New DRIVECLUB Videos Show How Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges Work

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New DRIVECLUB Videos Show How Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges Work
Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

In DRIVECLUB you’re never alone. It brings people together. From the hardest of the hardcore, to the occasional player, it’s you and your five mates against the world. Driving together to win together.

In the first of today’s two DRIVECLUB explained videos, find out how Clubs work and why you should be in one.

New DRIVECLUB Videos Show How Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges Work

Completing Face-offs and Challenges in DRIVECLUB represent more than just a way to score FAME. They give you another reason to race aside from just coming in first.

Check out the second video below for an overview of how they work, and how they’ll benefit you and your Club.

New DRIVECLUB Videos Show How Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges Work

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  • I want to say thank you to Sony & Evolution for clarifying the issue at hand. *for anyone that did not see the update to the previous Driveclub article, please look as it explains that yes, you will keep your PS Plus edition upgrade even if your subscription expires!

  • I agree, it’s good that Sony attempted to correct the “upgrade” situation, but they still failed actually. You’re still only getting a “Demo” more or less, with 4/5’s of the game held captive for $50….basically, here’s a free demo, with a $10 discount if you want to keep it despite your PS+ sub lapsing….which is messed up bec ause in PS+, we’ve gotten our monthly games FREE, along with discounts on other games, demos, etc, but NEVER have we gotten a demo as our free game and the only discount being that we can buy it from them if we like the demo….but where the free FULL game for that month? won’t be coming as we get a demo….it’s messed they didn’t even acknowledge that.

  • just saying, its clearly a demo. don’t try to force feed it as a full game when its not, it’s a discount on a full game. so what actual free game will come that month DRIVECLUB drops?

  • BigPapaGlueHands

    DaGimp13, it’s not the only PS+ game for October, they aren’t marketing it as a full game. I think it’s pretty damn slick, actually. As someone that normally doesn’t buy racers, I’ll definitely check out the PS+ version first to see if it’s worth my time. They’ll announce the full game for October sometime in September.

  • Although I was in the minority of gamers that did not have a problem with the pricing structure that Sony offered for Driveclub on Wednesday, I am glad to see that Sony listened to the wishes of the vast majority of the gamers that buy their products and promptly reversed course from their rather unpopular initial decision. Unlike other companies that have representatives that would rather have gamers “just deal with” their choices, regardless of how unpopular the decision is, Sony kept its ear to the ground, heard what the gamers had to say, and quickly decided to side with the majority of the Playstation faithful. For that, Sony must be commended…you showed that you do listen to us and ultimately care about what we want.

  • Cont. from 6…

    Furthermore, this was an excellent exercise in consumer advocacy by the Playstation community. You didn’t like something, so you took to the message boards and voiced your dissatisfaction. Although I personally dissented from the majority view, it was really cool to read the comments back and forth over the last couple days and watch this community take charge of the matter. It’s awesome to see individuals force change from a major corporation. Gamers are a powerful force when they speak with one loud voice. Well done, PS Community!

  • Question about the pre-order bonus: If I pre-order the FULL VERSION on PlayStation Store, will I get the 3-car reward bonus, or does it have to be the blu-ray disc version?

  • LMAO, they didn’t “clarify” jack, They BACKPEDALED which still makes em scumbags to me for trying that garbage to begin with. The only reason it changed isn’t because they give a crap about how anyone feels, it’s because they were afraid how their sales of this game might feel.

    I will 100% avoid this game and suggest that my friends do the same.

  • The reason I asked the question above is regarding Vita’s remoteplay. I much rather have a digital catalog than having to replace discs, so I can play it on my Vita when I’m away.

  • People make mistakes. I’m glad you realized what a huge disaster this would have been. Thanks for listening.

  • @3 (DaGimp)

    On the European Blog, the moderator stated that Driveclub PS Plus edition would not be the only free PS4 game for October and that they were still discussing what other game to add to the IGC that month. So hold on to your pitchforks until AFTER they announce that game. Then you can riot justifiably instead of be generally angry.

