First Look at Project CARS on PS4

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First Look at Project CARS on PS4

Project CARS on PS4

If you haven’t heard about it already, Project CARS is a bit different. Different in the philosophy of freedom that runs throughout the entire game, and different in how it’s being created — by YOU, the gamers!

Project CARS was conceived back in October 2011 (Wow, time flies!) as a natural continuation of our work on two of racing’s biggest franchises — Need For Speed and Test Drive — and as a return to our roots when we created GTR and GT Legends.

Back when we were conceiving the idea, we knew we wanted to create a racing game that covered a wide range of different car types and motorsports, and gave you the freedom to play and experiment with them however you wanted.

We wanted the core driving experience to be the most authentic on the planet, and we wanted to provide you with all the features you need to recreate a race weekend as it happens in real life — complete with a dynamic time of day and a weather system that not only looks beautiful but challenges your skills and provides strategic opportunities. And we wanted to connect players together with a variety of online and community features — time trials, events, competitive multiplayer, content sharing, stat comparisons, and more.

Project CARS on PS4Project CARS on PS4

That was the goal we set out with — to stand alongside the competition with a fresh new racing game that combined best-in-class features you guys have been asking for and innovations that’ll blow you away — but we knew we were going to need some help. Which is why over the last few years we’ve been helped by a community of passionate and dedicated players like yourselves on our WMD Portal site. They’re people like you that are looking for the next big thing, have been playing games all their life, and are finally making the racing game of their dreams. As we’ve said for a while now, this is a racing game for racers, made by racers. It’s your game.

As you may have seen, we’re very excited that Project CARS is going to be launching in November, and as you’ll see from these screenshots here it looks fantastic on PS4. It’s definitely something you’ll want to show off to your friends when they visit.

Whether you’re recreating Lewis Hamilton’s fearlessness out on a European racing circuit, searching for that perfect opportunity to break out of a close pack of GT cars, testing your stamina doing a 24 hour race in an LM Prototype, or simply taking a muscle car out for a drive down the US West Coast, both the cars and tracks are exact 1:1 recreations of the real things.

On the cars that means visually down to the screws that hold the suspension system together, physically in terms of recreating the exact handling and performance characteristics, and sonically representing the various roars or purrs or growls that each exhibits. Others may say similar, but they don’t come close to the attention to detail we put in.

Project CARS on PS4

When it comes to the tracks too, thousands of reference photos were taken, height information was recorded, laser scans were done, and — most importantly — real drivers like former “Stig” Ben Collins, Nicolas Hamilton, and Oli Webb trawled over every track giving us inside info on the nuances of every corner, every rumble strip, every bump on the tarmac to ensure they not only look great but feel authentic to play, too.

Over the coming months you’ll see more here on PlayStation.Blog — like cars and tracks, career mode, online modes, social & community features, and a special feature on Project Morpheus.

That’s right, Project CARS will be one of the first games on PS4 to support virtual reality via the Project Morpheus headset. Finally, you’re going to really feel what it’s like sitting in the driving seat of a high performance machine as you look around the cockpit, glance left and right as you overtake an opponent, and get an exhilarating sense of speed as you scream down the finishing straight.

So stay tuned and head over to in the meantime for more screenshots and videos.

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  • Definitely curious about this game. Just one question… is this a retail game or will it be a PSN-only download?

  • Okay you caught my attention. I love sim racers and Drive Club isnt going the full sim route and Granturismo have not been increasing in quality so I’ve been hoping another racer would come and occupy that place in my heart. Given the amount of passion for the sport amd genre you display, I’m guessing your going to do your best to not disappoint. So this game is now officially on myradar.

  • It would be a real insult if this game is 60fps over DriveClub this game looks just as good as DC though in some ways better. we’ll see later though.

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna

    I can’t wait to get this game. This is on my list to buy along with Drive Club, and GT7. =)

  • So, how authentic will this be or are we just playing the hype train with this article? Will it be better than iRacing? Will it support racing wheels … day 1? My guess is it will be delayed, or a let down, but here is to hoping they do it right.

  • I had no idea this wqas coming to ps4, which is great news.

    The ps4 needs a definitive racing game (and drive club is not it). dont mean to be a buzz killer but I see no mention of frame rate. In racing games 60fps is a big deal, it would be sweet to have it.

    November is not super far away, but since there is onky gt6 on ps3 this game cant arrive soon enough.

  • SOLD!

  • I’ve been following this game’s development on PC for a while, super excited to see it coming to PS4!

  • I gotta say. This looks pretty amazing. Those are stellar PS4 screenshots. Seriously…WOW. Is this going to be a retail release like Drive Club? If you aren’t planning to have this in stores it’s a BIG mistake. That’s one reason why I am buying DC, because it’s a physical release as well as digital. Hard drive space is too important, I don’t want to fill all of it up with digital games.

  • Pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that this will be 1080p 60fps. If true, then you get two thumbs up from me. Racing games really need to be 60fps.

  • Simply Amazing.

  • @10 – my thoughts exactly. Giving DriveClub a miss now I know its 30fps. Racing games just don’t feel right if they aren’t running at a full 60fps. Itching to play a racing game on my new PS4 though so hopefully Project Cars delivers :D

  • Now I need to decide, which one to pick DriveClub or ProjectCars ? I guess both D:

  • Looks great except the cars using slicks in the rain

  • People, don’t simply look at this as a one-or-the-other situation. Driveclub and Project CARS are two VERY different games. Project Cars is more sim, while Driveclub is simulation/arcade, or as my friend calls it “Simcade”. Driveclub will also have a very unique social experience unlike any other game to date.

    So, for me, the decision would be to get either Project CARS or the next Gran Turismo, and I’ll be holding out for GT7. In the meantime, I will be loving Driveclub.

