This Week in PlayStation: All of the Games

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This Week in PlayStation: All of the Games

Welcome, welcome, to another weekend on PlayStation.Blog. This week was — if I can be frank for a moment — freakin’ ridiculous. We announced 12 new PlayStation games in one day! Some reeeeal weird ones, too.

We doled out discounts for tons of titles, too: Between the Golden Week deals and the weekend Flash Sale, I expect a lot of backlogs grew significantly this week.

PS4 got a feature-packed new system update, which added the option to turn HDCP off, USB export for screens and video, new Twitch/Ustream sharing settings (and archiving), a slick new video editor called SHAREfactory (which Sid, Ryan and I tried our hands at, with surprisingly admirable results), and lots more.

A few more highlights: Social racer Driveclub got a new release date, we went hands-on with Destiny and Borderlands 2 Vita, I interviewed Greg Kasavin about Transistor (omgomgomgomg), Spelunky is coming to PS4, Ubisoft’s JRPG tribute Child of Light is out now on PS4 and PS3, and we showed you how to get rich in Final Fantasy XIV.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Child of Light
  • I’m watching: Seinfeld (final episodes!)
  • I’m reading: Battling Boy (Thanks Sid!)

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  • What a great week! Picked up Child of Light which is great so far and Ys and Muramasa from the Golden Week sale.

  • What a crazy week!

    I will say, with all of the announcements and stuff that just happened, it’s very helpful that these weekly “catch up” posts exist. Thanks Mr. Massongill (Gilmore)!

  • Oh yeah….

    I’m playing: Warframe (way too much in my opinion lol), SHAREfactory, DDR Supernova 2 for PS2

    I’m watching: The Boondocks season 4 and other tv shows

    I’m listening to: the radio mostly

  • awesomeninja492

    Great week, flash sale is keeping me busy!

    I’m playing: LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Spec Ops The Line, and Guacamelee thanks to the flash sale

    I’m watching: Red vs Blue (getting caught up for season 12)

    I’m listening to: GTA V soundtrack

  • Sony, you should be more concerned with fixing the 1.70 error festival. How about giving us a patch as soon as possible, so we are actually able to use our ps4 ?

  • Major Problems with the 1.70 update
    1.)My HDMI switcher keeps losing power and losing HDMI signal.
    2.)A few times when trying to play online it said I don’t have playstation plus but I’m plus till 2016.

    PS Vita:
    Could you add a way to make the ps vita louder & could you make it so the volume will stay off if i turn the console on and off.

  • Another great week…not for my wallet, though. So many great sales and indies games hitting PSN. Loving it :D

  • Nidhogg and Starwhal: Just The Tip look like they will be a blast! can’t wait for E3 and some new AAA announcements, also hoping for some nice PS4 discounts in the future.

    I’m playing: Persona 4 Golden (Thank you golden week!) already finished Child of Light, while a bit short, it was definitely fun.

    I’m watching: Boogie Nights on BluRay and Fargo (amazing show!)

    I’m reading: the Playstation Blog ;)

  • All the games follow that strict policy: ABAP

  • I believe the latest PS4 update has been corrupting my saved data for my PS4 games(Assassin’s Creed Black Flag&Killzone: Shadow Fall). What’s my reason to believe this? It didn’t start happening until I updated my PS4 with the latest update. Please fix this Playstation team.

  • Justin, 13 games were announced, including Source. Why isn’t that one being acknowledged. First, it was omitted from the 12-game roundup, and now you’re saying there were only 12. What did Source ever do to you guys? :(

  • How about a blog post on when we can expect a patch for 1.70 instead of giving yourself praise on a “great” but corrupted update. I think we deserve that. I can’t even send a friend request or message without getting a blue screen with error code ce-36287-6. This week was — if I can be frank for a moment — freakin’ ridiculous.

  • Cool. Will take a look at that Flash Sale. Keep up the good work over there.

    I’m playing: Battlefield 4 (PS4), Don’t Starve (PS4), Skyrim (PS3), South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360)

    I’m watching: Fairy Tail (subbed), One Piece (subbed), Naruto Shippuden (subbed), South Park, The Daily Show, Castle

    I’m reading: The future comments asking, “Why South Park on Xbox 360?” Answer: Because my brother bought it first.

  • P.S. May the Fourth be with you. ^_~

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