Lords of the Fallen on PS4: A Challenge Worth Facing

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Lords of the Fallen on PS4: A Challenge Worth Facing

Lords of the Fallen

I’ve seen my share of challenging games, and I loved a whole lot of them. And honestly speaking, I could never put up with so many people that quit playing them early. But I’ve come around full circle to the point where I don’t see their impatience as a shortcoming anymore. There’s room for improvement in game design. And I believe that the team behind Lords of the Fallen on PS4 is after something that will narrow the gap between mainstream and core players. One bit at a time, that is.

First things first: we decided that if there’s a main feature of Lords of the Fallen that will be complex and challenging, the rest should be more or less streamlined. I’m not trying to say that we dumbed down anything. Take books written by Dan Brown or Harlan Coben, for example; they’re not deprived of any intellectual value. They’ve been skillfully written for the mainstream audience, so… why not games?

Lords of the Fallen will try to tell a story without imposing it. You won’t have to remember that the Fallen God’s name is Adyr to face him. You won’t have to memorize the names of crucial NPCs to follow their plots. But I’m pretty sure some people will really want to; and that’s enough.

You can get going just from the old legend that speaks about humanity defeating its god thousands of years ago, and then taking up the belief that it can completely wipe evil out of human nature. You might dig deeper and find out that people decided to write down the codex of the most deadly sins and that anyone caught committing them will forever be marked with a tattoo on his or her face, but your game experience will not be hindered if you lack that information.

Lords of the FallenLords of the Fallen

Most of the lore will be spread across the world in audio memoirs written by various inhabitants of our world. Most of the cinematics will focus on introducing players to the important enemies and combat events, while only the pivotal plot points and twists will feature movie-like scenes and camera-directed conversations. User interface and HUD will not be heavily ornamented, nor occupy unnecessary screen space.

When it comes to the combat system, we’re giving it as many sub-systems and dependencies as we want. Elemental damage? Sure, we’ve got quite a bit of that. Crafting? Of course — weapons, shields, and armor. Attribute weapon scaling? Just make sure you pick the right one. Do weapon move sets vary? Yup, with damage, speed, distance, types of combos, and attack chains. But bear in mind that there’s still a lot they have in common, so once you’ve learned that any attack initiated straight out of an evasive roll gives you that extra bit of distance and stability, you naturally apply that knowledge across all weapons.

There will be things tightly bound to a particular gear item, like perks, as well as universal features that work anytime and anywhere — like perfect timing for attacks, or charging. Bottom line: challenging games can be so much fun if they’re served up well. Meaning, the players can choose their own pace for learning the core mechanics.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen has been in development for some time, and we’ve shown the game to a wider audience a couple of times. So far we’ve been showing parts of the opening chapter, set within an Old Monastery just about the time when Harkyn, our hero, arrives alongside his mentor. The two are trying to figure out what made demons return after millennia have passed.

At the beginning of the game, the Monastery is pretty much a whole world to the player, so it feels like people can get familiar with the human realms and see how things work here. Then, we want people to venture off into the demonic dimension to get perspective and, well, be presented with the demons’ own reasons for why they do what they do.

And last but not least, Harkyn will finally be ready to descend deeper underground into where people believe the gigantic body of a Fallen God lies, and where he must be faced. There’s more than one ending in Lords of the Fallen, and together with a New Game + feature, we believe the experience will be worth replaying.

I can’t wait to see what people think of how the game looks and feels — please make sure you let us know in the comments.

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  • It has kinda like a skyrim meets darksiders vibe im all over this.

  • I’ve never heard of this game before, are you debuting it now or did I miss the initial announcement. Seems like you’re targwting the dark souls crowd and the ones that wanted to like it but got frustrated with it. I’m just happy to see an interesting, good looking action game on the ps4. Release date?

  • I’m so psyched for this game! The gameplay trailer that was recently released looked really good!

  • I’m too excited for this! I want it now!

  • The idea is good but its nothing new to what we have now. Best of luck.

  • What time frame is this game coming out? Dare we hope for a summer release?

  • The “audio memoirs” are something new to me. I really like these kind of content, as they add so much to the lore.

    Could you please tell us if there will be any kind of companion during our journey, or is Harkyn a lonely traveler? I keep thinking if there will be a good ending for his journey (I bet it won’t).

    This week was really worth it, a lot of material regarding Lords of the Fallen was release, which only increase my anticipation for this game.

    Thank you!

