Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Out Today

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Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Out Today

We are so thrilled to bring you a brand new Star Wars Pinball pack, releasing just in time for Star Wars Day, May the fourth! The past two years have been tremendously rewarding and nothing short of a dream come true for our studio to work with this incredible Universe.

As a thank you to our fans, we have decided that the new Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within pack will include 4 tables instead of 3, and remain the same price as the previous packs. These four tables are Han Solo, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Star Wars Pinball: Droids, and Star Wars Pinball: Masters of the Force. If you missed them, you can find trailers for each table on the Zen Studios YouTube channel. Check out the launch trailer to get a quick look at each table in the pack.

The new pack will be available for download today for $9.99 in North America, and tomorrow for in Europe on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Reminder when purchasing tables via PSN: If you’d like to play your new tables on PS3/PSVita as well as PS4, you MUST purchase them on PS3 or Vita first, and then use the import feature to unlock tables on PS4 at no charge.

Let us know if you have any questions on how this works — I will be here answering your questions. Stay tuned for more pinball news soon, and may the Force be with you.

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  • I cannot wait for the store to update!!!! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!!

  • Looks fun! I hope there’s a sale sometime soon though since there are a lot of tables I need to catch up on :D

  • So when are the PS Vita trophies for the DLC going to be updated for both ZP2 and Star Wars Pinball? Looking forward to the new tables! Thanks for the amazing cross buy, love getting DLC trophies across 5(!!!!) games.

  • Hopefully we can see some more creative tables in the future. In my eyes all we gave gotten for the past year or so is all marvel and Star Wars gets boring after awhile.

    Why not make some psn exclusive tables

    Ratchet and clank
    Sly cooper
    Ps all stars

  • You know I can’t help myself when it comers to Zen Pinball tables. I will always buy all of them, even though I don’t always care for every Star Wars Pinball table (though there’s definitely a few that I really like, like the Starfighter Assault table. Man that one’s good).

    Still looking forward to your original tables. I know the license tables probably get more eyes on, and thus more profit, but I always love your original table designs. You guys are really, really creative.

    Have you guys seen the Giant Bomb quick look of Zen Pinball 2?

    I personally disagree with a lot of their sentiments, but they do have some interesting criticisms and thoughts to share on the virtual pinball landscape, involving sounds and how far you go with virtual tables. It’s worth a watch, regardless,


    OMG Is that a Holocron on the Masters of the Force table? Awesome! ^_^

    These tables came out just in time. Been getting bored with the tables I already have. I even bought the soccer one and that table was way too easy.

    Can’t wait to get these. :)

  • Can’t freaking wait!! I’m obsessed with Zen Pinball. It’s the go-to game at our house when we have company over and want a bit of friendly competition ;) You can’t go wrong with even more Star Wars tables!

  • Sure feels like Sony has been playing pinball with us Vita users. When will they get around to addressing the complaints regarding PSP/PS1 games being playable on the system?

  • On a side note, I love that you guys keep this thing continuously updated and your customer support is great given all the problems the Vita version has had – may I suggest some more variety in tables in the future? We have a ton of Star Wars and comic ones now, how about branching out a little? Go for JRPG/JRPG inspired tables, see if you can work something out for LBP or inFamous tables, that kind of thing.

  • Can you clarify the difference between Zen Pinball and Star Wars Pinball? If I have some Star Wars tables (from PS Plus previously), can I play them on Zen Pinball, along with other Zen tables?

    How do I ‘import’ any Star Wars tables (previous PS+ or this new pack) into PS4? Do I install Zen or Star Wars Pinball on PS4? And what’s the exact steps to import the tables I own from PS3/Vita to PS4?


  • excellent, i’ll be buying in US store because it’s cheaper.

    9,9$ is not same as 9,99€ :P

  • More things to play! I already have two games preordered for next week, and two – now three! – things to get today. THE GAMES KEEP COMING! AAAHHH!

    I’m happy. Just wish i had more time to play. XD

  • Will it have new trophies?

