Titan Attacks! Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Titan Attacks! Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

It’s been interesting working on a game that’s very open about its debt to ’80s arcade platformers, especially speaking as someone who got a space invader permanently tattooed on his wrist at the tender age of 23.

I guess we all show our love for classic gaming in different ways, and while mine was several hours of pain in a tattoo parlor in Camden, UK, indie developer Puppygames had the much smarter idea of creating Titan Attacks!, a love letter to pure arcade action that launches today for $11.99. You can spell it with or without the exclamation mark, but we think it adds that extra level of excitement if you keep it in.

We’ve been working on Titan Attacks! here at Curve since the holiday, and it’s our very first PS4, PS3, and PS Vita cross buy game. One of the cool things we’ve seen with Titan Attacks! during development has been just watching people play the game. We’ve taken it to several different shows here in the UK and abroad, and every time someone sits down to play they are nearly instantly engrossed in the action and often reluctant to stop playing, at least until they’re inevitably blown apart by the games titular enemies.


Part of the appeal is the fact Titan Attacks! is instantly accessible and understandable to anyone who has played arcade games before. But while the game may look simple on the surface and very “retro” in its style, there’s actually a lot going on that keeps the game interesting, fresh, and addictive through all one hundred levels of the campaign. Titan Attacks! of course features online leaderboards to keep things competitive, and a clever scoring system based around multipliers that you’ll lose if you get hit.

On top of that though, the game encourages you to go for skillful shots and lucky hits, and rewards you with bounty money that you can use to upgrade your ship in different ways. This lets you customize your experience more towards your playstyle, so if you prefer to play with a highly maneuverable but overall weaker ship, you can — but if you want to create a ship that’s closer to a tank in the way it moves and can shoot multiple lasers of death at your enemies, you can do that, too.


Combining the best of modern gaming with the instant fun and gratification of old-school games is what Titan Attacks! is all about. It’s a perfect game to blast away a few minutes during your daily commute, but if all those conventions are anything to go by, don’t be surprised if you load it up on PS4 and end up playing it for hours at a time! As always, we’ll try to answer any and all questions you may have about the game in the comments below.

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  • Bought the rest of your games.

    Nice, space invaders reinvented.

    Going to wait for this one.
    Was not too thrilled with Lone Survivor, and then going super low, then free to IGC ( will hold me off this time ).

  • Invading the Space once again in 2014! YeeeeeeeeS )).

  • Looking forward to it though.

  • Can’t wait to play!

  • this remind me of Atari days , i’ll def buy this soon psn store update that is :P, anything special in this game? I mean touch control for DS4 controller

  • While this looks interesting not sure about picking this up just yet. I wish a demo would have been available though.

  • Damn…this looks great…I’m glad to see people are still making these types of games,I mean…believing in these types of games….simple yet fun as hell….I’ll get this at some point.Thanks guys for bringing this over to PS3 and Vita.

  • Looks awesome! I’ll be getting this for my PS3 just as soon as the store updates. Going for highscores and having quick hand-eye coordination = true arcade game addiction ingredients! Thanks for creating this and thanks for continuing to support the PS3!

  • Looks great! Does it have a platinum?

  • Love Space Invaders, so I gotta get me some of this.

  • Cool! I’d buy that for $5!

  • is the audio 24-bit/lossless on all platforms? if not, what is the codec and bitrate on each platform?

    is there co-op play? local or remote?

  • rabidninjamonky

    This game looks great, why such low ratings on this post? $11.99?! That explains it. I really want to play it but it is way overpriced. It should have been $7.99 at most. I will definitely buy it when it gets a price drop.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Curve worked on this game, therefore, it’s probably good.

    I love re-invented old-school games. This looks like pure fun-factor all the way… no fancy fluff to distract you… just pure gameplay.


  • I was gonna pick this up till I saw Outlast DLC was out, sorry will wait till it hits the ICG which will happen at some point…!

  • TheRealWitblitz


  • What about the Titan Invasion double pack that was announced earlier this year?

  • Ah, kinda disappointed with this game. Starts out ok but once you level up enough its a cakewalk. More of a test at how long you can keep being bored.

    The “challenge” levels are a let down too. The targets should have moved in different patterns, not just zipping across the screen back and forth from the sides. After a certain point they move so fast that the best strategy is to just sit in the middle and rapid fire, catching what you can. No skill needed.

    So yeah, you get overpowered and find yourself just smart bombing the levels because you don’t feel like going to the trouble of shooting them down and well, your cash is so stockpiled you can afford to replace any bombs or shields you need easily.

    I put it down at level 200. I no longer cared. I let the mother ship win because I had no more desire to get through it. Unless something magical happens after level 200 that changes things up this will be considered my first disappointing experience with Curve Studios. Sorry.

  • Kind of a bummer the double pack wasn’t released. I wanted Invasion more.

  • hope the other games will follow. will definitely get this on sale (10€ is to steep).

  • Come on, Waldo, you know you want to beat level 200! :)

  • If I could get my $11.99 back for beating level 200 I might be up to the task, if I could bring myself to play it again. I could do it blindfolded just like anybody else could. Trust me, if you make yourself get that far you’ll know exactly how badly this game falls apart.

    Once you clear level 100 you’re are nearly maxed out. You loop back to level 1, nothing changes. So boring to wipe out the next 100 waves, overpowered with expendable cash, and with zero challenge to boot. Its pointless. You could literally play forever with no hassles, it’s that broken.

    Good intentioned yet falling short attempts at classic gameplay, like this one, makes you appreciate the simple genius of the true classic arcade games all the more.

  • I’m afraid you’re right. I see what you mean now. Perhaps if prices doubled every loop, or enemies became harder, and other things, then playing last the first 100 levels would still be fun. Although the bosses are made a bit harder each time (I got to level 300 and something before messing up). The smart bombs kill it. But you probably don’t get many points that way. On the other hand, someone else has already maxed out the scoreboard, it appears, with all 9’s.

    I really liked the pixel art in this one, more than most any other indie I can think of on Playstation. So I hope to see Puppy’s other games make it to these systems, perhaps as a bundle pack one day. They’re like good Playstation Minis.

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