Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

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Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers, this is Walid, producer from Spiders. Bound by Flame launches this week on PS4 and PS3. It arrives on PlayStation Store first on May 6th, and then hits retail shelves on May 9th.

To celebrate the coming launch, we’re delighted to share the launch trailer. Enjoy!

Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

Bound by Flame is our latest RPG, set in a dark fantasy universe where seven Icelords have taken over. Vertiel is enslaved and locked in an endless winter as the Icelords drain the world’s energy.

You play Vulcan, part of a group of mercenaries called the Pure Blades. You’ve been hired to protect a group of priests while they cast a desperate spell to help them in their fight against the Icelords. Something goes wrong with the spell and you end up possessed by a Flame Demon. This is where your journey begins.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll face choices that impact your relationship with your inner demon. Will you let him possess you and define your behavior, or will you defy him and dominate his will? This is a matter of choice.

Your relationship with the demon not only influences the storyline of Bound by Flame, but it also influences the game and how you play it. Taking advantage of the demon’s power will allow you to turn into a powerful pyromancer, granting you higher mana regen and powerful fire spells. Staying faithful to your human nature will encourage the development of heroic abilities, letting you become a fearless fighter or sneaky ranger.

Your journey will also be full of encounters that enlarge your group of companions and your relationship with them will be influenced by your inner fight with the demon. You may make friends or even romance them, but some will turn their back on you if your behavior goes against their ethics.

One of the features we’re particularly proud of is the crafting system. At Spiders, we love to customize every single part of our equipment when we’re playing RPGs, and this is a feature we really wanted to implement in Bound by Flame.

Bound by FlameBound by Flame

Based on the ingredients you loot from fallen foes or find hidden around the world of Vertiel, you’ll be able to craft and customize new pieces of equipment that influence and enhance your fighting style. Try different options on the monstrous creatures of Vertiel and see which one you like best! We’ve made those monsters particularly aggressive, so think wisely before charging into battle. Some enemies are huge and powerful, but others are sneaky and will try to surprise you with their techniques.

Oh, and if you want to dig deeper into details, here’s a list of the previous posts we’ve made on PlayStation.Blog.

I think that covers it. It’s been a long road and we’re very happy we made it this far. It’s an honor to bring one of the first RPGs to PS4. Thank you once again for your support. It’s given us great motivation and pushed us to overcome our limitations. We hope you’ll love the game as much as we loved making it!

And don’t hesitate to visit the Spiders Devblog for more info. I’ll stop by sometime to answer comments, so if you have any questions, just ask!

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