New Sound Shapes DLC Out Today on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

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New Sound Shapes DLC Out Today on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

Hey Shapers! It’s been two years since Sound Shapes originally launched on PS3 and PS Vita, and less than a year since its debut on PS4 (Pretty awesome on PS4, eh?). So first we want to THANK YOU for your continued support of Sound Shapes. It’s amazing to see all of the great levels that the community has made. The creativity is really mind blowing to see.

At its basic level, our community of players has turned simple shapes like this:

Sound Shapes: Nature and Brass

…into AMAZING levels that look like this:

Sound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and Brass
Sound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and BrassSound Shapes: Nature and Brass

So today we’re releasing two new DLC packs across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita:

Brass Sound Pack — $0.99
Sound Shapes: Nature and Brass

This sound pack features a ton of brass horn sounds and loops to jazz/funk/groove up your levels, and includes 5 new Beat School levels and Trophies.

Nature Art Pack — $0.99
Sound Shapes: Nature and Brass

This graphics pack features surfaces and background decorations with a nature theme. Things like trees, plants, flowers, clouds, sun, and more.

These packs were released a bit early in Europe and a couple of our community players already jumped in and created levels with both packs. Check ’em out:

If you’re not into creating and just want to play, there are loads of great levels by the community. Check out our community MILKCRATE with albums and liner notes from guests such as The Verge, Gamespot, Ghostly International, Baiyon, and our very own Shuhei Yoshida and Scott Rohde.

Great stuff! Can’t wait to see more levels with the new DLC. Or browse through the GREATEST HITS, which is updated in real-time. All the new cool stuff as voted on by the community.

Okay, that’s all for now. Hope you all enjoy the new DLC. We’ll be back soon with more updates!

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  • So this is like…18 silver trophies for .99 :)

  • Last night I reinstalled the game to my PS3 to be ready for the DLC and then sync’d my cloud save to the PS3. The new DLC trophies all popped without even having the DLC automatically. So of course I tested cloud sync on PS4 and Vita versions and those all popped as well.

    I will still purchase the DLC later today to be fair :)

  • 15 actually :)

  • 30 actually when you have all 6 trophy list versions like some do :)

  • @ JimmyHACK: That happened to me with the PS4 version as well. A bunch of the newest DLC that hadn’t released yet but had trophies already listed auto-popped when I synced my cloud save, but they didn’t unlock on PS3/Vita until I was able to purchase the DLC a week or two later. It’s kind of weird, but I still buy all the DLC to support the game. And the super easy trophies. :D

  • one of my favs. can make some tight hip hop beats with these.

  • CFC-EdenHazard17

    @JimmyHACK: Me too haha…15 trohpies for free.. I thougt only me found the secret, unexpectedly many people also found it…

  • Still need a good sale possibly with dlc for this game to make it to my backlog, and possibly never get played for more than a few hours.

  • This just warms my heart this is one of my all time favorite games the continued support from the developers is just astounding. I can’t wait to see what the next project is from the sounds and shapes team!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m one of those who enjoys playing the mind blowing creations that the Sound Shape community creates. #Masterpieces

  • Great DLC’s, and thanks for speaking about my level :)

  • Man, the support for this game has been nuts.

    I look forward to jumping on this DLC later tonight!

  • I have yet to play Sound Shapes…it has been in my backlog for far too long…but the continued support for the game is great.Kudos to you guys….the DLC looks good….I’ll buy them all when I get to play the game…$1.00 is cheap.

    BTW you guys should’ve not made the trophies eligible into the 3 platforms separately…seeing people with 3 plats of Sound Shapes makes me sick….if they played the game at least in all 3 but they just auto-pop them..what a cheap move…should have disabled cross-save at least.

