Killzone Mercenary Botzone Contest (Update: Winners)

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Killzone Mercenary Botzone Contest (Update: Winners)

Killzone Mercenary: Botzone Soldier Training Pack

Update: The competition is now over and the winners have been decided. We’re pleased to announce that the following players will see their bots enlisted into the battlefields of the Botzone Soldier Training academy:

Player Bot name






























On behalf of everyone at Guerrilla Cambridge, many congratulations to all. These names will be patched into the game on July 1st.

Greetings Mercenaries. Starting today we’re holding a contest for new bot names for our Botzone Soldier Training database. You can have your bot name etched in history as a bot for future soldiers to train from. If you believe you have what it takes to stealthily defeat your enemy or lead your squad to victory in online warfare, then we want to hear from you!

Here’s how it works:

Starting now until May 9th at 8:00 AM Pacific, the registration site will be live. At the registration site, you must log in with your PSN credentials. Type in 3 bot names you wish to submit for possible inclusion. Read the Official Rules and then click on the box to confirm you read the rules.

This is how you could win: from the start of the competition phase on May 9th at 8:01 AM Pacific until May 16th at 9:00 AM Pacific, we’ll keep track of the leaderboard rankings in the following categories in all public multiplayer matches:

  • Most Grenade Kills
  • Most Interrogations
  • Most Rescues
  • Most VAN-Guard Kills
  • Most Headshots
  • Most Kills

All players from Argentina, Canada (excluding Quebec), Chile, Mexico, and the United States who successfully submitted their entry to the website prior to the competition phase are eligible to win. The top 5 registered players in each category will get 1 of their 3 submitted bot names into the game, assuming said names meet the entry requirements in Section 7 of the Official Rules. You can only win once, and only public matches will count.

So, in short:

  1. Enter before 8:00 AM Pacific on May 9th right here.
  2. Play as many public multiplayer matches as you can, in any game mode (without sucking), to increase your chance of winning.

Here’s what you need to participate: a PS Vita system, the Killzone Mercenary game (patched to the latest version), and an internet connection. That’s it!

Winners will be announced via PlayStation.Blog.

See you on the battlefield!

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  • Huh, that’s a pretty cool little contest you guys got going on. The funny thing is, I actually play the offline botzone mode more than the online mode hahaha. That said, is there any chance that in a future update we could do the offline botzone mode with friends via adhoc?

  • Uhh have you guys ever heard of Europe or Asia? -_-
    Why can’t European and Asian account users be eligibile to participate in this? Most of the best players are in Europe. Why can’t you give them a chance?!

  • You racist pigs! -_-

  • @jasveer Uh….this is kinda the NA (well U.S. really) PS Blog.
    And it says Mr. Ryan Pulst’s title is Associate Producer of SCEA (where the ‘A’ stands for America) so I don’t think he has control over the contests and promotions that happen in other territories. That said, I highly doubt there’s any kind of discrimination going on.

  • I know where I am. I was just calling them racists because they didn’t have the compeition be available for people outside NA. I mean like people all over the world play this game. So why do onlh NA users get the opportunity to participate in this?

  • Or they could just shut me up by making another contest for people outside the boundaries of NA.

  • I really need to get out of Quebec. I’m always excluded when it comes to contests in North America.

  • the offline botzone should have been free in the first place!!!

  • You can’t win in American Idol if you are in Europe…. Learn to read more it seems you don’t know anything about the word “racist”

  • I think I understand now. Kinda. But they always give the United States the stuff first (the game’s release was an exception). And I wasn’t calling the person who wrote this article racist. I was calling the people at Guerrilla Cambridge racist because they only made the contest for NA account holders. They should make the contest for everyone if they were gonna sell the game worldwide.

  • Sorry if I caused any trouble by the way. i had no intention of doing so.

  • Chile? Yay! I’m in :)

  • Sons-of-Helghan

    “Killzone™ Mercenary – Enter The Botzone Contest

    We’re sorry, you may not access this content.”

    So yeah, I’m in the U.S. and that pops up when trying to enter. :’c

  • Jasveer55,I know you because your in my friend list :D
    But i don’t know why are you angry,i mean its just a contest,i know that we can win somethin but its not for everyone
    and They aren’t racist pigs.Just Chill out!We are getting Borderlands 2,Woohoo! XD

  • what’s with the hate for Quebec??

  • I’m trying to enter the contest in the US and its saying “We’re sorry, this contest is only open to PSN account holders in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.”

    Once again I’m US PSN whats the deal? Anyone else having trouble or been able to enter?

  • I may try this! Thanks devs! (=

  • Assassin_-Altair

    @Jasveer55: not really. Most of the players that are good are too easy for me what you talkin about how Europeans are the majority experts at the game lol. No offense but your a snack:3

  • This is good to see more updates for killzone mercernary keep the support coming!!!!!!!

  • I am getting the same error. says I”m not in the US and I am! what gives?

  • Sons-of-Helghan

    Try using Firefox if you’re having problems registering. I was using Google Chrome when the issue was occurring, then switched to Firefox and it worked. c:

  • Thanks for the info Sons-of-Helghan. I switched to Safari and it worked no problem.

  • salut les Quebquois ;)
    i m from iran, when i was in france i had a frenche psn, now i ve changed to a us ps account, why?? cuz they are the best. and dont even talk about racism, it doesnt feet sceAmerrca, i previously talk to the psn worker and exclusively to KEVIN.they could banned me if they wanted. tnx to all the team, i ll always support scea.and i want my bot be imortalized.
    ps: i m a mercenary lol

  • @IzoGray: Blame the French (in Canada). They make the rules/laws that don’t allow that province to benefit from anything like this.

  • meh this botzone shouldn’t be payed, or at least don’t force the download on people who don’t want it (like me)

  • Tactical_PwnLord

    y u do dis

  • Devs, with all due respect but where’s the logic of playing ONLINE to name bots to compete against in OFFLINE matches?
    I tell you what, this contest would be much more worth competing if it featured new MAPS submitted by the community. There are plenty of Unity based LUA friendly maps creator around, I don’t see why Killzone ingame maps must be handled by the devs, leave it to the community and just give yourselves the selection filtering and then feature the selected maps as free/paid DLC Map Pack on PSN.

    Just saying.

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