Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

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Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers, this is Walid, producer from Spiders. Bound by Flame launches this week on PS4 and PS3. It arrives on PlayStation Store first on May 6th, and then hits retail shelves on May 9th.

To celebrate the coming launch, we’re delighted to share the launch trailer. Enjoy!

Bound by Flame Out This Week on PS4, PS3

Bound by Flame is our latest RPG, set in a dark fantasy universe where seven Icelords have taken over. Vertiel is enslaved and locked in an endless winter as the Icelords drain the world’s energy.

You play Vulcan, part of a group of mercenaries called the Pure Blades. You’ve been hired to protect a group of priests while they cast a desperate spell to help them in their fight against the Icelords. Something goes wrong with the spell and you end up possessed by a Flame Demon. This is where your journey begins.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll face choices that impact your relationship with your inner demon. Will you let him possess you and define your behavior, or will you defy him and dominate his will? This is a matter of choice.

Your relationship with the demon not only influences the storyline of Bound by Flame, but it also influences the game and how you play it. Taking advantage of the demon’s power will allow you to turn into a powerful pyromancer, granting you higher mana regen and powerful fire spells. Staying faithful to your human nature will encourage the development of heroic abilities, letting you become a fearless fighter or sneaky ranger.

Your journey will also be full of encounters that enlarge your group of companions and your relationship with them will be influenced by your inner fight with the demon. You may make friends or even romance them, but some will turn their back on you if your behavior goes against their ethics.

One of the features we’re particularly proud of is the crafting system. At Spiders, we love to customize every single part of our equipment when we’re playing RPGs, and this is a feature we really wanted to implement in Bound by Flame.

Bound by FlameBound by Flame

Based on the ingredients you loot from fallen foes or find hidden around the world of Vertiel, you’ll be able to craft and customize new pieces of equipment that influence and enhance your fighting style. Try different options on the monstrous creatures of Vertiel and see which one you like best! We’ve made those monsters particularly aggressive, so think wisely before charging into battle. Some enemies are huge and powerful, but others are sneaky and will try to surprise you with their techniques.

Oh, and if you want to dig deeper into details, here’s a list of the previous posts we’ve made on PlayStation.Blog.

I think that covers it. It’s been a long road and we’re very happy we made it this far. It’s an honor to bring one of the first RPGs to PS4. Thank you once again for your support. It’s given us great motivation and pushed us to overcome our limitations. We hope you’ll love the game as much as we loved making it!

And don’t hesitate to visit the Spiders Devblog for more info. I’ll stop by sometime to answer comments, so if you have any questions, just ask!

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  • BBF looks like it’s right up my alley, but I’m waiting on reviews. I’m just about to finish my first run in Dark Souls 2 and this would be a perfect follow up.

  • Can’t wait to pick this one up for PS4!

  • This game looks Really neat, but can you please tell us if improvements have been made to hit detection? In the stealth video you posted a few weeks ago, I noticed that when an enemy was killed behind with daggers, the daggers did not even stab the enemy like they were supposed to. It looked more like they scratched the enemy’s back. Is it still like that? I asked about this before but you didn’t reply, although you replied to many other commenters. Maybe you just didn’t want to say anything negative about the game, but trust me when I say that your silence speaks just as loud as words. You should be honest and straight-forward with your fans/customers.

  • Woh – where have I been!? I didn’t realize this game was right around the corner. I will definitely have to check this out.

  • charleschannels

    Seems awesome! I’m currently playing Child Of Light, but I am always ready for some RPG. Specially when it looks so fun & challenging!

  • Any word on a demo?

  • I would really like to try a demo first. Is there one?

  • Looks like you’ve come along way since Mars: War Logs. I’ll give this a try, good luck with the release!

  • Game looks neat, wish there was a demo to try.

  • Preordered this for myself for my birthday. I”m getting really excited to play it. Can’t wait til it arrives on my doorstep.

  • \paid and ready, my first RPG on PS4 looks like tons of fun

  • It sounds really interesting the way you present the story. I would like to play a demo to see if the combat and gameplay are worthwhile.

  • can you tell us how big will the ps4 file be? to see if I buy it on disk or digitally…

  • @13 it takes up the same space, disc or digital.

  • If this is a turn based RPG I’ll buy it. If it’s that weird combat style like in the Demon soul game I’ll pass.

  • Looks great! A demo would help me make my final decision :D

  • CrusaderForever

    @15 BBF is not a turn based game. However, it is a hybrid, meaning, when you bring up the quick menu it really slows the battle down to a crawl so you can make a selection.

  • Im really interested in trying this, since i need new rpgs to play and i like that its priced at $40 on ps3. I really hope theres a demo available to try first though, since i kinda get a Two Worlds vibe from the trailers i see, and thats not a good thing. :(

  • Also, is there any plans to offer a next gen upgrade plan? Like if i buy the ps3 version and like it, can i get the ps4 digital version for an addtional $10?

  • Looks awesome but I’m a bit skeptical, I’ll wait on reviews before picking this up. Like everyone else has said a demo would be perfect for us folks that are on the fence about whether or not to pick this game up.

