Child of Light Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Child of Light Out Today on PS4, PS3

Child of Light

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Whisked away to a mystical realm and faced with menacing creatures, the small-framed Aurora is tasked with a great quest: to reclaim the Sun, Moon, and Stars from the Black Queen. In Ubisoft Montreal’s love letter to JRPGs, Child of Light invites players to adventure through enchanting vistas and forge alliances with eccentric heroes.

Child of Light launches today on PS3 and PS4. To celebrate the occasion, Child of Light’s Writer Jeffrey Yohalem offers his thoughts as Aurora takes her first steps into a surreal world.

Child of Light is a game designed to be deep enough to appeal to fans of classic JRPGs, like Final Fantasy VI — the hard mode is especially challenging — but if played on normal it is accessible enough to appeal to newcomers. We wanted to share our love of JRPGs with a whole new audience while staying true to the roots of the genre.

The combat is deep, strategic, and involving. At the same time, we wanted to use these JRPG mechanics to tell a deep, moving story. Every mechanic and action in the game has a meaning, and comes together to tell Aurora’s journey from child to adult.

This is a handmade game, born from the hearts of our entire 35-person team. Every word, bend in the levels, animation, line of music, line of code. The world of Child of Light comes from a place of joy and love. Our team and Ubisoft are very excited to share it with the real world. We hope it brings a piece of Lemuria into the hustle and bustle of the everyday, a hint of magic from a place long since lost.

Thank you for playing!

–Jeffrey Yohalem

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  • Finally!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for a while. Picking it up for PS3 this week.

  • Is there any info on whether or not the soundtrack will be made available for purchase? Loving it.

  • How much does it cost? Will pick it up either way.

  • Played the PS4 demo and it’s as good as you would think it is! It’s beautiful #1 but the turn based combat with interrupts is really fun and challenging. Just starting to get the hang of it after about 20 minutes. Also, the game has depth with a sizable skill tree for Aurora and so far the Wizard. This is a must buy!

  • Consider it bought.

    Oh yeah and…… BEYOND!

  • Absolutely ecstatic about this game!! :D
    Purchased this morning!

  • This game looks cool but I’m not a fan of the whole turn by turn fighting system. It kinda turned me off at that point.

  • Looking forward to playing this today. I can’t wait.

  • My pre order (PS3) unlocked only the DLC.

  • Love the game thank you so much for the great game and wanted to know when I preordered the game something else was downloading too. What was that?

  • It would be nice if I could actually download the game. I preordered the game and all I can download is the DLC I can’t even download the demo anymore now I’m really mad, please tell me they’re working on fixing this or else I just spent $14.99 on a $2.99 DLC pack and never got the game.

  • @juliosc_br if you download the demo, and click the main menu option full game unlock, it’ll take you to a screen that has the full game unlock download as well as the dlc. Hate that I had to find a round-about way of doing this though.

  • Hmm, it’s downloading for me right now on PS4. I went into the store, clicked download, the DLC downloaded, and now the game is.

  • @ Jasinion Where did you find the demo, I can’t find the demo anywhere on the store?

  • @Janisinion i´ll try. Thanks!

  • @bluerobotx go to games->out this month and it should be there

  • @ FifthDream The problem only seems to be with the PS3 version fot some reason.

  • Beautiful, I bought this game day 1 when it was on pre-purchase. Long live to games designed with good judgment, intelligence and humanity in mind!

    Down with FPS games.

  • Just tried the demo and was thoroughly impressed.
    The ability to time attacks to interrupt enemies presents an additional layer of involvement during battles. Enjoyed the demo. Got the full game.

  • I can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to play this.

  • Is there a Vita port in the works?

  • I would love to play this on the Vita. It’s style really lends itself to a handheld platform.

  • @Jasinion Thanks that worked, now I’ll just have to see if I can unlock the full game through the demo.

  • @bluerobotx it should work, other people said it did on gamefaqs, gl

  • cannot wait for the demo! hurry up, ps store! after seeing south park gameplay, i was itching to play a turn-based game.

    i’m a tad disappointed that north america got the short end of the stick with not having a physical disk or pre-order bonuses, though. will the DLC packs be released here? i could definitely go for aurora’s dlc skin.

    thank you for releasing a demo, and thank you for releasing the game on my birthday =]

  • the ps3 demo is on the store!

    i went to the S.E.N. store on my computer, clicked “Games” at the top, hovered over PS3 at the top, clicked “New PS3 Demos,” and child of light is the first one!

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty. Still mad that there’s no platinum though -__-

  • This looks gorgeous!
    But you have to admit that it would really shine on the Vita´s also gorgeous screen.
    Add to that being able to play this beauty anywhere and we have a perfect match for a lengthy game!
    Please, bring it to Vita and I´m sure many like me would get it day 1.

    Congrats on the great job on this game!

  • This appeared in the store super early. I started downloading at 7:20am :D

  • Beautiful game! I purchase the PS4 version with bonus preorder DLC (just 1 hour before the release ^-^)

    PS3 and PS4 versions are the same but in PS4 you can use the Touch Pad to control the firefly:p

  • Insta-buy for me. I loved yhe battle system and the art.

    Congrats to the studio and everybody involved. Huge success.

  • @PanTheMan16 I started the download at 00:26 hrs (GMT-6) ;)

  • I’m actually really interested in this game. So I may pick this up.

  • PS3/PS4 cross-buy like it is in EU?

  • The problem I have with this, Sony, is that the game has all bronze trophies, one silver, no Platinum, but on Xbox One it has a full 1000 gameerscore. Now I totally understand not wanting to cheapen the Trophy system, but because of this discrepancy I will be buying the game on my Xbox One instead of my PS4 just like I did with Trials. The good news for you is that PS4 remains my lead platform for all AAA retail games for multiple reasons.

  • Really like Ubisoft games, but will probably wait for reviews and digital sale.

  • got great reviews and from what i read the game is 12 Hours. pretty good for a Downloadable game. will try if a demo is available.

  • I Can not wait to get my hands on this! The Demo at PAX East was so delicious!

  • Sold.
    Kudos to Ubisoft for backing something so artistic and JRPG-y.

  • i decided to go ahead and get the ps4 version because of all the positive buzz. But i still think its really crappy that Ubisoft decided to give EU gamers crossbuy while making us double dip if we want both the ps4 and ps3 versions. :/

  • Instabuy for me! Can’t wait to play this tonight!

  • Why do they treat better europeans, cuz they speak with their wallts, the typical american buy evErything, even if its crap. There are even stupids who want to buy the games they get for free on plus, so dont cry.

  • This game is awesome tho,

  • @44
    Please use proper grammar. It will make your stupid comment alittle more bearable.

  • Shut up.

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! i would love to see this MASTERPIECE in my PSVITA someday :3

  • @ Ryumoaner

    You’re in that mood again, huh?

    (P.S. – “alittle” isn’t a word. Next time use proper grammar so that your worthless comments don’t contradict themselves.)

  • Primeroincognito shuting up ryumoaner mouth again.

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