VizionEck Coming to PS4

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VizionEck Coming to PS4

Hello! Today’s the day that VizionEck on PS4 gets announced to the world. I’m Michael Armbrust, the founder of VizionEck. I’m also the lead developer of VizionEck. Did you catch that? Yes, our studio and our studio’s first game have matching names. VizionEck is making VizionEck. So what is VizionEck (the game)?

The announcement trailer has a lot of secrets and game features hidden in it. If you didn’t put the clues together, I’ll help you out with some of the basics. VizionEck is technically an FPS. It has very little in common with the traditional FPS though. In the game you play as a Ranger — essentially just a cube.


He’s pretty simplistic in design, isn’t he? VizionEck’s art-style is focused on being clean and elegant. We really love the prospect of making a game that’s mathematically “exact.” Almost everything follows a strict set of rules. The resulting world feels extremely harmonious 99% of the time.

It also creates a great environment for the gameplay. One example of this is how VizionEck’s health system works. As a Ranger, your health is displayed as the brightness of your outlines. Solid white and you’re as healthy as an ox. Almost black and you’re on the brink of destruction. Even the smallest enemy shot would mark your end.

This actually has its advantages. The less health you have, the harder it is for enemies to see your outlines. Positioning yourself over a large black surface makes your cube practically invisible. Sneaking up on another player becomes easy.


Another example of how the environment creates great gameplay is with the spawn room. There are 24 blocks in the spawn room above, but not all of them are Rangers. By just staying still, you can hide in plain sight. Other players will not know if you’re just a block or if you’re a Ranger. If the enemy blasts the wrong block, it leaves that player vulnerable for a counterattack.

There’s loads more hinted and demonstrated in the trailer. Go ahead and try to find the rest for yourself. If you figure something out or have any observations, post them in the comments. We’ll let you know if you correctly uncovered a game element. Also if you have any questions about the game, please ask them. We’ll answer all the ones we can.

You can find us on Twitter at @VizionEck. We also just launched where you can get even more info about the game and its development.

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  • Glad I came here to read this because the video alone is worthless. It sounds like you have some neat concepts, it would be nice to see things actually happen.

  • The shot of the pyramid, is that hinting at King of the Hill gameplay?

  • Looks very different and original. Will it be MP only or also single player?

  • Awesome looking game! Are there any plans to use Project Morpheus with this game?

  • What de hEck is VizionEck?

  • With all due respect, this is probably the worst game trailer I’ve seen. Talk about vague.

  • Do you have any sort of (even vague) release timeline at this point?

    • Michael Armbrust

      “(even vague)”

      The game has been in development for a long time, but it’s still far from completion.

      -Michael Armbrust

  • Wow, this sounds really awesome. Some nice and innovative ideas there. Can’t wait to see and hear more

  • I can’t wait till someone redoes Pong for next gen, I bet it will be 8-bit and everything. When is the garbage gonna stop? I fear this is just the start… I see now why Jack left, this is not the future of gaming everyone talked about. No these games are a huge slap in the face for every video game that has come before them. I guess it’s true what they say. The end of gaming is soon upon us!

  • Always nice to see different things being done in games. Looking forward to learning more!

  • @God-Of-Lyf: Get a grip, will ya?

  • Well atleast you have a brand new rehashed COD to keep you warm at night. Who needs innovation bring on the same old same old. #amiright #getagrip #poser @God-Of-Lyf

  • In the trailer, do the cubes appearing on top of the other cubes in the spawn room indicate that those cubes are not Rangers?

    • Michael Armbrust

      It actually indicates the opposite.

      Rangers have the ability to grow a second block above them. Regular cubes do nothing.

      -Michael Armbrust

  • The Last of Us? GTA V?

    Pfft! Those games have got nothing on this! Looks super interesting and it will have multiplayer!

    Game of the Generation!
    Game of the Decade!
    Game of the Year!

    VizionEck gets all the awards!

  • OuterSpaceJunky

    @13 I thought the opposite, that the cubes on top of other cubes indicate that they *are* rangers.

    The only reason I thought this is that at 5 seconds in, there are two double cubes (I’ll name the top pair A, and the bottom pair B). A shoots at B, and A loses a cube. But B reflects it back at A, so B loses a cube. When the reflected beam hits A, the second A cube disappears. B wins!

    I have no idea if any of that is correct.

  • OuterSpaceJunky

    Something strange happens at 1:04, the last frame in which the ranger cube is visible on top of the pyramid. In the window in the back-right, out of nowhere appears a yellow set of cubes, it appears to be 5 of them, shaped like a +, with the middle cube protruding further out than the others.

    I feel like I’ve been unable to glean anything from this video, gameplay wise. A disappointing performance on my part, if there is indeed “loads more hinted and demonstrated” as the developer states.

  • Hmm, I had to watch the trailer a second time to catch any details that I missed. I can’t say I saw ‘The Ranger’ out of any glimpses but the quick shot at the beginning and maybe it stationary in a few other clips. I’m really not sure what to make of this. Perhaps they had someone playing at low health and was sneaking through those panning shots?

  • @15 Good catch, that would make more sense. So it seems like using that attack uses a cube for ammunition. If you look closely it does seem like the attack from A damages one of the cubes on B (it seems to dim substantially) and that damaged cube is what’s fired at A.