  • So the trophy community is getting kinda annoyed about this game, lol – The game doesn’t share one single trophy list for all platforms and regions and people see the “second instant platinum/double platinum” as cheap and now… well since there are six different trophy lists now and counting (which is unheard-of) the value of the trophies of this game are becoming more and more of a joke especially with DLC still being added to this game… Basically, this game easily has the most unorganized set of trophy lists on PSN.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here is, when you guys make a new game, please make a single trophy list for all regions and platforms instead of six lists for the same game. I don’t know if the serious unorganization of this is Sony’s fault or yours, but yeah this separate list thing needs to get fixed for all games, especially this one.

  • So is it safe to assume that there will NEVER be any DLC levels created by the- well- original creators of the game?

  • @ BlindMango: I get it that you don’t appreciate how trophy hunters can artificially increase their counts with this game, but saying it’s disorganized is not true. Sound Shapes has one of the most organized trophy sets possible. If someone only had a Vita, and only played the Vita version, you would be able to see that, rather than it saying “(PS Vita) (PS3)” and others wondering which platform they actually played it on. That is incredibly organized compared to games with unified lists.

    And honestly, trophies sell games to some people. With the current triple platinum on this game, it becomes a huge value to people who collect trophies, and may otherwise not have played/bought this game. It helps increase sales of the game, and does nothing to detract from someone’s enjoyment of the game who only owns one platform it has released on.

    If seeing people with up to six platinums for the game bothers you, that’s your problem, and you should work on it. That means that they bought the game twice, and bought all three of Sony’s currently supported gaming platforms in order to register those trophies. Why should SMS change the way they do trophies just to appease your sensitive trophy earning ideals?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ Welmosca

    I agree.

    I have purposely avoided booting up Sound Shapes (and Motorstorm RC) on my Vita because I don’t want freebie trophies tainting my profile. I don’t mind separate lists for the same game on different platforms, but a player should have to earn the trophies again. I don’t like the automatic trophy-popping on games like Sound Shapes and Motorstorm RC. It makes a mockery of the trophy system. If you beat the game ONCE, why should you get 2 or 3 (or six?!?! WHAT?!?) platinums?

    Sorry Aizawa, I disagree with you on this one. Don’t worry, I still love you. :)

  • @AizawaYuuichi

    So sound shapes has six different lists as of now, there is one list for PS3, one list for PSVITA, and then there are four different lists for the PS4. All four of those lists for the PS4 have the exact same trophies but are not just one list for no reason at all. The lists are just lazily dispersed for other regions.

    The reason I say that it is unorganized is because Sony cannot seem to master the capability to putting one game to one list and doesn’t seem to be able to add a platform (PS4, PS3, Vita) to an existing list and they rather make a new list that is exactly identical. The separate list thing is a mess and will have negative effects regarding organization in the future and the only people who realize that are people who know a great deal about the trophy system.

  • The way the Sounds Shapes list should be is ONE list for all platforms (PS4, PS3, and Vita) – kinda like Fez does now. If you work on the trophies for that game it’s not across two to three different lists with the same trophies multiplied by three, it should be the same single list!

    “Double platinuming” (or triple or quadruple now) does not make sense for the same game and is unorganized. It is a complete mess and you’d understand if you paid attention to the backend of the organization of trophies. I have to pay attention to it because I work on a trophy website and I’m simply trying to raise the attention of it to Queasy Games because Sound Shapes is simply the worst violator of the disorganization, multiplied by the fact that their game has cross-save and cross-save games should have one list in a logical sense. That’s what I’m trying to point out.

  • @blindmango

    Well 2 years later, they are selling .99c DLC packs, making lots of money off their great game, and people are getting trophies in return. IF ANYTHING, they may be the smartest developer out there. More Devs should follow this pattern. If its so cheap, then on YOUR website it can loose credibility.

    If people want to exploit a trophy, then let them. Any one who cares enough about trophies won’t get them because they are ‘cheap’.

  • Them releasing DLC is not that big of a deal, I’m not complaining about that, you’re right that they are very smart for still releasing DLC because it’s more money for them, and that’s good.

