How To Get Rich in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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How To Get Rich in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Hello, everyone! It’s been two weeks since the PS4 launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and by now a lot of you have found your way into the world of Eorzea. You’ve started on your path to becoming a hero among heroes, and soon you’ll discover that even the citizens of Eorzea have to make a living. The currency they require for this is called Gil. Equipment needs to be bought and occasionally repaired, food and potions are required, and teleporting is so damn comfortable, yet expensive…

Because I can relate all too well, I thought that the best solution would be to present you with the top seven ways to make some good Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Please note that these are just rough pointers — every server is different, so you’ll still have to do some research on your own!


Quests are the lifeline of every adventurer who brings his first class up in these harsh environments. A lot of quests not only reward Gil, but also give you the choice of choosing another item — often among them are Allagan Pieces, which can be exchanged for Gil. Make sure to check if you can’t get the equipment from the quest reward cheaper on the Market Board!

Challenge Log

When you reach level 15, you’ll be able to unlock the Challenge Log by doing the quest “Rising to the Challenge.” The challenge log will give you a lot of little challenges that offer a monetary reward. These reset every week. If you do all the challenges at level 50, that means 50,000 Gil extra in the bank — that’s nothing to sneeze at!


Ahhh, crafting. The gift that keeps on giving. Some players just stop levelling their crafters because it can be rather expensive, unless you farm everything needed for it yourself. But it pays off in the end. Creating low-level, high-quality items will become a cinch, and other starters will prefer them to get their own craft levelled more quickly.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


This is a no-brainer. All you do is pick up items, and pretty much all of it you can sell or, if you have the crafting class for it, craft into better-selling items. Make sure to do your research on the Market Board!

Converting Scheme

This often overlooked feature can net you quite a bit of cash. While you fight, craft or gather, the equipment you wear will gain Spiritbond. If it reaches 100% you will be able to convert the equipment to Materia (after you don’t need to wear it anymore, of course). Depending on the type of Materia you get, you can find very good prices on the market.


Next to receiving rare equipment (which means you don’t have to spend Gil on it), finishing a dungeon can also net you a nice sum of Gil and rare items to craft with. And when you reach level 50, you will also gain Tomestones, which you can exchange for crafting materials that can sell very well.

Market Board

There are players who have made a fortune without ever leaving the safety of the city. They spend their time with the Market Board, observing the ebb and flow of prices, buying low and selling high. Will you be able to keep up?

General hints and suggestions

  • Don’t throw items away. Every single item in the game has its use. Even if the prices on the market board are too low, you can still sell an item to an NPC!
  • Make the best out of your inventory space. Final Fantasy XIV offers an enormous amount of inventory space, so if you think an item may sell for more later on, save it!
  • Do you really need that teleport? Can you maybe use the Chocobo Porter? Or maybe even walk? Especially in the earlier parts of the game, opting to walk can save you a whole lot of Gil!

And that’s it for now. Are you a veteran player and have suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Pro tip for crafters out there. Do not flood the market with one type of item. You can destroy the economy pretty easily. Restrict your product and craft across multiple items (better to do on the whole anyway, first time crafts net you more EXP toward level in the beginning.

    I managed to single handedly destroy the Brass Cesti market, had to dump my entire inventory on my retainers and wait for demand to go back up.

    This is a good system, makes me feel like I’m part of the economy and not a slave to it like in FF11.

    • Justin Massongill

      Nice tip! Thanks for sharing. I just got into FFXIV myself, so this whole guide is a Twelvesend. ;)

  • SE need to fix the markeyt RMT are ruining it so are amny other players that undercut prices like theres no tomorrow.

  • Gathering in FFXIV rarely nets a decent return on investment. The way the market is set up, everything gets undercut to the point where you might as well just sell your items to the NPCs. Depending on what you craft, you may not be too much better off…

  • All of my crafters are level 50 with fully melded gear. Without question, I have found the most consistent way to make gil is to spirit bond crafting gear and reduce it to crafting materia.

    Players rightly believe that crafting can make money, and so they pursue progression in that direction.

    In predicting where demand will be in the future, I would admonish the ambitious player to consider that the game is fundamentally driven by a Pavlovian mechanism where a player’s mind rewards them for perceived progression.

    Right now, they are mindlessly fating for rocks, but that might change.

  • The market board is a mess, it was balancing out but now with the ps4 release it’s started all over again… I don’t know if it’s bots or people who have no idea how to use the market board but auctioning something for the vending price is just stupid. You pay a fee off your sale so your actually loosing money, just vend that crap at a vendor if you want 2 or 3 Gil for it and stop flooding the market with that garbage. This isn’t wow, you don’t need to put an item up to get to another character.

    On top of that your obliterating the price others can reasonably get for it… And the undercutting into double digits on decent gathered goods and crafted gear as well… People just don’t realize that some of us make a living at our craft. Learn how the ffarr economy works or get the hell off the MB.

  • BEST MMO!!!!

  • About players undercutting prices…When I see that for an item(s) that I’m selling, I will buy it up then put it back up with the actual market price. That **** is annoying, but what can we do?