  • I love Zen Pinball, so awesome. I own 28 out of the 36 tables, or 32 out of 40 tables later today.

  • Very nice.

  • OMG I can’t wait! That Han Solo table design is soooooooooo amazing!

  • The force is strong with this one.

  • When does the store normally update for new releases?

  • I’m always looking for new pinball friends to add. I won’t be getting these tables today unfortunately, but within the this week. Please add me for multiplayer or just to compare scores. Mention Zen Pinball in your request please.

    Zen keep up the good work. Best digital pinball ever produced is by your studio. Maybe one day we get some Back to the Future?
    Maybe The Punisher?

  • Glad to have the new tables because I think my girlfriend would kill me if she hears Luke say “I’m gonna check it out…” one more time. Zen Pinball rocks!

  • I can’t find an answer to this, is this playable and downloadable in Zen Pinball 2? Or is it a separate release, I have all tables through ZP2 and would like to keep it that way, thanks.

  • It doesn’t seem like these tables have demos, which doesn’t seem to be the way you guys typically operate. Any chance there will be trial versions of the tables available in the coming weeks?

  • Thankyou For Birthday Gift for new pinball tablets :D. How much are they on google play 2 bucks each then? for Tomorrow?

  • Sh1nato on April 29th, 2014 at 10:37 am said: “Maybe one day we get some Back to the Future?”

    That would be so awesome… I can see it already… it would be the best Zen table yet.

  • hi Bobby,

    thanks very much for the Star Wars code! really appreciate it.

  • Can’t wait to play these new tables! How about some Doctor Who tables in the future?

  • I am sensing a tremor in the Force, like ten million nerds shouting out, “Oh Yeah!” in unison. All four sound great. I’m especially looking forward to playing Han Solo and Episode IV.
    Bobby, you made my day! Please keep cranking out new Star Wars tables!

  • Barbie: That Zen Forums FAQ thread that you posted doesn’t address this particular table pack, and many of the comments below the FAQ actually raise doubts as to whether or not this pack can be imported into other platforms.

    Can you please clarify whether or not the Heroes Within table pack can be purchased for the PS3 version of Star Wars Pinball, and then imported into the following games (platforms):

    Star Wars Pinball (Vita)
    Zen Pinball 2 (PS3)
    Zen Pinball 2 (Vita)
    Zen Pinball 2 (PS4)

    That information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reply on importing to PS4. Based on the link, I see that I have to first import the SW tables (from SWP, which I already own on PS+) into ZP2 on PS3, then import them into ZP2 PS4. (Let’s ignore the Vita version for now.) So I installed ZP2 on my PS3, the SW tables are greyed out. Pressed square to import, it shows “Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball (Add-On Content)”, click on Download, it shows 8 items (various unlocks and demos for ZP2 and SWP, on PS3 and Vita). But whatever I do, even if I installed everything, the SW tables are still greyed out in ZP2. (No problem playing them on SWP though.)

    I see that for each set of SW pinball (3 of them: SW, balance of the force, heroes within) has ZP2 and SWP packages, for PS3, Vita and PS4, each sold separately. Which ones am I supposed to buy in order to have them all playable on ZP2 and SWP on all platforms? This is super confusing.

  • @GummyCore: Hence my question immediately above yours.

  • @Razorbak86, Ya, I like the SW tables (free from PS+). Now that the first 2 sets are on sale this week, I am thinking of picking up Balance of the Force ($4.99) and this new one ($9.99). But my attempts to import into ZP2 failed (haven’t even reached the step of attempting to import into PS4). I have serious doubt about the cross-buy (among PS platforms and among ZP2/SWP). I am not buying unless I can import the first set of SW tables successfully.

  • @GummyCore: I can tell you from past experience that the older Star Wars Pinball table packs CAN be imported into ZP2. Just go to your Downloads list in PSN, and you should find the relevant entries for Zen Pinball 2. Click download, and after the download is complete, simply install the packs. That’s what I did for the older table packs, and they imported successfully into Zen Pinball 2 on my PS3. Try that, and let me know if it works for you.

