Gran Turismo 6 Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Ayrton Senna

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Gran Turismo 6 Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Ayrton Senna

Today, the global racing community honors three-time F1 champion Ayrton Senna on the 20th anniversary of his passing. Working closely with Senna’s family and their charitable foundation — Ayrton Senna’s Institute (IAS) — Polyphony Digital has created an official Ayrton Senna Tribute website and new Senna-inspired Gran Turismo 6 content throughout the month of May.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, a special “Ayrton Senna Tribute” is now available within, allowing fans to follow the life of Senna through a short film and two-part slideshow developed with the assistance and full support of IAS and the Senna family.

The short film, titled “Ayrton’s Wish,” explores Senna’s dream to give the children of Brazil the opportunity to realize their own potential through education and introduces the newfound relationship between Gran Turismo and IAS. Developed in full partnership with the Senna family, Ayrton’s Wish will give you an inside look at the importance of the philosophy of IAS and explain how the non-profit organization was established in 1994 by Senna’s sister, Viviane, after his tragic passing two decades ago.

Lotus 97T '85

“To the Ayrton Senna Institute and to the Senna family, it´s really gratifying to have this partnership with PlayStation, through the game Gran Turismo 6, precisely in the Year 2014, when we celebrate the 20th year legacy of our beloved Ayrton. 
The game, without a doubt, is a very nice way to share his values to the new generations, as well as renew and immortalize the memory of this worldwide idol in an innovative approach. Furthermore, it contributes to an initiative that annually brings a high quality public education to 2 million children and youth in all regions of Brazil.”

– Bianca Senna

At the end of this month-long journey, there will be a free update that will be released in the latter half of May with in-game racing content only available in Gran Turismo 6. Be sure to stay tuned on Gran Turismo Facebook and PS.Blog for more info.

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  • Truly a great racer.

  • If you have never seen the documentary Senna, I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a fan of racing, his life is an amazing story. It’s on Netflix or see the movies official web site for more info.


  • Any news from PS Vita version? Is it on the way?

  • Great to see this content, but are we ever going to see the other promised features/content? Like the community features that were supposed to be released in January (over 3 months ago!) or the track around Zahara that would be released in February? Or any track at all (monthly track DLC was promised before release, after almost 5 months not a single one has been released).

    There really should be a lot more communication coming from PD. This long line of lies and delays, combined with no communication at all is killing the GT franchise.

  • One more vote for a Vita Gran Turismo right here!

  • IMO the best formula 1 driver of all time.

  • Amazing game, I bought last week.

    Waiting for Gran Turismo Vita Edition, hope there a good news on E3.

  • Ah! The black and gold livery of that Lotus takes me back!! James Hunt used to drive in a similar, JPS livery in the 70s.

  • Ayrton Senna was one of the truly great and continues to be missed. (interestingly turbo charged Honda engines (which is what Senna won championships with) are returning to F1 next year)

    Please take a moment to say a prayer for the recovery of another great racer: Michael Schumacher, who remains in a coma.

    I look forward to the Senna races in GT6, should be fun!

  • Agreed on the Schumacher comment. Now, if we could only imagine Senna and Schuy going head-to-head at the peak of their careers. Now THAT would be something!

  • I’d definitely buy a Gran Turismo title for VITA!! GT PSP is great on it, but is getting a little dated. Hopefully they would include a career mode more akin to the console versions. Also, Tourist Trophy as a PS2 Classic would be a must have!

  • Unless your giving out the GT Academy Cars from either this year or 2012 or even the rest of the GT Vision cars, I DON’T CARE PD, I JUST DON’T CARE.

    Also, let us use all of our cars in arcade mode!

    One more thing, stop with the damn special paint as prizes for the online events. It’s really annoying seeing it and thinking “Wow this race is worthless.”

  • +1 on Gran Turismo Vita needs to happen!

  • Mr. Ayrton was the best. Last 6 top F-1 Winners of all time have said “Senna was the number one”.

    Ayrton Senna was one of the greatest man of last 20 years.

  • death_nation100

    As much as I love GT games i haven’t bought GT6 sorry guys

  • Still waiting for a Vita version of Gran Turismo too. A Vita GT bundle would print money…jus sayin.

  • It’s great to see the GT has a community that constantly rewarded with great content. Makes me dream of what the next GT game will be like on PS4.

  • Great Racer~! Ayrton Senna~!

  • I am pleased with this tribute to Ayrton, who up being a great driver, was also an example of being human.

    At the same time, I’m sad to see this scene of my people …. a suffering people, a people dispossessed by their politicians.
    It is sad to see that even the portion of my people with higher purchasing power, unfortunately, people are uneducated and do not do anything to change it …..

  • As an independent filmaker and photographer myself, I love to see this kind of personal films. I mean, I love the idea of that type of raw documentary style, but c’mon, sometimes it’s TOO forced. Some of the takes are made without any sense.
    Besides that, I loved the idea of the short film. I even saw Kazunori appearing more in here than in his own film, Kaz: Pushing the virtual divide, which is odd jajaja.

    Anyway, expecting the new content. I’m not going to kill myself this time around, but PLEASE, DELIVER your promises for once PD.
    We are all fans, but we can’t wait forever.

    A proud Sony user.

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