R-Type Dimensions Coming to PS3 on May 20th

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R-Type Dimensions Coming to PS3 on May 20th

Hola, PlayStation.Blog readers. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope everyone is having a splendid week thus far, and that you all had an awesome weekend. May is one of my favorite months. It starts off early with Star Wars “May the 4th” festivities, and then jumps immediately into Cinco de Mayo, without a break in between the two days. It’s like one big 48-hour celebration, and I love it!

But now that the party is over you may find yourselves asking “Well, what else do we have to look forward to this month?” Oh, I don’t know… how about Tozai Games bringing R-Type Dimensions to PS3 on May 20th! Yup, that’s right, the PS3 shoot ’em up library is about to explode with not only one, but two fully-remastered R-Type games with new HD graphics, music, and features!

Tozai is going at this one with their lasers-a’-blazing, bringing both R-Type and R-Type II together as R-Type Dimensions. Players will be getting R-Type, featuring all 8 original R-Type levels, and R-Type II, featuring all 6 original levels. But wait, hold the phones, there’s more! Tozai isn’t just releasing some dusty old arcade ports, no way. They’re giving this legendary series the special treatment it so rightfully deserves.

As previously mentioned, these are fully-remastered games. Players are going see, hear, and experience R-Type and R-Type II like never before. Both games have been given updated HD graphics, pulsing new audio tracks, and to top it off, players can even switch between new hi-res 2D/3D graphics, or play the classic versions with the push of a button. Tozai is also adding all-new features like Infinite Mode and Level Select that will allow players to learn the levels inside and out so they can shoot for those perfect, 1CC runs.

R-Type Dimensions on PS3R-Type Dimensions on PS3

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also including local couch co-op — because it’s more fun to blast Bydo Empire baddies with a friend — a slow motion play function, controller key configuration, worldwide leaderboards, player statistics, and of course, Trophies!

We can’t wait to see you guys lighting up the worldwide leaderboards on May 20th. Shmup fans never cease to blow my mind with their insanely high scores, nail-biting near misses, and jaw-droppingly perfect runs. You guys leave me totally speechless with how awesome you are.

We’re a little under two weeks out from take-off, but in the meantime we invite you all to visit the R-Type Dimensions site.

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  • Wow, finally, I completely forgot about this game’s existence. What’s the price?

    Kinda related, but do you guys own the license for R-Type Final, and if so, is there a chance we could see it released as a PS2 classic? I loved that game and would really like to play it again without having to go into my kids’ room to play the PS2. ;)

    • Hey Gorvi,

      Thanks for your great questions. R-Type Dimensions will be dropping on PSN at only $9.99!
      In regards to R-Type Final, unfortunately we don’t have any news on whether it will be coming to PSN as a PS2 Classic any time soon. It’s actually one of the games I still need to add to my personal shmup collection. :)

  • Its….so….pretty !!!!!

  • How is this not coming to Vita?? The handheld is DESIGNED for games exactly like this!!

    But no, it will come to PS3, then in 2 years, Sony will make a big deal out of it coming to their then-dead-handheld.

    Such a waste. :(

    • Hi Huanchu,

      I can sympathize. There was a time when there shmups seemed to be landing on every other platform, but it’s nice to see in recent years that the PS family of consoles and handhelds has been getting a lot of love spread about them with all sorts of shooters. Hopefully we’ll start to see some of them making the jump to the Vita! :D

  • PS4 version?

  • Hate to keep “chirppin” this, but these games would be better off on Vita.

    Throw in a CrossBuy and you would boost your sales.

  • I LOVE THESE GAMES!!!! Would give my first born if you bring them to vita!! I BEG you! PLEASE!

    Great work on ps3 though. Will buy for sure.

  • Hi David,

    Great news. But in all honesty, after playing the beauty of Sine Mora on my Vita, I can’t imagine playing another shmup on any other console.

    I might pick this up at some point in time, as the R-Type series is one of my favorites, but I’ll be there day one if this ever comes to Vita.


  • @David

    I appreciate the reply, and excuse my frustration. I am glad when any developer makes an effort for one of Sony’s consoles, so keep up the good work.

    But honestly, on my PS3 and 55″ TV? Yes, I would prefer movie quality games. And on my Vita OLED? I want fast and furious action like R-Type always brought.

    Hope more of it can arrive soon.