    What I’m trying to ascertain now is whether that process will work for the new “Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within” pack, which is still unclear.

  • I am able to import the first set of SW tables into PS4 ZP2, but not PS3 ZP2. On the PS3, I can only play those tables under SWP and not under ZP2. Well, maybe I will get Balance of the Force first and wait for a verdict on this new one.

  • So far I don’t like the A New Hope table very much. The ball seems to want to do it’s own thing and not actually follow any specific rules of physics. Ball comes out of a ramp, hits a slingshot and then bounces around for a while very rapidly and then gets deposited right into an outlane. That happened to me on 3 straight balls. This is on the PS4 version by the way.

  • @GummyCore: You’re trying to import using the Square button. I actually found the ZP2 versions of the same games in my Download list in the PlayStation Store, and I installed them directly from my Download list. Then when I started up ZP2 on the PS3, I refreshed the table list, and the new games were then visible and playable. Try that process and see if it works for you.

  • So in order to get the tables on all 3 platforms ill have to buy it on either my ps3 or vita? is this true for all tables? because I’ve started buying tables on my PS4 and not able to get them on ps3 or vita. -__- this is really sucking! =(

  • available now?

  • This is nice. I love Star Wars !

  • Now about this import feature I bought the new tables as well as the tables before them and the star wars tables that are on sale imported over to my PS4 but the new tables haven’t worked and I bought them on my PS3 first. When trying to import the new tables the first marvel pack comes up this import feature needs to be fixed ASAP because I like ZenPinball a lot better because of the cross-buy feature compared to the other pinball game.

  • “Reminder when purchasing tables via PSN: If you’d like to play your new tables on PS3/PSVita as well as PS4, you MUST purchase them on PS3 or Vita first, and then use the import feature to unlock tables on PS4 at no charge.”

    Dang… I wish I knew about this back when I purchased the Balance Of The Force table pack on my PS4! I thought that since it was a Cross-Buy it would be OK for my PS3 and Vita. Very bummed that I didn’t know the PS4 DLC wouldn’t unlock it for the other systems… is there anything that can be done to remedy this? Viewing my profile it’s possible to see that I did pay for the table set, so can ya help me out either PSN or Zen Studios people? Thanks!

  • Ugh…I wish I knew about this earlier! I purchased the Heroes Within table pack on my PS4! I thought that since it was a Cross-Buy it would be OK for my PS3 and Vita. I’m so upset that I didn’t know the PS4 DLC wouldn’t unlock it for the other systems… is there anything that can be done to remedy this? Viewing my profile it’s possible to see that I did pay for the table set, so can you can please help me out either PSN or Zen Studios people? Thanks!

  • Hi Bobby,

    Are we going to see a sale soon for any of the other tables? Pinball FX2 tables have been discounted several times over the years. Zen Pinball 2 has only had the Balance of the Force pack currently on sale and the Monsters bundle once upon a Halloween, and that’s it. I realize FX2 is published by Microsoft, but it’s hard not to feel like we got the short end of the stick especially when considering how many more tables that version has.

    I purchased a couple of tables on PSN recently because the cross-buy feature is important to me so that I can play Zen Pinball into the next decade over the PlayStation platforms, and to be honest, because you guys presumably get a larger share of the revenue self-publishing on PSN. I would like to purchase more tables in the near future, so please keep us posted about any new sales.

  • Great….Star Wars tables always look like the greatest along with Marvel tables….I’ll be getting these tables at some point….and I agree with some people here that said something about you guys making some tables out of Sony games.That would be amazing…LBP,GoW,Uncharted,KZ…man it would be incredible.

    Ha so if we buy things on PS4 that are cross-buy we won’t get the goodies for Vita and PS3 as well?….PS4 is a joke.

  • 7,99 quid in EUROPE?

  • Really??? I bought the tables on the PS4 but I can’t play them on the Vita!! I thought these were cross platform purchases. I am more likely to lay on my Vita than the TV. What gives????

  • Any reason Heroes Within isnt in the May 4 sale with the other two SW sets? I would have bought those tables too!

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