great with mouse controls or a touch screen, and we had an idea it’d work with an analog stick, too. We just didn’t expect it to be quite as good as Sparkle 2 turned out.

Sparkle 2Sparkle 2

An even bigger unknown, and an even more pleasant surprise, was how fun the game is to play with the DualShock 4 touch pad. We’re using it basically like a mouse, with an on-screen pointer and all, and it works really nicely. On PS Vita we of course use the touch screen, and it’s just awesome.

So, check PlayStation Store in a couple of weeks for Sparkle 2, and download the free trial! We’re also hard at work on our next PS4 release, which we hope to tell you more about in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  • I enjoyed Sparkle 1 on Vita a lot actually. Put a lot of hours into it.
    I’m glad to see a PS4 version here. Will it be Cross-Save as well? I’d like to continue progress from Vita to PS4 and vice versa.

  • At least its Crossbuy.

  • No PS3 :(
    Bad choice.

  • Cool, we needed a Zuma clone on PS4.

    But why 8$? that’s a bit steep. Under 5$ and I’d have considered it…

  • I’m a sucker for match three puzzle games. Since this is cross buy and relatively cheap (though $4.99 would have been better), i might get it.

  • I wanted to grab the first one on the Vita, but $6 for a Zuma clone seemed a bit steep. I’m still interested, but with everything else on my gaming plate right on the Vita I’ll have to wait for a sale for it to be worth it.

  • Thrilled to get this on my vita. This is one of those games that somehow manages to be more than the sum of its parts

  • I liked the first one. Kind of soon for a sequel, though. Eight dollars is the wrong price point. It doesn’t feel like im getting a bargain on a ten dollar game, it feels like a bad deal on a five dollar game. And cross buy adds no value either since its just the same game twice.

  • Wait….this is just like Luxor…damn Luxor is the most fun game I’ve seen on PSP…played countless hours of it….ain’t this Sparkle game out on PS3 already?….I need to go and buy the 1st one….Vita or PS3…I NEED this.

  • This game was a blast on Vita. $7.99 cross-buy? Great value! I ‘ll be downloading it!

  • I had alot of fun with the first one and will get this for my vita. Keep up the good work.

  • Sony, I have to tell you, I’m getting sick of seeing PSN game after PSN game being ported to PS4 ignoring completely the PS3.
    What’s the deal?
    You seriously though you will able to support the life of a console with no games traspassing games that could’ve been on PS3 to the PS4 just to give costumers the idea that they should purchase one just because of that?
    The trick won’t last long. Look at the W¡¡ U, with no games you expect a console to sell? Hell no. The PS4 is already having the title of Indiestation or the Next-gen-No games-Console.
    Every toaster can run those games, soon gamer will notice that the PS4 is desesperate and that’s why is supporting itself with indies. “The PS4 has no games, we should move along and not bother with this because it obviously is taking PS3 releases to support its own life. Pathetic”

  • Cont.

    I was happy to see the announce of this game, is fun and simple, and my mom loves it, I wanted to buy for my PS3, but the unnecesary port to PS4 only and Vita is… look Sony, please, don’t f- up, you were doing good, but this move, the move of trying to force the death of the PS3 so more people move to PS4 is stupid and pathetic.
    Videogames are dead. The next-gen is a dead on arrival.
    Hopefully a new crash will come, so the good times for videogames return once again.

  • That rant above me is hilarious.

  • Wait until E3 and then say the ps4 only has indies…..

    Indies are just faster to release, ps4 still has huge games too…open your eyes/mind before your mouth.

  • Is this Zuma clone or Luxor clone?

  • Sorry – no physical media, no sale.

    Want my money? Give me a disc.

  • Sparkle 2 is an awesome match 3 ball blaster! If you are looking for a great Vita game then look no further when it hits the PlayStation store tuesday the 20th.

  • And here I am… playing this free androind zuma games while being able to expend 8 dollars on one for my Vita…

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