  • @Petro-Van-Boss A fortune teller are we? You’ve played a build of the game? :P

  • I have been anticipating the game since I first became aware of it almost a year ago. It was frustrating waiting to see it in action, as the only shots they showed was a non-gameplay trailer and the three screenshots (see above with ‘Lords of the Fallen’ in the bottom corner’) that looked way too good to be true. But then I saw the game play video, and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to get this game. I think it will be awesome.

  • @9 Patsrule0316: I agree, the gameplay video blew me away. Where Dark Souls is literally “Dark”, this game has color to show off the tough, gritty and hardcore action we will be able to experience

  • As a big Dark Souls fan this has me really excited. When can we expect to see more? Is it slated for this year?

  • The gameplay footage looks amazing, can’t wait to play it.

  • Tomasz is there any chance to get the vita version?

  • games look sweet…anxious to see more

  • Did War start doing yoga, or is Gabriel Belmont on the juice?

    Kidding, kidding. =P

    This looks good!

  • I am VERY excited to see more on this title. I would love to see gameplay footage (as opposed to stills only) and a tentative release date would be great as well. With that said, this game is officially on my radar and I want to know EVERYTHING about it!

  • I want to play this. Looks sick

  • Boy this game is getting better and better everytime i read something new about it

  • Man I would love another side-scrolling Castlevania. Don’t really like these 3rd person Castlevanias.

  • RE: Rezznak

    I was a fan of the older 3D castlevania games…while the gameplay mechanics were not memorable by any mean…they did a really good job of capturing the spirit of Castlevania as a whole.

  • This sounds great and looks even better. Im sure we will be seeing this in 2015, but what can you do? Ill preorder as soon as its available.

  • Amazing concept art! Can’t wait to see more of this. Congrats to the team, looks awesome.

  • i just heard about this last week and now im seeing it in the blog :)

  • This looks absolutely amazing, the game play videos get me really stoked for this to be release. I love how Tomasz pointed out this is a more fast paced Dark Souls fighting style, and that Zelda exploration is huge. That is the description of the perfect game. Cant wait!

  • Wow, this looks absolutely fantastic.

  • Looks great!
    Can’t wait to see more.

  • Game looks good….I’m looking forward to see more about it…especially gameplay.

  • looks good

  • I’m a sucker for names and art work and I like the name of this game.

  • No doubt it is much better than “Bound by flame”.Just better looking and more deep rpg.

  • You lost me in saying that Dan Brown’s novels have merit.

    • You lost me when you claimed that mainstream is merit. ;)
      It actually requires serious skills to produce something that mainstream embraces, there’s still lots our team has to learn.

    • Oh boy, just realized that I read “merit” in your comment as “mediocre”. Sorry for confusing answer.
      I haven’t actually read any of the Brown’s books btw. :)

  • Screenshots look amazing. I waited and finally lived to see. Now bombard us every moment novelties. :) I’m glad very much, because at some point I thought they forgot about lords. Well, I was wrong. :). But still if they gave a specific release date, it already would be great. :)

  • I have a feeling that this will be on ps plus one day so i will wait

  • I’m just now hearing about this game, but it looks amazing. Can’t wait to see mroe!

  • I love the look of this game, and your description of the gameplay systems are making me very happy. Any chance there will be some character customisation? Not just showing new armour or items on the character model but face, build etc? Skyrim has spoilt me for one character games :-) Can’t wait to see more.

  • Interesting… very interesting.
    Will there be any character customization? Female player options? Or is this just a story about a “male protagonist” again…

    • The name, face, body and gender of our main character is set. We had to make a decision here because of storyline, and credibility – we want to make it believable that Harkyn could actually wield all these weapons, wear all this armor, use that powerful magic, etc. It really had to be him.
      Regarding the Skyrim thing – I can assure you that there’s one thing Skyrim did really well and we’re truly looking up to. It’s the attractiveness of the fantasy “nothern harsh and wintery lands” that they nailed perfectly in our opinion. I think you will find similar moods in Lords too.

  • I’m definitely interested. I just hope the challenge isn’t in Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls territory. If it is, I’ll be passing lol

    • Lords is a game for people who like challenge, no doubt about it. Now, having said that, if I REALLY HAD TO compare, I’d say it’s not gonna be as tough as Souls.
      But that’s me, we have to agree that the real verdict will spawn from the reviews, user scores, and you guys – your opinions. :)

  • Will this game feature a character creation or is it select a character or do we just play with the character they give really hopeing to see the Ps4 get its own character creation game at least 1 this year yes i know ff14 but im talking about 1 that dosent require a monthly price and i want to b a bit like skyrim as far as the skill tree system and combat

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