    • Thanks Huanchu. My favorite part about R-Type Dimensions coming to PSN is the 2-player “couch co-op.” Though I suppose if it was on the Vita you could technically have player 1 control the ship and player 2 control the option and weapons. ;)

  • It’s great to see these classics getting the HD upgrade to them. Thanks to developers like these, the PS3 continues to get the support it deserves. Thanks!

  • Bought it on the Japan PSN, will double dip to show you guys some love. R-Type remains one of my favorite games of all time.

    • That’s awesome reson8er! I appreciate the support wholeheartedly, and I’m sure that Tozai does as well. Hope to see you on the leaderboards. :3

  • Downgrade8675309

    Looks like it’s time to own R-Type in some form again. The last physical copy I owned was for the Sega Master System. Used to play both the original and part 2 in the arcade when they were first released. I’d get done with a few rounds on those and then I’d play Aliens (after the movie) by Konami. Maybe some Mercs by Capcom. Good times. Yeah, I’m old. I miss arcades…

    • Whoa! That was a long time ago. Sounds like your long overdue to climb back in the cockpit of the Arrowhead! I think the last game I played on the SMS was either Fantasy Zone or Space Harrier. Now I feel old. ;)

  • Just press the convert-to-Vita’s button, we want this game on our handheld ASAP!!!!

  • Downgrade8675309

    On a side note, I used to play the original Strider arcade unit before it came out for TurboGrafix 16 and Sega Genesis. The new Strider that came out in the last 2 to 3 months was one of the best reboots I’ve played in years. If you enjoyed the original, at least give the demo a shot.

    • Still got to get around to playing that. I loved the original and dumped countless hours into Strider 2 on the PlayStation! ;)

  • I’m excited to see RType come out again. I’m wondering how true it will be to the original. Is it the same guts with a facelift, or does it just look like the original? Will the enemies behave the exact same? If I somehow plugged a controller into both my SNES copy (or the arcade, etc) and this one, would they stay in sync?

    • Hey b00kthree,
      That is a great question. In R-Type Dimensions you can literally switch between the new version, with the shiny new HD graphics and reworked score, or you can switch back to the original versions of R-Type and R-Type II with the push of a button during play.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Where is Spelunker HD Collection, Vita pls also.

  • Another Spelunker fan here. And R-Type fan. I’ll definitely pick up R-Type Dimensions, but I’ll also pick up the Spelunker Collection if you bring it over. Loved Spelunker HD.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    I have both the Japanese and US version of Spelunker HD :). I missed out on JP Spelunker Black, wish I could buy that also since it was taken down.

    Would love to see that also~

    • Wow! I stand corrected. Spelunker Black just redefined the definition of difficult. I’m going to have to watch some YT play throughs later.

  • Awesome…shmups always bring me great memories,when I used to go to arcades and waste all ma money till the last penny on coins…shmups are one of the most fun games that exists,games like this put a smile on ma face every time.You have a buyer right here.

    • Me too, Welmosca. I can’t tell you how many quarters I’ve pumped into arcade shooters.
      I love ’em, and am fairly decent at them, but I’m far from great at them. Now if I can just 1CC Deathsmiles with the EX stage. ;)

  • Ah yissssssssssss…R-Type is my jam, baby!!!

    Disneyland has an R-Type cabinet set up in Starcade which used to be in the Flynn’s Arcade portion of Electronica in California Adventure before they unceremoniously got rid of it in favor of some stupid Alice in Wonderland thing. So whenever I go to Disneyland I make sure to get at least one game of R-Type in while I’m there. I played the heck out of this game back in college. Can’t wait for a new version. I hope everything else is the same just prettier. Didn’t mess with controls, enemy layouts or structures or anything right? I’m an R-Type purist too. :p

    • That’s awesome! I may be going there in September. If I do I’ll definitely be sure to dedicate some time to playing it. Thanks!
      That’s correct. Everything in R-Type Dimensions has remained true to the original versions. You can even swap to the original versions during play.

  • Thank you for bringing this to PSN! I heard the version on a certain competitor’s platform was taken off the online store (probably due to rights issues), and I honestly thought this game would never come to PSN after that. But here it is! Day one from me!

  • I also owned the original R-Type for SMS (still do, actually!) and that game was tough as nails! Always loved the R-Type series though, Final was incredible. Really glad that this is coming stateside, was just about to cave and buy it off the JP store. haha

    Also, totally agree that we need more Spelunker love.