  • CrusaderForever

    Really rooting for you guys! This could be the game that catapults you into the upper echelon of developers. These types of games are needed and the more the better! I hope you get the sales necessary to make this a hit. I also hope you continue to support and evolve it. Do the right thing and gamers will reward you! If done right, you could be planning Bound By Flame 2! I know I am excited and looking forward to this game! I am thrilled that it’s available digitally on 5/6!!! I thought it wasn’t going to be released until 5/9! Good Luck!

    Even more info:

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    Glad to see your releasing digital Tuesday (was thinking Friday with Retail)

    Day 1 purchase from me ! :)

  • Any discount for digital over retail or its the same price, and id like to know if there is any big diference between ps3 and ps4 version.

  • Already preordered it!!!! Can’t wait…much needed rpg.

  • I need to know why I should play this instead of FF14? Or MLB The Show 14 which comes out 2marrow for that matter. I like RPG’s but is there any real social interaction? How long is this game? It seems to me like a Game of Thrones type story and looks fun but to get me to spend 65 dollars I need to know the reason. I can craft, adventure, and fight in FF14. Anyways Ill check out the reviews.

  • @ EbOuNcE88 The game is only $50 retail, lol.

  • Day 1 on ps4 digital all the way, was hoping for a pre download but sony gonna sony :(

  • Want this game digitally, but would really love to preorder it so it’d download automatically while I’m at work :(

  • CommandingTiger

    Sony is working for pre-download.

    I’m getting this game on Blu-Ray.

  • I have very high hopes for this game, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Good luck to the studio on the release, it’s always great to see good looking RPG’s like this one. I’m afraid that the game hasn’t been advertised as well as it should’ve been though. I mean other than on this website, I’v barely seen any mentions of this game elsewhere, which is not a good sign for business

  • I’ll buy this one for sure.

  • This was a great trailer and has me really really wanting the game. So well done. Not sure I’ll be able to get it though. D:

  • Hello Walid and everyone else! I am thrilled with this game and now that I read this article, I might buy it digitally today! One major inquiry I have and have not found online yet… DOES THE GAME SUPPORT REMOTE PLAY WITH THE PS VITA ON A PS4?

  • Really wanna play this not sure if I buy now or wait till I buy a PS4 and buy it then…god dammit this looks awesome TT_TT

  • As with most games that interest me in the slightest, I’ll be streaming it.
    If people are on the fence, honestly streams are my best advice to see if you like it or not.

  • @CaBeRoN6 All Ps4 games support Vita Remote play right ‘out of the box’ because there is dedicated resources on the console that assist with remote play. It was an issue with the PS3 because it relied on the developers to code and support remote play, but since that clearly did not work out they designed the PS4 to natively support all remote play.

    It is up to the developers to optimize the controls of remote play, but if the developers did nothing at all the game is still playable.

  • Will we be-able to download the game off PSN on the 9th or is it Hard copy only?

  • Man I must’ve been living under a rock. Didn’t realize this was coming out so soon. Do wanna check out some reviews. Will there be a demo so we can try it hands on?

  • This game seems good but for me as well as everyone I’m sure we would like a demo perhaps.

  • Any idea on a timeframe for when today it’ll show up on the Store?

  • I just preordered this in full yesterday. It totally snuck up on me. Between what seems to be fantastic dialogue/voice acting, the talents of a wonderful composer and vocalist, as well as Spider’s abilities to make really fun games from seemingly nothing, I’m kind of excited. This game truly looks like it could fill that void Dragon Age II left in me three years ago. I’ve been too scared to touch any RPGs similar to it since then.

    Hoping this game brings the happiness of the genre back into my life.

  • @Chase_Payne Thank you for your answer! I honestly did not know that was the case, so I am thrilled to hear your reply! I do not even have a PS Vita, but this remote play thing looks really cool on other games like infamous; sadly I just finished it… I appreciate your response :D

  • @crazeeavery I looked it up on the PSN and it is there! $40 for PS3 & $50 for PS4!

    @MooCowsRevenge the game is available now on the PSN… I checked earlier and it was not, but now it is :)

    Hope we all enjoy this fantastic RPG!!!

  • @CaBeRoN6 thanks for the update.

  • This is still not showing up on the EU PS4 Playstation Store. Can any confirm it is definitely hitting this today or is it a US only thing? Many thanks.

  • I’m downloading it now, anyone have a review? Generic reviews look good but I can’t see anything written up on it.

  • Devils-DIVISION

    I can’t effin wait for this game!

  • etherealbehemoth

    Reviews are all across the board for this title. I’ve seen some 4’s…a 6….a 9…i got it today and i’m loving it thus far. i give it a 7 as of right now and it may go up from there but right now it’s standing at a 7 for me. funny how polarizing games can be with the public. makes me think of the games in the past i probably missed due to so much negativity on certain titles.

  • Companion AI is a joke, and they’re pretty much worthless 90% of the time. Honestly, was this even play-tested? Did you not realize they die within 15 seconds of battle, or was that a conscious choice? And this is on hawk difficulty, which I assume to be normal.

  • No demo = No sale.
    Ive wasted too much $$$ on bad games over the last few years.

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