Escape Goat 2 Coming to PS4

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Escape Goat 2 Coming to PS4

I’m glad I didn’t go with my original opening paragraph for this post. It just enumerated the reasons Escape Goat 2 sets itself apart from other puzzle platformers out there. I’ve shown the game to so many people that the shtick is burned in my mind. And ultimately, it’s impossible to describe, because the fun of Escape Goat is intangible.

Danielle Riendeau from Polygon put it in the most flattering terms: “Escape Goat 2 made me feel brilliant.”

Could an indie really ask for a better pull quote?

Double Fine Presents

I will mention (with only the slightest bit of ego) that this is the first ever “Double Fine Presents” game. Though the myth of how “Tim Schafer’s Escape Goat 2” came to be published by Double Fine on PC last March has reached the ends of the internet, I can take this opportunity to tell you the Real Story.

In early 2014, the goat’s final development days were spent just down the hall from Double Fine Productions, who were thinking about getting into the publishing business (just don’t call them a publisher). Team Goatimus (myself, artist Randy O’Connor, and code mage Katelyn Gadd) had every intention of self-publishing — indie style — up until we learned that TimOfLegend himself liked the game and wanted to help us out with publicity. Um, why yes we would very much be interested where do we sign?

This is where I was going to write about Escape Goat 2’s unique physics engine, because it took freaking forever to program, and I’m quite proud of it. But Greg Rice urged me not to bore you with it. (See, we’re both benefitting from the alliance I forged with Double Fine!)

The theme of Escape Goat 2 is transformation. As you manipulate hidden machinery, walls move around and blocks settle into new places. Things look different when you’re done with the room (especially if you employ your mighty horns to their best use). And you have a remarkable companion to help you on your journey…

Escape Goat 2 on PS4Escape Goat 2 on PS4

What would a goat be without his trusty, immortal mouse familiar? Exactly. That’s why you work as a team. Send him up over walls and through tiny passages; use him to operate remote switches and even distract enemies. (If you’re not already flinging cash at your screen, let me point out that the mouse wears such garments as the Magic Hat and Cape of Vengeance.)

You might be wondering why Goat wants to escape in the first place. He’s on a rescue mission to save his beloved sheep friends! A strange force is keeping them asleep, and our hero must venture into the eight branches of the Stronghold of Toragos to wake them.

Escape Goat 2 is an unforgettable journey. Play for one minute, and you’ll probably play for two hours. (I have the statistics to back this up.) Though originally a PC game, it was designed from the start to be a couch-and-controller experience and I’m thrilled to be bringing it to PS4.

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  • Fantastic news!!!!! Any plans for a port of the original as well? :D i love your game good sir and thank your team for me plz!!!!

    • No plans for EG1 just yet, but it’s totally possible from a technical standpoint, since EG2 is much more sophisticated.

  • That is one talented goat.

  • looks great can’t wait to play it, will there be a demo?

    • I’m working on a demo for the PC version right now, which should be done by the time this hits the PS4. We don’t have firms plans on whether a demo will be available, but it’s possible!

  • I’ve always wanted to play the first one but I’ll just jump in on this one. But I’m curious. How do you feel about a Vita version in the future?

  • Makes perfect sense to me…

    Best of luck! I know people are always asking for “more” “more” “more”, but this does look like a great game for Vita. Any plans there?

  • I’d love to get a Vita version going–as of right now it’s not a direct port for XNA games like EG2 (PS4 is much more straightforward). I know people are working on MonoGame Vita though, so this might become more possible later this year…

  • I made a point to try this out at PAX this year and I enjoyed it! Looking forward to the Goat-y goodness in the comfort of my own home sofa

  • Dear lord so many good games heading over!

    Any chance of a future Vita port?
    I love puzzle based games on the go.

  • I love the look of this game. But I’d really like to see this game on Vita though. Probably the only way I’d play it. Hope you consider it. Good luck on completing the game!

  • I couldn’t be happier that you decided to bring this to PS4! So often I see a trailer on Steam and say, “Man, PC users have all the luck.” You read my mind! Thank you!

  • Hey Ian,

    WOW! WOW!! WOW!!

    I am blown away by the graphics and art style. The music is great too.

    It is so cool to have a goat and a mouse as the heroes, rather than the traditional knight.

    Please keep us up to date on this great game.



    • Great to see someone else sees the inherent heroic nature of goats and mice! For updates on the game, watch this blog or my own website,

  • loved escape goat as an xbl indie.. i loved the gameplay and the music. and when i had issues with the microsoft indie system, magicaltimebean came through for me where microsoft wouldn’t..

    i’ll echo the vita request, it seems this sort of game would be perfect for the vita.

    any chance of a level editor and community levels like the pc version of eg1 had? i played a little bit with the level editor in the xbl indie but with no way to share the level, i didn’t spend much time in there.

  • sorry i missed your vita reply at first since it wasn’t in red. i hope a vita port becomes feasible.

    i’d pick up eg1 for the vita, if you decide to do a port. i never turn on the 360 any more, but that game was great. my only wish is that i could go back and replay a chapter i’d already been through without resetting the game.. there were times i would give the game a break and when i came back, i’d have the 2 hardest room sets to regain my game skill on. i eventually got it, but the ability to go back and replay areas would have been helpful.

    • You’ll be pleased to hear that EG2 has a world map that functions as a stage select, so you can return to any room you’ve visited on that save game. It also lets you 100% the game even though there are multiple branches to explore.

      As for a level editor, we do have one on the Steam version in beta. It’s uncertain whether we can get it working for PS4 at launch–it kind of depends on if there is a big demand for it and will be worth the significant investment to set up level sharing on the console. I will count your comment as a +1 for this feature though.

  • really glad to see you have been doing well and are still developing goats. i was a goatherd for a few years and goats really do some of that stuff. they double jump and fly horizontally through the air (mostly the babies). they push things around with their horns. and, most of all, they TRY TO ESCAPE. goats do not need a lofty reason to try to escape. that this goat is trying to free sheep on the way out is so the goat can escape. goats won’t wander off alone, they are herd animals. a goat will herd with sheep if there are no other animals to herd with. they consider sheep a little bit clumsy and stupid, but some friends are better than none.

    i think of this game as more of a lesson in biology than a puzzle.

    • Your comment made me smile :-) Randy and I watched lots of goat videos on YouTube (maybe too many) and wrote it off as research. They are truly fascinating animals. Hoping to have goats of my own same day, but it may need to wait until my retirement from games for me to have proper time to devote to them.

  • Ooooooooookay! Now I really need to try this out on PS4. :D

  • Looks like it’ll get really hard. But it looks great.

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