6 Japanese PSone Imports Coming West

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6 Japanese PSone Imports Coming West

GungHo Online Entertainment America is releasing six more Japanese PSone Classics! These games have never been seen on American shores, but thanks to the magic of the PSN, a whole new audience may now enjoy them.

The games are in Japanese, and depending on their genre, some are definitely more “import-friendly” than others. This post will give you a breakdown of what to expect from each one so we can help you find the import classic that’s right for you!

Sarara’s Little Shop (Danjyon Shoutengai: Densetsu no Ken Hajimemashita)

Sarara’s Little Shop

Take control of a stereotypical RPG item shop and help outfit adventurers to safely traverse treacherous dungeons and snag some fantastic loot.

The experience branches out based on your decisions and there are plenty of big spenders for you to interact with.

As with any RPG/simulation game, it’s pretty text-heavy. Are you prepared for this immersive shop-running classic?

Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball

Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball

The ultimate classic pinball experience has arrived! This classic is easily the most import-friendly game on today’s list. Nearly all of the important text is in English, and old-school pinball fun needs no translation.

The game features two unique game modes. One is the “simple” mode that replicates the standard pinball experience, while the other takes players on a steel ball’s epic journey to defeat a dragon and save the lovely princess.



If you’ve ever dreamed of flying through space and terraforming a whole new planet to become the second Earth, NEO PLANET is the game for you.

The goal of this intricately detailed simulation game is to carefully balance each planet’s ecosystem while developing it for potential colonization.

It’s incredibly text-heavy, and provides the kind of core challenge that simulation enthusiasts crave. A fair amount of Japanese fluency will be required to enjoy this title.

Heroine Dream 1-2

Heroine Dream 2

One of the earliest idol-simulation games, the Heroine Dream series oozes with nineties style and charm. Players are tasked with carefully managing the latest up and coming “heroine” to help her burst onto the scene with style!

Players can enjoy different paths, and based on the decisions they make along the way they can enjoy completely different endings. Can you balance your heroine’s confidence, athleticism, and stress to make sure they’ve got what it takes to rise to the top? This simulation game features a lot of detailed menus and cutscenes, so a fair amount of Japanese knowledge will be required to enjoy these games.

Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars

Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars

In a post-apocalyptic vision of Tokyo, a ban on uniforms has been implemented. With school uniforms banned, naturally a large-scale civil war ensues. Our hero’s goal is to find her friend’s older brother who went missing during the war. Along the way, she is sucked into the conflict and forced to fight to uncover the truth!

This title has players preparing the ultimate squad of student soldiers to send into large scale combat against their rivals. The battles play out like a crazy game of Rock-paper-scissors based on the elemental attributes of their school uniforms. With heavy emphasis on event scenes and simulation elements, players will need to be able to read Japanese well to fully enjoy this game.

We hope you enjoy this eclectic gathering of old-school Japanese fun. Like all our classics, these are priced at $5.99 each.

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