PlayStation Blogcast 120: The Binding of Aztez

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PlayStation Blogcast 120: The Binding of Aztez

Our indiestravaganza continues with windy interviews on PS4/PS Vita blood brothers The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Aztez, as well as all of those new releases in North America for May 14th, listener letters and voicemails, plus movie talk From Here to Eternity. And nary a Dark Souls mention! Except for that one.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Slimmer, lighter PS Vita
  • Borderlands 2 for PS Vita
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta
  • The Walking Dead Season 2
  • Sportsfriends
  • Child of Light
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PS4

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  • Thanks guys. I had downloaded and was listening to the blogcast – and there no was no post in which to tease Justin (insert Tom Gilmore joke here).

    So I’ll ask a question. I’m almost finished with a LONG 1st playthrough of Persona 4 Golden (no spoilers). I had never played a JRPG before and really liked this one. Yeah, I might have to play it again I’m told (no spoilers part deux), but is there anything similarly amazing on Vita, or do we have to wait until P5?

    Thanks gents – have a great weekend.


    • Justin Massongill

      Well, the bulk of the Final Fantasy series is available to play on Vita in some form or another — that’s a good place to start! I’ve been hearing great things about Danganronpa, as well.

  • I saw a ton of different PS4 commercials during the draft yet not one single Vita commercial. The Vita has 100 times the library PS4 does yet one sells like crazy and the other one the general public isn’t even aware of.

    When they did show commercials back in the day it was like ” Don’t you hate work? Are you too cool for your boss? Want to play baseball on the bus? No? Buy a Vita.”.

    Honestly it should be marketed towards adults that think they don’t have time for games anymore. Show how fast and slick it is getting in and out of games. Show why the system is awesome, do a montage of a bunch of sick games, show remote play, and end with the new system/bundle. The Vita deserves better.

  • Welp, was expecting to hear the SS: delta price, any info if it will be 40 dlls like Soul Sacrifice vanilla?

  • Watching people play Facebook or iOS games, I wish games like Persona 4 Golden could be marketed at them.

    Social interaction/leveling up relationships
    Grinding if you feel like it/Multiple activities
    Great storyline
    Dungeon combat is really like puzzles: figuring out weaknesses, managing buffs, etc.

    If Sony wants to sell Vitas, they could nudge Notch about Minecraft on Vita, sell a green-skinned Minecraft Vita bundle and print money.

    Here’s hoping.

  • So I have some suggestions for Sony
    Could you bring us some more 99 cent indie flash sales?
    When Limbo comes to PlayStation Plus can we get it for the PlayStation 3 as well?
    Can we get the option to delete trophies especially the ones at 0%?
    Can we get a wish list feature for the PlayStation Store?
    Are we going to see a Best of PlayStation Network vol. 2 anytime soon?
    Can we get some more minis for free on the PlayStation 3? We only have Jetpack Joyride which I think is a great game.

  • @1 -ColonelOCorn-Nothing like P4G except for Persona 3 which is a PSP game, no trophies but still great and def worth playing. Ys Memories of Celceta is also a really good RPG but its action and not turn based. Hope that helps

  • @2- Robbie_G_Irish- I agree completely

  • One question. Do you read the blogs / comments?
    Synapsis for the week.
    Make more PS2 games available cross platform.
    I like my OLED screen, although hav not tried the newer model.
    Very slow month for PS plus so far.
    Add in console settings for joystick sensitivity that Socom used to have.
    Bring back Zipper Interactive, I would like a Unit 13 sequel.

    Oh, and beware of PrimeroIncognito
    And Need for Speed for 5bucks was awesome.

    I am watching kids, I am reading PS Blog, listening to Avicii -Wake me up and playing NFS and Killzone Liberation-hard ( and seriously needs the last chapter edited in for Vita users.

  • Oh and Adobe Flash does not work on the Vita.

  • ElijahCuddlefish

    Yay, new Blogcast!!! Thanks guys. It makes the gym almost tolerable.

  • Thanks Mush. Will take a look at both. I do have Dragon’s Crown too… Hmm…

    Hey a quick poll for you Vita owners. Did anyone buy the Trend Micro virus protection for it? Just wondering.

  • Why the hell can’t we get the PlayStation blogcast on the PS4?

