JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Out Today on PS3

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Out Today on PS3

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle for PS3

Hey gang. Everyone over here at Bandai Namco is very excited to release JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle out to our fans today on PS3! The game, in case you’re not aware, is a one-on-one fighting game that brings together more than 30 characters from across the entire JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series.

True to the name of the series, these characters are bizarre with a capital “B.” Even if you’re not familiar with the source material, there’s enough over-the-top personality with each fighter that you’ll have no problem picking a favorite.

All of that flourish comes courtesy of developer CyberConnect2. Their commitment to creating the greatest looking and playing anime and manga-based games is second to none. It’s easily seen in their Ultimate Ninja series for the Naruto franchise, and it’s on full display again here for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

So sit back, relax, and take in all that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle has in store.

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  • Buying this game for sure as I recently got hooked on the manga. Im on part 4 now so I likely wont play this much until I get caught up.

  • I hate retailer exclusive DLCs.

  • Imported the Japanese version its a fun game, although I personally feel $50 is too much for it (then again I spent $90 for in the first place)

  • Oh I forgot to complain about the cover art being changed. The Japanese golden cover of Jotaro was WAY COOLER than the generic one you stuck us with. Very disappointing

  • cant wait, though i ordered the physical version from the namco store,so i gotta wait for that to ship

  • I absolutely LOVE the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime. Highly recommended to anyone who loves over-the-top awesome in their anime. No wonder it’s a highly-respected manga in Japan.

  • I tried the demo but found this game incredibly boring. Was hoping the fighting mechanics would be more fun and intuitive like the naruto Ninja Storm series.

  • I am excited to play this game, its been to long since i have played a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure game.

  • btw, when are you guys at Namco going to stop being lazy and put the Tales of Symphonia avatars on the NA psn store? They have been on the EU store for months, so why is it so hard to port digital pictures to our psn store as well?

    Not too mention you guys making the upcoming Gundam Reborn digital only here. I just can’t understand the incompetence of the NA branch of Namco. :(

  • Imported this game last year near launch, pretty fun game! :D

    “All of that flourish comes courtesy of developer CyberConnect2. Their commitment to creating the greatest looking and playing anime and manga-based games is second to none.”
    Perfect reason for you all to localize .hack//Versus! Even with all the updates to JoJo, Versus is still their most balanced fighter. Slightly less localization/translation work needed than JoJo to boot.

  • @Nick O’Leary

    I think it would be really cool if Namco hosted a tournament like Sega does with the Sega cup or Capcom with Capcom Pro Tour, you know use that Jojo, Soul Calibur and Tekken to attract players.

  • Almost thought it was something about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…

  • You know what I’d really like to buy from Bandai Namco and Cyberconnect2? Anything related to .Hack. Literally anything. I’ve been waiting what feels like forever to even get Guilty Dragon on my phone,

  • @M3_RedLionAle
    >Link is 4 years old
    >Versus is a couple months shy of being 2 years old
    >Guilty Dragon had a western released announced before it was even out in japan, and is now a 1 1/2 years old
    >No HD Remasters of the old games being made
    >Even the plain old PS2 versions aren’t being put on PSN
    I know those feels.

    NamcoBandai please.

  • CyberConnect2 made me their eternal fan with Asura’s Wrath, but I have never played one of their fighting games. I think I’m going to remedy that problem with this game. I just started watching the anime, and I’m loving it. =)

  • Such good memories….I loved the Manga…read 6 of the 8 seasons.

    Reminds me of Fist of the North Star…..simply Badass fights.

    I probably buy this as a fan when it get down to the $20 range. Would have been day 1 buy if I did not have Persona 4 Arena.

    When I do buy it….I would probably not play it for the fighting but the story( hopefully can relive the early Vampire stuff from season 1).

  • Got it early this morning :D

    can’t wait to play it all day!

  • So you guys released Old Joseph as DLC? If I’m not mistaken, that character can’t be used until the release of Campaign 3.

  • This game looks quite intriguing. Might check this out soon!

  • there is no online and it is pretty stupid to not have online right at the get go. and can’t even use old joseph. also selling campaign items too, though can not use them in game with this campaign pack 1 download. kind of disappointed here.

    and why do we have to wait for campaign pack 2 in May? we still won’t be able to play online since the game will say it needs the “latest version” to play online. lol. oy. shame shame.

  • looks nice

  • I sure hope J-Stars Victory Vs gets localized as well.
    I’ll probably end up importing, but I know most people would prefer an English version.

  • Good series adapted to a a sub-par fighting game. They always do this, take something with potential and rush it out the door with a 50$ price tag. How about working on Sengoku Basara 4 for NA and EUR?! I know namco doesn’t have any bearing on that one way or the other, I would just rather have a game I know rocks than this, or backgammon blitz.

  • Why american boxarts must be always the worst s— ?!
    Are really the americans seen as stupid gaijin pigs and that’s why the coverarts are retarded and ugly as effing hell? Seriously, and please stop it.
    I don’t what kind of study the publishers have, or the information they get from Japan itself, but my god… it always end in the same conclusion: The original cover-art should stay the only one.
    I mean, what’s the point, in these times most people tend to look (hopefully) on the internet for information about a certain game. There is no need to make a fugly lame retarded piece of crap cover to attract the attention of someone on a store.

    So please stop that, and please tell this to every publisher out there.

    Now, about the game, I’m really looking forward it even though the localization suffered from stupid name changes on almost everyone.

  • ^ “sub-par fighting game”

    Sounds like you haven’t played this game, or you just hate fighting games.

  • Although their games are fun (beside the snes game)i don’t think they should release it outside Japan because no one reads their mangas.

  • Oh, man! none of this promo DLC works, guys! I can’t fight as the tiny, spiky bugman!


  • Really fun game, if we could get the campaign packs sooner though that would be great – I’d like to get online with my friends sometime soon ^_^

  • Ok guys I downloaded and installed the update for the game to let you let you play online and the campaign then when I start the game it still says I need to update the game and wont let me play campaign mode can anyone help?

  • And when will we get to download the additional 9 DLC characters?

  • @thesmith_26 I’m having the same problem too. I think a patch is suppose to be released or something.

  • I bought the collectors edition from Amazon awhile ago but haven’t played it. From what I played from the demo this fighting game has its own distinctive feel to it.

  • Not interested in the game since I never watched or read the manga yet…..but I must ask you Namco…

    PLEASE!! PLEASE!! I beg you…bring J-Stars to US with original japanese voices…of course….I’m about to import it but I still have hope to see coming to US…so I’m hesitant,although I can’t wait to play that game anymore.

  • yes Yes YES!!! but here’s the rumored i heard they did REALLY change their NAMES because i read in other forums that they didn’t keep their original names including their stands and some others the one i read so far was instead of STICKY FINGERS it’s now The Zipper Man? is it really true? -_- but regardless it’s still an awesome series too

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