    I mean no disrespect to the Project CARS team. This game does look really neat, but a racing sim is something I will potentially play for years and as someone who’s been playing GT for the past decade or so, Polyphony Digital has already earned my faith and loyalty. I wish you guys great success though. You deserve it.

  • @fromage2323

    Not every day on the track is sunny and dry. :P

  • mastorofpuppetz

    @6 you know this based off what exactly?

    @12…LOL, 30 FPS locked is a perfectly suitable and fine experience, please, many racing games are 30 FPS, clueless.

  • I’ve got my eye on this, but I’m gonna hold out until the reviews are in. I wasn’t too thrilled with Slightly Mad’s last title that I bought.

  • im in :) definatly gunna get morpheous if its supported, got everything else for ps4 but NEED a good racer. its been a huge gap in my inventory :/ plus it should get me away from ffxiv lol gettin drive club as well lol everybody seems quick to decide on which they want but i WANT ALL!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  • @17 got the right idea, n luv the name lol :)

  • Very exited for this, looks and sounds amazing. I’m happy to see more racing games making their way to PS4!

  • Is it open world or what? Are there just real-life tracks or can we cruise around? Is this simulator style, arcade style, or both?

  • “I mean no disrespect to the Project CARS team. This game does look really neat, but a racing sim is something I will potentially play for years and as someone who’s been playing GT for the past decade or so, Polyphony Digital has already earned my faith and loyalty.”

    really? it sounds like you haven’t played GT5 or GT6, the only thing PD handles well is car models, the sound, tracks, ai, overally experience is horrible and has been on a steady decline for more than half a decade now, it’s about time people support real innovation rather than buying into the status quo simply because it has the name Gran Turismo on it.

  • I can’t believe no one is commenting on Project Morpheus. I for one welcome PM for a game like this! If PM is as dope as people say it is then, I’m buying both day 1!!

  • The closer to realistic the game gets, the worse I get. I’m screwed.

  • looking forward to checking it out!

  • Just so people know: This is an indie game.

  • Great screenshots! Hopefully it plays as well as it looks.

  • Racing games are a lot of fun but its gotten to the point for me personally that if it doesn’t have a car design option like Forza I am just not interested.

  • Wow compare this to drive club and which one am I more interested in project cars already.

  • @14 They do have rain tires in the game already, but the textures aren’t in yet. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • “to stand alongside the competition with a fresh new racing game that combined best-in-class features you guys have been asking for and innovations that’ll blow you away”
    You know what would blow us away? FUN. Everyone doing realism is getting stale, and is killing the industry because the fun factor is being forgotten, but I’m not saying that just because, I mean that there are a lot of other “realistic boring driving simulators” out there, so watch out.

    Why don’t just use “realism” in crazy and wild settings? Or directly use that technology to try to stand out from the beginning?
    I saw the trailer, and it didn’t look different from any other “realistic racing game” from the recent time, or Drive Club, and I’m sure that if any other racing game comes out soon, it won’t look different either.

    You start saying from the get go! “Project CARS is a bit different”
    You’re already taking from granted that people will look at this as “another realistic racing game BUT A BIT DIFFERENT!”

    Where did the fun and emotion go?

  • @32
    Clearly this game isn’t for you buddy…Not get the hint? “this is a racing game for racers, made by racers”. (IE. it’s for people who are hardcore racing enthusiasts IRL and in games)

    And as for me I can’t wait for this game. Hopefully they actually have ‘fixed’ the sensation of driving on ice like they’ve claimed.

  • TheMageOfAllGod

    this will be awesome for me and my gamer friend who love to play this

  • 60 FPS or go home. Don’t care if it’s 720p and crappy textures, if that’s all the PS4 can do.

  • im definitely looking forrward to this game. We are going to need some control options fitting of a game like this, a new PS4 racing wheel, or i hope Sony can make something similar to the ps move racing wheel because that thing is awesome

  • This game looks great! Glad we finally get some good racing games on PS4 Drive Club, The Crew and Project cars just about a month apart I’m going to have racing over load!

  • To say something else about the game because my previous comment got censored: In case you haven’t noticed… the only thing that keeps trying to be different is the FPS… and the Project Morpheus. But man, seriously, I got my point, until now the only difference with, say, Drive Club are the 60FPS? Really? What will happen when the devs notice this and in some time they announce that they also will have 60FPS running perfectly in their game?

    Oh, NIALLERMANBUZ your entitlement sure is cute. Have you even tried other kind of racing games? If yes, which ones. Or what, they were too hardcore (and maybe too fun) for you? Or you were just bad at them, hm?

  • killeronline222

    Gotto get me this oh yes

  • alex_supertramp1

    Very Interested. I’m even interested in the Virtual Reality headset deal, which could be awesome or it could be a trainwreck. This could also be the game that get’s me to finally buy a steering wheel. I got into Gran Turismo late on PS3, never played GT5, and I like GT6. Gran Turismo has always represented the best in the business as far as racing simulators. But, I’m a little disappointed about sound effects, engines often sound weak, and crashes are lame and wildly unrealistic for a simulator. I don’t know how Project Cars will stack up against GT, but if they can capitalize on some of GT’s weaknesses than I’m all for a little market competition. They better come correct on physics if they are they are claiming this to be a racing Simulator as opposed to just another racing game. And they better bring a very large car selection, if they hope to compete with GT in that area. In either case, I will stay interested, and will more than likely be willing to spend the cash to check this out. And if it’s everything the claim it to be, the virtual reality headset and steering wheel will be coming soon thereafter!

  • alex_supertramp1

    At this point I’m willing to try just about anything new on PS4, hurry up with next gen games! On, second thought, I’ll be patient, put out good games, not glitchy nonsense!

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