    I’m mainly complaining about the trophy list organization – the reason I referred to the now 5 possible instant platinums is because they keep adding lists, so much so to where it is almost a joke now. I don’t care how people get their trophies, but I’m mainly complaining about the organization of the lists…

  • @BlindMango

    Can’t say I dislike earning some easy trophies – I enjoy alternating hard, stressful games with easier ones to avoid burning out of trophy collecting. And yes I did “autopop” Sound Shapes platinums for 3 different platforms.

    That being said, and taking your opinion into account, I agree: the way trophy stacks are dealt today lack some consistency, or organization. Some games do one list for all platforms, others have one list for each platform, and some cases we see one list for PS3 and PS4, and a second separate list for PS Vita, etc. Not mentioning some duplicates for different regions. It is indeed quite a mess. While it doesn’t detract from the fun of trophy hunting (those “exploits” and shortcuts are fun to discover), I agree it could feel more “perfect”.

    All in all, trophy hunting on PlayStation is still much better than on rival platforms. Xbox and Steam achievements feel way, way more messy than what we have here.

  • @Guimace

    Yes, exactly what you said, it couldn’t have been said better! Exactly, lol

  • @ PrimeroIncognito: I never said I support the auto-pop of trophies. In all honesty, I totally would have platted it three times if they hadn’t auto-unlocked with the cloud save. I just took the shortcut since it was available to me. And since I did it once, I know I could have done it again. If they took that feature away across the board, I’d be fine with it. ;)

    @ BlindMango: It’s not Sony that makes the trophy lists. It’s the individual developers. So Sony personally has nothing to fix with their trophy system. However, take a look at Rainbow Moon. It launched on PS3 with a PS3 trophy list. When it was released on Vita, the list was updated to say “(PS Vita) (PS3)”. And God of War: Ascension had a trophy name changed. So the trophy lists definitely can be edited. However, Sound Shapes has a list for each platform, cross-buy, and auto-pop. This was obviously a decision on SMS’ part to help increase sales to people who care about trophies. Again, that doesn’t require fixing.

  • cont.~

    Also, I was unaware there were 4 different PS4 plats. I thought it was three for US and three for EU, across the three consoles. That is kind of strange.
    But look at Demon’s Souls. Published in Japan by Sony, Europe by Bamco and NA by Atlus. Each region had a separate list as they all had different publishers. That’s kind of rare, but I’ve seen it happen for a few titles here and there.

    Basically, 1) I’m in favor of dropping auto-pop, though I’ll take advantage of it in the meantime.
    2) When a game is cross-save, it should have a unified list, so people can jump back and forth between platforms and earn trophies on a single list. (Like Guacamelee!)
    3) If a game is released on more than one platform without cross-save, it should have a separate list for each platform. If I can’t jump between the two platforms, then I should be able to get trophies on both if I choose to play the game on both. (imo)

    So while I’m in agreement with you and feel that Sound Shapes really only needed one trophy list, I’m not going to complain about getting three. The multiple region issue (??? if that’s what it is) is something else entirely.

  • And I guess I may as well triple-post while I’m here. Apologies for the continued text wall… m (_ _) m

    @ BlindMango: I had no idea you worked on a trophy site, and were referring to how messy Sound Shapes is on the backend. I thought you meant on the consumer-facing side. While even on that front I could agree to an extent as I feel a game should have the region denoted in the trophy game header if there are trophy sets for multiple regions (i.e. Sound Shapes “NA” or Sound Shapes “EU”, etc.). But yeah, I took your original post the completely wrong way due to a lack of information on my part. So, I apologize. I shouldn’t have jumped on your case the way I did.

    Also, wouldn’t someone still have to BUY the game in another region in order to get the trophies from it? Do you know if the cloud-save works “cross-region”? If they actually have to play the whole game again to unlock the trophies for that region, I still don’t see a problem with the separate lists, other than it being messy to code for on tracking sites. Though I imagine they could clean that up if they denoted the region in the trophy data or something.

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