  • I haven’t been into racing games since the Top Gear era but I’m really looking forward to playing Driveclub. I really like the idea of teaming up with friends and earn accolades collectively. I have very high hopes for this game, can’t wait!

  • So many disrespectful entitled little children in these comments…starting with the very “first” comment. Good job, you had the first comment with no substance. Yippie……. ……People like that need to be banned for a couple weeks, maybe then we’ll see that silly behavior stop. “Second”, this game looks gorgeous and THANK YOU for putting a game you’ve worked on for so many years for playstation fans to play for free… can’t wait….and please do what Gran Turismo has yet to do and fill this game with PORSCHES ; ) Is this game 6 player or 12 player online or?

    PS: people complaining about ps+ and if theyll get enough games for OCTOBER?? Lol, how bout you boys wait a bit before you start crying…they havent even announced the free ps+ games for june july or august OR september yet… jeez….and either way, ps plus ROCKS and has been rocking for 2 years now. You’re crazy to want more “free” than they continue to give. That’s my opinion at least.

  • This game has microtransactions. Games with microtransactions or monthly subscription fees suck.

  • It’s great that the policy was reversed. It was very Xbox oneish. I think it’s too early for ppl saying the PS+ version is just a demo until we get our hands on it.

  • Sony showed their true colors yesterday… I still boycott thus game and possibly Sony as a whole after this.
    I don’t feel they care nor respect their customers anymore.

  • Not only was this game delayed at launch but now playstation plus members won’t even get it for free!? (as promised by sony) we will only get a glorified demo. Even those that buy it will be unhappy because it still has microtransactions. Remove microtransactions remove 50$ price tag and give us the free game you promised us 6 months ago.

    • Paul Rustchynsky

      The PlayStation Plus Edition was always intended to be a different experience, one that will hopefully introduce lots of new people to DRIVECLUB. The Plus Edition whilst it might not contain every car or every track, is packed with all of the games features and modes. So you’ll be able to create or join a club, send and recieve challenges, set-up your own races, play through part of the single-player campaign, and more! On top of this you’ll be able to unlock trophies and even earn the Platinum, and if you choose to upgrade then all of your progress is seamlessy carried over too.

  • Agreed this was supposed to be a launch title and incentive to buy the console at launch and this is how you treat us…shame on you Sony!

  • Anyone defending them is a bootlicker..

  • I’m surprised they posted this since they just announced they changed their postition on this. You can still play the upgraded version of Drive Club, even if your Playstation Plus expires.

  • it never ceases to amaze me how people can complain and whine about every single thing and I don’t speak only about drive club. you want to “boycott” the game and “tell your friends” and think your only hurting sony but in reality also hurting the staff who then get laid off who then in turn affects their family. at the very least, whether it be for their customers or to safeguard their wallet, they try to fix or reverse their mistake but people still want to complain “wah! they had it like that first! wah! I’m not getting the game no more wahhh!). you people need to man up, sit down and have mommy get you a wah-mbulance so the doctor can give you a prescription of man the hell up

  • Can you update us on the Logitech G27 situation?

    Logitech is now saying that the ball is in Sony’s court: “We still don’t have an official notification whether or not the wheels will be supported on PS4 consoles. The G25/G27 Racing Wheels work with HID drivers found on PS3 port consoles, so we’re expecting the same driver implementation on its current successor. This basically depends on the game console developers (Sony) to verify if their driver support will accommodate external wheel controllers, or to update it in a timely manner. Logitech is fully aware of this, and positively coordinates with the proper support to resolve this “compatibility” issue.”

  • Freakin awesome! DriveClub day 1 man i can’t wait till i can play this been excited since they announce it back in February

  • Omg so many childish comments on here. ” I’m to boycott Sony”, “it’s not a full game, it’s a demo” If you guys don’t like it then just leave. If this was a demo why can we get the platinum trophy with the PS+ edition? My God stop complaining about every thing in life. It’s a striped down few version of a game. So they messed up and fixed it in a day. What does that show me? That Sony is listening to us. Paying close attention to it’s gamers. Man grow up.

