Broken Sword 5 Out Today for PS Vita

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Broken Sword 5 Out Today for PS Vita

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

Revolution has been publishing adventure games on PlayStation platforms since 1996 when Broken Sword — Shadow of the Templars launched for the original PlayStation. After finding success with three Broken Sword games for PlayStation (the second Broken Sword title was voted 5th best PlayStation game ever by Official PlayStation Magazine readers), we’re very pleased to bring our latest game to PS Vita with the backing of our faithful fans who funded development through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Broken Sword 5 — The Serpent’s Curse: Episode One returns the series to its point and click roots in our most ambitious game to date. Playing as intrepid American George Stobbart and sassy French journalist Nico Collard, you’ll find yourself on the trail of a stolen painting — and a murderous conspiracy.

Our new game reunites key members from the original Broken Sword team, with layout artists from studios such as Disney, Aardman, and Universal who have created sumptuous, classically drawn backgrounds. The lavish HD art evolves the art style so loved in the previous Broken Sword games and looks particularly scrumptious on the Vita’s screen. Vita is an ideal device for our style of adventure game — the front and rear touch screen in combination with the analog stick and shoulder buttons give us a great toolset for an intuitive user interface.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's CurseBroken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

As for the story, George and Nico are thrown into an investigation together when a mysterious painting is stolen during an armed raid on a Paris gallery. From Paris to London and beyond, the trail becomes a race against time as dark forces from Europe’s turbulent past are woken from their slumber. Broken Sword characters old and new are encountered — but who can George and Nico trust? The journey they are on reveals a conspiracy as old as the written word, whose ancient heresies will cause innocent blood to spill once more…

We hope this first episode leaves adventure gamers wanting more.

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  • This is awsm! Any info about bringing it to Home Consoles (PS3/PS4)? Would love to play it at home ^_~

  • This looks great. Wonder what’s in store for george this time. Lucky I saw the post or it would have gone under the radar for me.

  • What’s the price for standalone episodes and season pass? Any Plus discount?

  • this looks awesome. Thanks for the Vita support!

  • Thanks for this game, i hope you guys can put all the series of broken sword

  • Armin_Arlert_104

    Looks interesting. I’ll be sure to give it a try, when I have the spare cash. Way too many games too play, not that I’m complaining. It’s great!

  • What year is this….., oh wait.

    Not paying more than a few bucks for this and possibly be surprised, or waiting for IGC for this one.

  • Looks interesting. Will give it a spin!

    Any chance of this getting a PS4 port? Would it need to do well on the Vita first?

  • I’m not into games divided into episodes because every one of them tend to be crap….bu this looks good…and also graphics look beautiful….you got my attention.Any chance of a demo?….you said you guys have been making Broken Sword games since PS1…but I’ve missed them all…so I have no clue about the gameplay.

  • I wish to have the chance to play this game on PS4. Any chance it happens?

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