    • I remember R-Type sorta’ creepin’ me out when I was a kid. I think it’s Dobkeratops’ resemblance to the Giger Alien. R-Type sits in this cool, sci-fi/horror sub-genre of shooters.

  • I’m always happy to see more shooters show up on PSN so this is good news.

    Is there any chance you will make this Cross-Buy either the PS4? I, as many others, plan on moving over to the PS4 soon and would love to have this available on there.

    Also, please consider a second collection with R-Type Leo. That’s my favorite in the series.

    • Me too, SpooNManX. I try to buy just about every shooter that makes its way to the states to show my support and a demand for them. :)
      No word just yet on whether or not this will be made available on the Vita or PS4. Maybe if Tozai gets enough support with the PS3 version they’ll see the demand and expand it over to other PS-family platforms.

  • Definitely going to pick this up.

    I’d love to see a Vita version as well, cross-buy or not.

  • Why dont you “drop” mp3 capability for the ps4 . More people would care about that than these jank little games you keep puting out on the ps4

  • I was wondering why no PS4 love on this one then it hit me. This game looks too good t be on the PS4! Why with all the crap they are shoving on it this would put them all to shame! I can only hope that it will hit next (current) gen sometime in the near future i’d be all over it…!!!

  • Might this prompt the return of the PS1 Classic R-TYPEs? Huh? Hu~h?

    • That would be pretty sweet. If enough people get down on blastin’ Bydo in R-type Dimensions…hey, you never know. It’s one of those things where if enough people show the support and that there’s enough of a demand, the publishers and developers start looking down similar avenues. ( ^_^)b

  • *looks game up* Oh hey! Got this for XBLA through Raptr! Might hafta migrate it o’er to my preferred home console.

  • Ah yes these shooters are what I enjoy alot i hope some shooters make there way to the PS Vita as well.

  • Wow. With Irem pulling out of the video game industry to concentrate on slot machines, which resulted in all their games being pulled from the psn store, I thought R-Type was dead. I’m so excited for this!

    • Tozai to the rescue! They’re droppin’ R-Type Dimensions on the PS3 like a big ol’ shmup carepack for all of us!
      Only 13 days until launch!

  • Found this on the JPN psn store back in January loved it so much, I bought it right off the bat

  • TrueRadiantFree

    Please bring this to the Vita, considering you guys haven’t made the Gradius Collection or the R-Type PSP games available to be played on the Vita. Can you guys please at least do that or forward this request to the people that can make that happen?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Oh hell yes!

    I was disappointed when I saw this was only on the Japanese store a few months ago…

    I can’t wait to play R-Type again! Day-1 buy!

  • R-Type collection. Physical retail. Make. It. Happen. O_O

  • Been an R-Type fan since Delta and I can’t wait to get my hands on this! :)

  • I LOVE old-school games :P But no PS4 love? ? ? :(
    Anyway i hope some one somewhere :D brings all these classics to the PS4(& PS3) –
    Original Versions of…

    Space Invaders
    Dig Dug
    Bubble Bobble
    Rally X
    Pole Position
    Rainbow Islands
    Return of the Invaders
    Missile Command
    Tetris (for PS4)
    + LOADS more i haven’t got time to (R)type :D

  • I hope you guys think about bringing Spelunker HD to PS4!

  • R-TYPE 0_0….please tell me this is also coming to PS4 PLEASE!!!!!!!
    I gotta have this Game

  • Yea! Another true and real shooter. Oh bullet hell how I have missed you.

  • I can’t tell you how many hours I pour into the original R Type. I can’t wait to play this again!!!

  • I’ll also mention R Type Final. I REALLY hope that can come out as a PS2 Classic, the game was nothing short of brilliant.

  • Seriously, guys. why are so many games releasing on 7-year-old hardware? PS4 launched six months ago – why aren’t we seeing games like this on it?

    Some seriously poor decisions being made with regard to platform releases recently IMO. This ought to be on PS4 and Vita, or just PS4 if a multi-platform launch not be feasible, not a console that many of us upgraded from half a year ago. Please tell me a (cross-buy) release for PS4 and Vita is on the cards and coming soon?

  • No disc, no sale.

    I’d rather import a physical release from Europe than give money to digital only.