  • Try not to give any specific/detailed tips for this kind of thing.

    If everyone starts doing the same thing to earn money the economy will crash.

    I share my in game currency with friends and my FC but I never tell people how to earn it.

    MMO economies are best served when you don’t give out too many details.

    Great game though.

  • As for people complaining about undercutting, that’s not something that needs to be fixed.

    Everyone has the right to sell anything they want for any price they want. If it bothers you go play an offline game.

    RMT do need to be addressed though, I constantly get spammed even when I keep Blisting the RMTs.

  • It’s super hard to make money in this game. The economy is broken.

  • It’s insanely easy to make money in this game, hence why I give a lot away.

  • Oh if anyone thinks you ‘need’ money to upgrade gear, you can get some pretty nice (better than from the market) gear just by doing/redoing Duties/dungeons and finding the coffers with items inside (4 person party, roll for need/greed).

    Also I’ve found that every few Leves I do, a treasure coffer will appear, sometimes several leves in a row. The items can be worthless, but you can also find the rare/unique green or pink named gear items through that.

    Once you unlock Retainers and Ventures, they will occasionally bring back expensive items, including some surprisingly good gear at times.

    So that’s a few options for outfitting your character while playing/lvling without worrying about people charging too much on the market/npcs.

    You can also just do quests and accept the mediocre but often good enough gear.

  • As much as I would like to play this unfortunately I wouldn’t have the kind of time required to play this. But I wish I could try it out at least since I missed the beta periods.

  • I got pretty crazy about crafting when I was playing more actively. One thing that I did was make a spreadsheet of the costs of all of the materials that go into a craft, and the expected sale price of the final products. Sort the spreadsheet by the difference between the cost and the sale price, and make 2-4 of each item starting at the top and running until my retainer’s auction inventory is full.

    I probably spent an hour every friday updating prices though.

  • (It’s also worth mentioning that the most consistently profitable items to sell are crafting items. Selling the pick axes to the miners seems to be the most profitable enterprise even in the virtual space.)

  • I sell melded materia III/IV crafter gather ones pretty well. Shards/crystal/clusters sell pretty well as well.
    I’m a crafter as well when some things are in demand they do sell well they just have to look at the marketboard.

  • This is just another MMO,

  • how about DLC to gain gil? $5 will net you 500000 Gil, $10 = 1,000,000 Gil, $20 = 2,000,000, and so fourth.

    I love to get my hands on double EXP gear or item’s to level up faster and some cool looking weapons. It would be super awesome if everyone can create 1 item of their picking as one time DLC. I would love to create sword that can be use for any class and give 40 ATK/MAG and ect

  • jose213jose that’d be a terrible idea. it’d make farming completely useless as you’d just end up spending 10$ to get every single piece of gear you want or itll raise prices of gear to the point where people who don’t pay will have to farm for an even longer ridiculous time. Having a sword for every class is stupid too cause then what would be the point of picking a particular class? yes some items can be used for every class but doing it on every weapon is stupid…stupid idea overall dude. farm and work for your gil and gear like everyone else instead of thinking everything should be able to be bought with real money…u wanna play those kinda games go on the app store and throw your money away on stupid IAPs.

  • Dear Square Enix, please do something about the bots. It’s really annoying, I’ve had to block at least 20 so far. And I’ve heard there’s a limit on how many people you can have in your block list too. So that’ll be a mess.

    Add the ability to just go to their name, and report them as a spam bot and let us be done with it. No real user is going to be named Aasajfafh Bvpfqyfaa or some other randomness, let alone mention me to spam about some stupid website.

    Is there some way to report them? If there is, you should still add the way I mention because it’s the way that makes sense.

  • “Final Fantasy XIV offers an enormous amount of inventory space”

    …..NO! …. >.>

  • @ #20 just blacklist them as soon as they talk to you…. its easier now

  • XIV ARR since PS3 Beta. Four lvl 50’s. WAR, BRD, CUL, BTN. Make an average of 75k-200k a day, depending.

    Tip # 1: Food will always be needed, especially with the constant addition of end game content.
    Tip # 2: Farming, crafters don’t like to spend time killing animals. (Ex: Apkallu Egg, Apkallu, Bloodshore)
    Tip # 3: Same for gathering, find items that crafters need. (Ex: Flax, Camp Tranquill)
    Tip # 4: Been said before, I’ll say it again as its very important. Don’t flood the market, spread yourself across it and do one-two stacks only. You make more quickly and don’t cause price drops.
    Tip # 5: Keeping in tune with # 4, and again I know its been said. Don’t undercut. Even though its very tempting. Generally match the lowest price and LEAVE it there. It will eventually sell. And if you are spreading yourself, you will still have steady income and you don’t cause your product to become cheap.

    Anything else? Ask and I’ll do my best.

  • @boomstickbhg
    There is no need to purchase any equipment other than crafting or gathering gear even into the 50’s. All best gear is gotten through raids and quests for free.

  • run high level dungons like lost city or bryfolx hard

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