Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Coming This Weekend

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Coming This Weekend

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Weekend

Grab your friends and ready your trigger fingers — the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer demo is coming this weekend.

From May 2nd (10:00 AM Pacific) until Monday, May 5th (10:00 AM Pacific), gamers on both PS3 and PS4 will be able to download the demo and try out Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer for free.

Three popular multiplayer maps are included:

  • Strikezone: Set in a baseball stadium in war-torn San Diego, this small map is ideal for close-quarters combat. Complete a field order for an opportunity to call in a KEM strike, which will transform the landscape of the entire map.
  • Warhawk: Taking place in a small American town, this three-lane map caters to many different play styles. The main street can be a convenient rush route, but beware of enemy snipers in the buildings on both ends.
  • Prison Break: Fight in the jungles on this map located outside of a prison. A large hill dominates the central portion of Prison Break, a crucial area for your team to hold in the fight for victory.

As part of this demo, you can try three fan-favorite multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Rescue. From objective map control to racking up the highest kill counts, the varied mix of gameplay goals will test all facets of your skills.

The final part of the demo is the original Extinction co-op game mode, where you and up to three friends can team together against increasingly challenging waves of aliens. Your objective is to rid a Colorado town of its alien invaders, detonate the nuke, and get back to the chopper.

For those that don’t already own Call of Duty: Ghosts, there’s no better opportunity than this weekend to jump in and experience it for yourself.

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  • Please give use a chance to buy the rainbow camo playstion fans want it .

  • Steam like Free Weekend now on PS Systems ;) Nice.

  • Tina add hardpoint, hq, ctf, all or nothing etc to make ghosts more fun their more people playing bo2 on ps3 then ghosts on ps3 and ps4 combined ghosts is getting sale we need gamemodes like hardpoint and hq to spice it up and to make people not camp as Much and patch riod shield and c4 s&d unplayable

  • wow good news! Will give it a try with friends, thanks for the info!

  • And add face off that’s was awesome

  • Ugh I’m going away this weekend =(

    Do it for a full week instead!

  • Lol, is this a joke nobody wants to play this crappy game, sales must be on the decline, “your reign on top was shorter than leprechauns…”

  • Faceoff game mode, then we be rocking trust me.

  • Awesome, will see if it can unglue me from bf4 for the weekend

  • I don’t see why they don’t just put a low level cap on it and leave it up as a permanent demo. I get bored of Call of Duty quite quickly even when I buy the full game. No way anyone could stay entertained with just three maps and only about 20 levels

  • It’s not that it is a horrble game.
    I have played all of them , and found this the best so far.

    It is that people are getting tired of paying full retail for a game that NEVER includes all the maps.
    Throw in that it ALWAYS has players hacking it ( that the designers / company probably help this to happen once they want to ruin a game and sell their next new release ), and you have a great game that eventually leaves a horrble taste in your mouth.

    Do I own a copy of Ghosts, yes.

    But will I buy any other maps for them ever again, or buy digtal instead of a phsical copy I do not have already posted to sell.


    EA and Activision, especially the latter need to be stopped with that type of business.

  • Yes. Thank you guys. i was waiting for this. keep it up ;)
    i was waiting for a chance to try this , see if it was good then go for the full version. now i have the chance :)

  • There are people that don’t already own Ghosts?!!

  • 13@ yes. i thought it wasn’t that good :D now i have the chance to see it by myself

  • Very nice! While I still play Ghosts, I’m not particularly fond of it. Hoping Black Ops 2 comes to PlayStation 4 this Summer. (Even though it’s unlikely. )

  • @10, exactly. i rented this game and got bored of it really quickly. i rarely get the urge to play this game, but once in a blue moon i’ll get the urge. it would be nice if they came out with a free to play model with a level cap like they did for killzone 3 and uncharted 3.

  • Fix the horrible lag compensation. It totally ruins the game online for me. I’m not buying another COD until it has a fair and balanced MP mode.

  • I thought this was for the next call of duty game. I might get on, but I might pass.

  • I’d buy the multiplayer only for 25 bucks if it was on sale it isn’t worth a full 60 but 25 is reasonable lol Sony needs to look into that.

  • I might try it, but still not giving activision my cash

  • Will we be able to play with friends that own full version?

  • gonna download this to try extinction, despite that i will never buy it :p

  • Will there be any “preload” feature?:P

  • That’s nice. I wanted to try the Extinction mode. I hope it suports split-screen, so my brother and I can have a go at it.

  • Is this on East coast too?

  • For what purpose.
    The multiplayer is the worst part of the game. And it’s also very bad.

  • How do yo download the game on psn ???
    I dont find it.

  • Not There yet …..or is in not there for the UAE users

  • alex_supertramp1

    Call of Duty: Ghosts is not terrible. I still play online from time to time. Better campaign than Battlefield. Hate that you have to wait so long for DLC maps. Couldn’t care less about Extinction, but I crave new multiplayer maps. A few more days till the next one comes out on Playstation. Stupid XBox always gets them first. I must admit though, Battlefield 4 has been winning me away from COD. The multiplayer maps are so much larger and interactive, you can destroy buildings and knock down trees. Way better than bombing out a map with a killstreak. Admittedly Battlefield does need a little work, I’ve noticed hit detection can be off by quite a bit sometimes. And rubber-banding is bad sometimes on the larger 64 player servers. But, they claim to be working on it, and it does seem to be getting better, at least the rubber-banding part does. Overall though, I’m much more interested in BF than COD. I’ve got Premium/Season Pass for both.

  • alex_supertramp1

    BF has a better multiplayer, COD has a better campaign. So if you don’t have the money for both, choose by which option you’re most interested in. For me, it’s all about the multiplayer. I only recently started playing through campaigns, I used to ignore them completely.

  • alex_supertramp1

    Oh and I think Playstation gets BF DLC’s before Xbox, so that’s a plus for BF and demerit for COD.

  • o0-Siddhartha-0o

    im in Germany and i cant find any demo in the store

  • Oh man im late downloading the game i saw this since they had it but i forgot it and i thouth i had xbox but i have ps3 and not xbox XD

  • It’s now Sunday and there is no ghosts demo on my ps4. Yet another fail

  • Can anyone donate COD Ghost through game share, Please? :\

  • asking for game shareing lol, and extinction was meh, plus i was called a noob while getting most kills, oh the irony :p

  • hey guys I downloaded the demo but didn’t try It yet can I play the demo on may 7 ?????????

  • Hey InfinityWard have you teamed up with activision to create Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, and thanks for Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer in rank 12 and IM A BOSS with the best sniper and in light sub mashine guns the one which is greenish
    I have one improvemet for CoD, when a person dies and their body is on the floor try to make it so you walk on top of the body.

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