  • PART 1/2
    Thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. Whether it’s to tell us that you’re planning to buy the game day-one, that you want to see the game on the Vita and/or PS4, or to tell me that I stink like a wet cat on a hot day atop a pile of rotten cabbage; your feedback is super important and highly appreciated!

    For those who like their physical games, I’m right there with ya. I love physical games, and own over 1,100 games last time I counted. Retail space for games has shrunk quite a bit over the last several years, making it very difficult for smaller publishers and developers to get their games on store shelves. You can almost think of it as each slot on a rack in GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, Fry’s, etc. having a dollar sign attached to it. The big-box retail buyers look at these slots and then grill the sales teams from the smaller pubs/devs with how many units they think they will move based on media coverage, previous sales, marketing push, consumer awareness/excitement, etc. You take a game like CoD, GTA, or Battlefield and those buyers know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are going to turn a profit and they almost HAVE to stock these games or they lose sales to their competitors.

    • PART 2/2
      It turns into one of those things where you really do have to write to the retailer and tell them that you want to see your favorite game in their stores.
      Not only is digital cheaper, it also gives smaller publishers and developers a decent sized window into what consumers are interested in playing without putting everything they have on one retail product and then having it possibly sit on shelves, because you also have to factor in the cost for setting up mastering, printing, distribution, shipping, etc..

      So now that I wrote a book, I’ll summarize that by saying that when you show your support for something like this, even if you prefer physical over digital, you’re doing the underdogs of the gaming industry a huge favor by speaking out and letting them know that you want to play the games that they are bringing out, and that you want to encourage them to continue to make games like this. And with the way things work today, you can even talk to most directly via Facebook or Twitter to let them know what you want to see next.

      Again, a huge thank you to everyone! I hope you all have a splendid weekend!

  • Awesome! Really glad to see PSN getting some good shmups lately with Raiden IV recently and now R-Type.

    It would be nice if Delta could be added back to the PS1 classics, and R-Type Final for PS2.

  • I have a PS3 and PS Vita. I got to say that this looks like it is meant to be played on the handheld. Please consider a Vita version.

  • Do you own the ip now or does Irem still own it? I was hoping for R-Type Command and Hammerin’ Hero to come back. I missed out on those games. Also R-Type Delta in the PSone classic.

  • Hey Tozai Games, do you own the Irem license now or something? If you guys do PLEASE bring Steambot Chronicles (PS2) and Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament (PSP) back to the PSN! If you can only do one, please bring back Battle Tournament!! It would be even better if you brought all of Irem’s PSP games back! It would be my dream come true!!! Please respond to this David Bruno!

    • @KainDrake and @Robo_Happy Thanks for the comments. Tozai hasn’t announced anything else from Irem at this point, but we love the feedback, suggestions, and input. You can let them know what you would like to see more of on their social sites: http://www.twitter.com/TozaiGames and http://www.facebook.com/Tozai. Personally I want to see the Irem’s PS2 game, Sub Rebellion make the jump to PSN via PS2 Classics. :D

  • ” when you show your support for something like this, even if you prefer physical over digital, you’re doing the underdogs of the gaming industry a huge favor by speaking out and letting them know that you want to play the games that they are bringing out, and that you want to encourage them to continue to make games like this”

    And when you continue to support digital over physical, it says that consumer choice doesn’t matter.

    It’s a nice way to try and spin it as supporting the underdog, but the truth is digital only is bad for consumers. Period.

    • In some instances it can be seen as somewhat of a catch 22 situation.
      But when there isn’t a physical option available, and when those fans don’t support a game because it’s only digital, then I think that’s when it sends the publisher and developer either the wrong message that gamers don’t want to play a particular game or genre of game. It’s not reinforcing the demand of the genre. It tells them that these sort of games are not in demand. Now if it’s a game from a huge top ten publisher than has a digital and physical option and the digital version is released the same day for the same price, I’m definitely going for the physical version of the game. In this instance it could be perceived as consumers being indifferent to physical or digital.

  • Picked this up a couple of weeks ago (via the JP store). 2 classic shmups – with some HD jiggery-pokery thrown in – stunning stuff, great price. Very much a recommended purchase.

    • LOL! “Jiggery-pokery,” I love it. Mind if I use it? Of course I’ll say that I heard it from you first. ;3

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