  • To be clear, Sony *did* say last August that “… for those of you who play the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition … you can buy an upgrade to the full game – or just buy individual items as you go along. If you do decide to upgrade, everything you’ve earned so far will be carried over. Note that Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition (and any upgrades) is only available for use during the period of your PlayStation Plus membership.”

    Of course, on the PS Plus FAQ on Sony’s support page, we read something very different: “Any content you purchase with a Plus discount is yours to keep, regardless of you membership status.”

  • Sure, Sony could argue that it’s DLC, but it is also an upgrade to the full game. To distinguish between the two like that is nonsense. A full game is a full game. You bought the full game. Case closed.

    If they went forward with this, they would have had to expect a class action lawsuit. They would have settled, because if they went forward, they likely would have lost the court case, and certainly would have lost in terms of PR. They had no choice but to fix this error. And they should fire the people who screwed this up.

  • All you people kill me, with this constant crying about oh its a demo its not a full game. I was promise a full game, guess what you weren’t. They always said during e3 that driveclub for plus was a different strip down version of the retail version, and by strip down it just remove some cars and tracks. A demo would have been 2 cars on one track, to give you a tastes of the game. What you are getting is a 10 car, 11 track all open modes game for your plus subscription.

    I agree about the 49.99 take back if your subscription had laps, because it goes away from the norm of discounted plus games. But, to say you should get the hold fee game from plus, when they never said that is wrong. Next time all yall crying about it should free should go read what they said when they first announced it and not what you heard because you just found out about the game or is new to the playstation ecosystem.

  • These Draiveclub vids are awesome !

  • This social bulls**t on racing games is really annoying…I’m only interested in how long it will be the game….50 tour events ok,looks good enough…50 cars ok,how much cars to unlock?…anything needed to unlock cars other than just win races?….how about explain the portions offline and online of Driveclub?….how much will we playas be able to enjoy from the SINGLE PLAYER?….how about explain that in the next videos?….Thank you.

    PS:That may be coming…but I had to ask anyway.

    Oh people still moaning about the Plus Edition?….b**ch please…….oh well why am I not surprised?…lol.

  • Can we upgrade cars like engines,visuals,vinyl,rims etc ?

  • My lord Welmosca you need a crash course in English. That was painful to read. Once I was able to decipher what you said I was left wondering whether you really expected to read about how you unlock cars and how long the single player campaign will be in Driveclub from a blog post that is titled “New Driveclub Videos Show How Clubs, Face Offs and Challenges Work”? Call me crazy, but when I clicked the link I expected to read and watch how clubs, face offs and challenges will work in Driveclub. Amazingly, that is exactly what happened.

    That said, this is just one of many, many blog posts about driveclub and I’m sure it will not be the last one either.

  • They NEVER promised the full game on ps plus. It was always referred to as the “ps plus edition” with fewer cars and tracks. I dont get how you can call it a demo… it is clearly more. Also, releasing this on plus day and date with the full retail release is unprecedented so I don’t understand how people expect them to make the full game free on the same day.

    Anyway, this game is looking great and I can’t wait to play it. And to the people complaining about social aspects. I actually like the social integration into racing games because I can easily see how i stack up against people on my friends list when I complete races. People just like to hate on anything “social” these days because it is the cool thing to hate on.

  • My quote above (comment #23) is from the support specialist Giddie01 on the logitech dot com forum regarding the g27.

  • To all the people complaining about it being a “glorified demo,” Sony never promised the full game being free from the very beginning. They said that the PS+ version of the game would be a stripped down version of the full game and this appears to be the case. We get access to all of the modes, and we can also earn the platinum trophy with the free version of the game, so I don’t see any complaints with that.

    Also, regarding the policy before with requiring PS+ should we upgrade to the full version of the game, sure it was crappy of them, but they reversed the decision rather quickly once they heard the outcries of their fanbase.