    Maybe having an extra cube boosts cube hp, or protects you more somehow, because A’s attack against B (two cubes) didn’t fully eliminate a cube, but B’s attack against A (one cube) instantly killed it.

  • @13 @15 The ranger can utilize a block cube that appears on top… so in the spawn room everyone could be calling in block cubes then trying to escape possibly… also parts of the environment are designed to look like the ranger cube for camouflage purposes

  • “The announcement trailer has a lot of secrets and game features hidden in it”

    Such as that pyramid in the end of the video?…hopefully not.

    Anyway…if I hadn’t read the article ha…the video doesn’t help.

    @9 God-Of-Lyf – The end of ignorance though…its very far from the end…you’re a proof.

  • VizionEck? More like WhatTheHeck? lol :p

  • Games like this is why I am holding off on a PS4.

    That and the direction Sony is taking.

    Get it together, computers cost almost the same although easier to fix.
    Only difference is games like this and others like it are practically free.

    Love my classics, but Sony……..really?

  • @22 You seem to be confused. Games like this aren’t going to take the place of more traditional games. They just add variety to the lineup.

    I’m not about to get into a PC vs. consoles debate, but suffice it to say there are drawbacks and benefits to both.

    And no, indie games aren’t magically free on PC.

  • I do not fully understand it, but the developer seems a decent fellow so I will look into it.

  • For some reason I don’t understand this video

  • Oh! I see! Its a dynamic theme!
    The only thing i saw in the trailer is that im not interested.

  • Now this has a great concept t othis and this is one that I will checkout for sure.

  • Interesting game.

    Is there stealth elements, on the name of the game it looks like a light is shining.

    I also noticed a yellow cross shape, is that a teaser for something?

    • Michael Armbrust

      There are no forced stealth elements such as searchlights, but stealth does play an important part in combat.

      The yellow cross shape is an aptly named “power-up.” Jumping into one upgrades your power. Not weapon power, not blocking power, but jumping power.

      The more power-ups collected, the higher you can jump.

      -Michael Armbrust

  • Very elegant. I want to see more!

  • These indie games are looking bad, more bad, and even more bad. Bad as in not good. Not the bad that means good.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Berserker976 on May 9th, 2014 at 12:53 pm said: “@22 You seem to be confused. Games like this aren’t going to take the place of more traditional games. They just add variety to the lineup. I’m not about to get into a PC vs. consoles debate, but suffice it to say there are drawbacks and benefits to both. And no, indie games aren’t magically free on PC.”


    But you’ll have to forgive ol’ Rez… he doesn’t think before he speaks very often.

  • Sure.
    Listen to the guy that has nothing better to do than to patrol blogs, creating arguments, ridiculing others, and spends less time actually being ontopic than to actully play or even buy the games he has soooo much information on.


  • Its a PS4.
    Its an opinion.

    Create your own, and stay on topic.

    Oh wait, having to use your own voice,, and be subect to feeble minded , sales regurgetated / regulated people…..guess not.

  • And @Beserker976.
    Yes they are taking the place of bigger and better games.

    By offering substanfard games, that customers actually buy and play you then create a smaller need and actually lower the potential gain for better games.

    I am not against other”types” of games. Simply thinking that the PS4 name should nt be put on it. There are still other systems out there less expensive and where it would properly belong.

  • Confused? Maybe since I do not seem to swim in your direction, you might think so.
    How cute.

  • Gonna spare everyone my usual long winded ranting (your welcome) since frankly I see there are more and more people who get it… Or at least more people posting an identical or similar option. Repeating would be redundant and honestly I’m getting tired if this sh&t.

    Instead I’ll just put in my two cents to whoever decides to bring this stuff… Which simply does not belong on the ps4… adding my name to the growing list of people utterly uninterested in titles like this on a next gen system.

    To the developer: your game seems to pretty different and a bit interesting… But it’s just nothing I think I’d play, sorry.

    To Sony: you need to work on your priorities… Quit with the damn shovel ware… Unless your TRYING to make the ps4 the next wii.

  • @ TrueLordX: The problem with the Wii wasn’t the massive amount of shovelware. It was the utter lack of anything BUT shovelware. The majority of people ignored the shovelware, but with over 100 million consoles sold, the shovelware sold “just” enough to warrant being made. However, real games simply didn’t sell because they looked and performed like **** on the system, and you could get better versions of the games with online play on PS3/360. THAT is why the Wii was a software failure (it was an epic win on the hardware front, obviously, as far as sales go). The presence of these types of games DOES NOT prohibit titles like Watch_Dogs, Destiny, The Witcher 3, next-gen Uncharted, The Order: 1886, etc. from being released on PS4.

    As I’ve said before, Sony doesn’t need to work on anything (except PS4 firmware updates). They are not making these games. They created a platform that is friendly to all level of developers and publishers. What those developers choose to make and publish is up to them. VisionEck is not keeping Ubisoft, EA or Activision from making and releasing games.

    The ignorance and elitism is strong in this comment section.

  • Notice something more.

    Is the second cube you grow like an extra health/life, I noticed in the very beginning two cubes fighting. Do you trade off being stealthy for extra life if you grow a cube?

    When you answered my post you said,

    “Jumping into one upgrades your power. Not weapon power, not blocking power, but jumping power.”

    Does this mean that if you shoot the “power-up” you can upgrade your weapon?

  • “There are single player modes, but the core experience is designed for MP only.”

    I was interested. Now I’m not.

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