The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Out Today on PS3, PS4

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Out Today on PS3, PS4

Salutations, PlayStation community! First of all, I just want to say how grateful I am to the people who run PlayStation.Blog for giving me this space to speak to you today. It’s a real busy week for Spider-Man, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game out today on PS3 and PS4, and the movie coming out this Friday. I think there are certain timeless qualities to ol’ Spidey that have made him so enduringly popular, and I was happy to see those traits on display as I worked on my scenes for the game.

I love the story Beenox is delivering this time around, and the fact that it’s able to cover some of the same narrative and emotional ground as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, while still going in its own unique direction (meaning you can experience one without spoiling the other). They’ve got Electro, Kingpin, Kraven, Black Cat, the Green Goblin… and I really enjoyed what they did with the characters who don’t appear in the movie. Kingpin and Kraven are treated as more than just adversaries for Spider-Man — they’re foils to his very philosophy, challenging everything he believes in. That level of characterization — for the good guys and the bad guys — is what makes Marvel stories so different.

But like I said in the video, I’m most excited about Peter Parker himself being in the game and having an important part to play. I’ll admit a lot of that is because I get to act opposite him… but there’s more to it than that!

When I first pitched the idea of a teenage superhero who has to deal with problems in his personal life, people told me I was crazy. Times have changed since then, but Spider-Man has always been who he is because of the person beneath the mask, and I appreciate that the developers recognized that you can’t tell a proper story with half a character.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Naturally, I’ve played the game, too, and Manhattan is a lot of fun to swing around (there’s the occasional aerial assault drone from Kingpin’s Task Force trying to swat you out of the sky, but it’s still easier than getting across Midtown at rush hour). It has all the feeling of being a great open playground.

But there’s a balance to it, and that comes in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s “Hero or Menace” feature. Spider-Man has never been a guy who just beats up thugs. He has responsibilities, at home and around the city, and as crimes and disasters pop up, you have to make the same kind of choices Spidey has to. Do you help people in need, or just go about your business? Forcing you to choose between doing right by your neighbors or yourself is such a clever way to get you into the mindset that Peter Parker must occupy everyday.

It’s great that we can have two major Spidey adventures launching side-by-side, each with something distinct to offer. After all, Spider-Man was never the work of just one mind; it’s thanks to the hard work of countless artists — creative and technical — that we have so many stories with these characters to visit. For me, the best thing about Spidey has always been that anybody with enough imagination can pretend to be Spider-Man — you look at that suit and just can’t help picturing yourself underneath it. And I’m so glad that we’ve got such a far-reaching range of comics, TV shows, movies, and games like these to make it all a little easier to imagine.

You can pick up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on PS4 and PS3 today. And to all you aspiring web-heads out there — welcome to the neighborhood!


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  • I’m so buying this game!. Sadly i’ll have to wait one more week. The game looks awesome and amazing little the title says haha.

  • Thanks Stan. That’s awesome that you can come here to talk about the game. If this game is anything like Spider-Man 2 on the the PS2, you”ve sold me.

  • Bought my PS4 copy today and got my 4 Spidey Suits and 2 free movie tickets ($20 value) for this weekend! Cannot wait to play this when my son gets home!

  • i’m sorry, but this is just a game to promote the movie, i’ll pass, make a decent game next time (i doubt we ever get a decent superhero game ever)

  • Will you please make a PS Vita version? I loved the first one on my vita and that’s the only way i’ll play this one.

  • I loved the Spider Man games on PSOne era. But I think they lost some bright during the years. Personally, it will be better if the games were made with a complete different story from the movies. Something like the Arkham games.

  • no love for the vita :(

  • I am not a Spiderman fanatic, but being a longtime fan can simlply say that the newest definately portrayed him as the closest to what I always envisioned him to be.

    I however, will not be digitally buying these games unless they go at a price I would be insane not to.

    Activision though beloved for past generation games, is not amoung my favorite for some time.

  • Don’t forget to provide us gamers with a demo and a free trial for PlayStation Plus users.

  • Loved the first one, hope this one is just as fun! :)

  • “With great power there must also come … great responsibility!”

  • Vita version? NO! Why? Beacause the Vita is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i was interested in trying this game on ps4 but i think its a huge mistake to charge a full $60 for a movie tie-in game. I’ll wait till it eventually drops $25-30, which is the price it should have released at.

  • Hi Stan Lee!!!

  • just bought! The two free movie tickets at Gamestop were just too good to pas up

  • Btw, none of you people actually believe Stan Lee took the time to actually write this article himself do you? lol

  • More interested in the movie than anything else. Haven’t played a Spiderman game since the PS1 era.

    +alexroder… the Vita is uprising. I have a Vita….I buy many Vita games. Where as my 3DS, PS3 don’t get much love.

    It going to go up and up…..and developers are starting to see that the people who buy a Vita tend to buy more games as well. Just like the PSP…it will be JRPG force….

  • Hi Stan.

  • Come on lets be honest Stan Lee didn’t write that I am sure he is a really busy guy and someone else who is pretending to be Stan Lee to promote the game wrote the above post. Honestly I am surprised we still have not seen any reviews for this game yet. That only means one thing it sucks. I would hope it wouldn’t but lets be honest the last good spiderman video game would have to be Spiderman 2 for the PS2.

  • Downloaded the PS4 version this morning before work, and played about an hour of it. It’s…an Activision game, that’s for sure. The Spider-Man fanatic in me is enjoying it, but I’d love to see what a Spider-Man game with the time and budget it deserves would turn out like.

    I’m looking forward to playing more of it when I get home, but I’m enjoying it more than the first ASM game so far.

  • I’m still on the fence about this game but I might pick it up down the line when it goes on sale. Always enjoy seeing and hearing Stan Lee talk about Spidey. He’s always energetic and passionate about the character.

  • @Junguler but you do know that this won’t be a movie game because a lot of people have gotten confused about this. If it was another movie based superhero game I would pass as wel but since it is not you should give it another look.

  • I don’t believe that is Stan Lee,here in the Blog….just wanna say that you’re THE GUY.I’m your fan Mr.Lee.

    Now about the game…well I will be waiting for a sale even though the game looks good.Although I know this game has way more things and villains than the movie.. but its a movie game so will wait on a sale.Didn’t even played the 1st game.LOL

  • @ 4 Junguler – Hey what did you just said?….how about Batman Arkham Asylum and City?…not only the best superhero game EVER but one of the best multiplat games ever too.

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