  • Customization includes paint colors, types, livery pattern, shapes and etc. You’ll also be able to customize the settings of your ride. The progression system is straightforward. You earn fame and that levels you up. Every time you level up you get a new car. You can pay to unlock a car, but you can’t pay to buy fame, so there’s no pay to win in the game. You play completely offline, and when you connect back online all your progression will be synchronized with the server. New cars and tracks will also come as DLC after release. On the other hand no special or collector’s edition will be offered. The game is about 20 GB. You will also be able to manually control the KERS and DRS F1-like system on the McLaren P1. For those that don’t know, the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) recovers and stores the kinetic energy generated by the car’s under breaking, and allows the driver to unleash it to get an extra boost during acceleration. The DRS (Drag Reduction System) is built into the rear wing and can be adjusted in order to reduce drag when driving on a straight line, at the cost of downforce.”

  • Paul, what happened to the “full game minus a few cars and tracks” that several sites, including OPM UK, have you quoted on?

    Since you lied/had to lie about that, why not just start with a simple apology? Unless you are seriously selling a retail game with only, what?, thirteen cars?

  • How can you charge $50 or $60 for a game with microtransactions And claim you care about the user base?
    I will never support a full priced game with microtransactions. If I pay $60 for a game I expect a full game.

  • @markedman54

    The microtrans don’t get you anything that isn’t already included in the game, only quicker.

  • I feel like this game is becoming something that if you don’t purchase with actual cash you get a game that has barely any features. In the end it would make you want to purchase making it a win win for the Publisher.

  • I love everything I’ve read and seen so far, and have had this pre-ordered since last year, but one area that’s always been a little vague is actual racing. Will that be a strong part of Driveclub? Will there be single-player races and various modes for online races? Can we please get more details about this?
    One of my friends is a racing nut, but he’s been iffy about Driveclub because he hasn’t really seen any real races. Mostly just challenges and what seems like time trials.

  • So this is shaping up to be interesting concept with this game just might check this out since its free for ps plus members in a sense.

  • While I don’t agree with the previous model of needing to hold on to a Playstation Plus account to retain the game, seeing how you can just pay the extra measly $10 to keep a permanent version(or wait a month and pay $40 at retail).

    However, the new model is somewhat broken too, seeing how if you were going to buy the digital version anyway, you might as well buy a 1-month Plus subscription for $10 and then buy the game. As a result you get a free month’s Plus subscription.

    I hope this model isn’t a continued effort from SCE. If you can’t give us the entire game for free, then don’t bother. Find a different game you CAN give us in its entirety.


  • How stupid can you people be? When I read “PS+ Edition,” I knew it’s not going to be the full version. The game is way too new and there’s no way a company would give away a million dollar game for no cost. That’s like giving away PS4s for free.

    @SmokeAdellic People like you are the reason why the gaming industry is so stupid. You are just too dumb to understand. They fixed the policy and that’s all it matters. If you don’t like it, I hope your PS+ subscription and PSN account gets revoked because you deserve it.

  • The things I really dont like about this is that this may catch on and the IGC AAA titles might end up all being cut down versions of the full game with options to upgrade. Can’t anyone see that this could very well happen? They are testing the waters to see what we will take before mass outrage. They will try this again. I also don’t like that this is going to be the PS4 version of an evergreen and it will take one of out 2 slots for a long time and that stinks for people who haven’t gotten a 4 yet.

  • out=our

  • Honestly, these cartoons you are showing is doing NOTHING for me to get me to buy the game. I want to buy the game but you have to show me something. Show us what the game looks like not a dinosaur and a caveman telling me stuff through cartoon. How about some guy playing the game as if it were us playing the game? As it is, all I have to go buy of what this even is is from that E3 trailer that doesn’t even show too much either.

  • Gamerzlimit needs a chill pill.

    Still waiting on that apology, Paul.

  • Though the 180 on the upgrade deal is an improvement, the PS+ Edition of DC remains a far cry from what it was repeatedly promised to be. This is still pretty foul.

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