  • @ Colonel – no, never heard of it

  • Loving my new Vita slim enough to trade in my old OLED model (paid off my Sly Collection, Danganronpa 2, and chunk of Disgaea 4).

    SCEA please do ANYTHING for the Vita. I know they are concerned that advertising it would just be a waste of money…. but jesus they have barely tried. If the Vita had 25% of the marketing that the PS4 has had in any 1 month it would have probably sold double what it has in the US. Hard to sell a product to people who don’t know it exists.

    Borderlands 2 is really fun so far, wish I had little more time to play it.

    I won’t be picking up SSDelta until a sale simply because of my current backlog. Original Soul Sacrifice is great and Delta looks even better, any word on its pricing?

  • @ColonelOCorn

    A Minecraft bundle might not be a bad idea. I’ve never heard of Trend Micro virus protection either. I wouldn’t buy it. Also I 2nd what MushThePainter said on getting Ys Memories of Celceta.

  • I love my PSVITA but thats because SCEJ is putting some effort on promoving the console.

    Theres potential, but theres no effort from you guys.

    -More PSX classics .
    -Cheaper memory cards.
    -More digital releases.
    -More crossbuy games.

    Just please tell me you guys have something prepared for the E3.
    Its a great console but i cant support it if you are not interesed.

  • Telling you guys right now… Tell whoever makes the E3 to talk about the hardcore games and that are EXCLUSIVES!!! nothing more nothing less. Bring the big guns for E3! PS4 doesnt have anything announced. so yea announce them! GAMES GAMES GAMES!

    how to win e3 EASILY…..

    1.) FF7 Remake (EXCLUSIVE to PS4) ( INSTAWIN)
    2.) Legend of Dragoon 2, XENOGEARS remake. (go back to your JRPG roots sony)
    3.) Demons Souls 2. ( Almost InstaWin)
    4.) Persona 5 for PS4
    5.) Syphon Filter PS4
    6.) CRASH BANDICOOT! (Pls Im really hoping u DID bought it back from activition)
    7.) Obviously Uncharted 4, The order 1886, Shadow of the beast
    9.) KH3 and FF15 to have EXCLUSIVE content on ps4 (since u idiotically lost the exclusiveness of those system sellers…)
    10.) and finally Announce all the Vita EXCLUSIVE GAMES i hope u are making since im freaking tired of playing indie games. b its kool to have them while we wait for the big guns but only having indies and no AAA games its freaking pathetic. Wheres FF type 0 vita, Phantasy star online 2, Gravity Rush 2, Monster Hunter ect.?

  • Another excellent show gentlemen. I always really enjoy the camaraderie and laughs. I also really appreciate the topic you asked us to write in about. I’ve always basically known why gaming was so important to me, but I’ve never really reflected on it the way I have tonight. Surprisingly, it was a very emotional topic for me to write about. When you receive my letter, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you again. Truly… thank you.

    After listening to you talk about anime and films all the time, I also wanted to throw a few recommendations out to you and anyone who might read this. This isn’t a “Best of” list, but I would definitely say “Must See.” These are some absolutely incredible works in various genres that many people may have missed. Enjoy everyone!

    Japanese Films:
    – “Maiko Haaaan!!!”
    – “Kikujiro”
    – “Samurai Fiction”
    – “The Taste of Tea”

    Anime Films:
    – “Summer Wars”
    – “A Letter to Momo”
    – “Summer Days With Coo”
    – “One Stormy Night”

    Anime Series:
    – “Bakemonogatari”
    – “Gintama”
    – “Natsume Yuujinchou”
    – “The Devil is a Part-Timer”

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Rezolution77 on May 10th, 2014 at 6:51 pm said: “Oh, and beware of PrimeroIncognito”

    I agree. That guy is crazy.

  • Since there was an app drop in this segment, I felt the need to point out that Crunchyroll is also available on PS Vita now.

  • Omg, had to comment, love the fact you had “The Thing” on your list of favorite movies! One of my all time favorites and never found someone else who gave it as much credit as I do. RESPECT!

  • had my eye on Aztez for 2+ years. Can’t wait to finally play it. Everyone needs to look this one up, check it out.

  • Do you know when there is going to be playstationmove game for the ps4 and also you should add something to the playroom like bowling

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