PlayStation’s Road To Greatness Tour Schedule Revealed

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PlayStation’s Road To Greatness Tour Schedule Revealed
UPDATE:  We’re right at the halfway point for the Road To Greatness tour, and we wanted to take this opportunity to announce all the new stops on the map. Check the table below for the latest locations and don’t forget to RSVP for an event on Facebook. In addition to more locations added, we’re happy to announce that the My Road To Greatness winners have been selected! Congratulations to: David F. from California, Josh H. from Montana, Karvel L. from New Hampshire, and Ramon H. from Texas! You can find out more about the four winners on the Road To Greatness website, where you’ll also find their winning entries.

If you’ve had a chance to go to one of the Road To Greatness events to date, let us know what you thought in the comments! If not, let us know what you’re most looking forward to on the road. We’re always listening to your input and continually aiming to improve the tour!

Road To Greatness

We’re hitting the road again, bringing the latest and greatest in PlayStation gaming to festivals and events across the country. Tomorrow marks the first stop in our Road To Greatness tour at the Stagecoach Music Festival in beautiful Indio, California, and from there we will be heading to a different city almost every week until November! Here’s a list of the first few scheduled stops:

Event Date Location
Stagecoach Country Festival April 25 – 27 Palm Springs, CA
Beale Street Music Festival May 2 – 4 Memphis, TN
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series May 9 – 10 Kansas City, MO
Rock on the Range May 16 – 18 Columbus, OH
Rocklahoma May 23 – 25 Tulsa, OK
Free Press Summer Festival May 31 – June 1 Houston, TX
Military Appreciation Event June 10 – 12 Fort Riley, KS
Country Jam June 19 – 22 Grand Junction, CO
Summerfest June 25 – July 6 Milwaukee, WI
MLB FanFest July 11 – 15 Minneapolis, MN
Country Jam July 17 – 19 Eau Claire, WI
New Jersey Festival of Ballooning July 25 – 27 Readington, NJ
Musikfest August 1 – 10 Bethlehem, PA
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Pure Michigan 400 August 15 – 17 Detroit, MI
Bumbershoot August 30 – Sept. 1 Seattle, WA
Miramar Air Show October 3 – 5 San Diego, CA
International Balloon Festival October 9 – 12 Albuquerque, NM

On the Road To Greatness tour, you’ll be able to go hands-on with dozens of new and unreleased PS4 and PS Vita games, compete in daily tournaments, and win awesome PlayStation prizes. Each event will pack its own unique set of surprises, so follow along with @HeyPlayStation on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Of course, this is just the beginning of our long journey until November. Keep checking the Road To Greatness website over the coming weeks for new event announcements, pictures from the tour, and to register for a chance to win a PS4 software prize pack.

You can also RSVP to any of these events on Facebook here. If you don’t see your home town on the list, tell us why we’re missing out by using #RoadToGreatness on Twitter. Who knows – maybe we’ll squeeze your city into our schedule of stops!

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4 Author Replies

  • This list has a distinct lack of a date in FL. I’ll wait for that.

    • There are still a lot of events to be announced! Stay tuned for some updates on that front in the coming weeks.

  • How about Philadelphia?

  • Agreed with #1. In Doral, FL or somewhere around the international airport of Miami would be great.

  • The closest one to me is in Wisconsin. I know Summerfest admission is $18. Will it cost anything extra to get into the PlayStation event?

    • There’s no additional cost to get into the Road To Greatness event. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • That is a RANDOM collection of locations…

  • Yup! No New Jersey!

  • No east coast love, at least you our doing this until November. Hope you guys come to South Florida, everywhere in Broward would be nice.

  • Yes Philadelphia. Every time you guys have an event, Philadelphia is excluded. Last Year Microsoft Xbox One had an event in Philadelphia and had a great turnout and only 20% of Philadelphia attended. The other 80% are PlayStation fans. ;-) Lets book Philadelphia.

  • Sounds cool! Nothing close enough to where I live at the moment, but here’s hoping Las Vegas is added to the list down the line~ :D

  • Hark! Yes, Philly, Boston, & I’m in NYC- confirmed East Coast is all Microsoft & Nintendo peeps? Haha, I kid… but if ye can fit us in your roadmap, include our Canadian friends too!

  • Hey Michael. If you truly want to drive the “Road to Greatness”, turn that bus towards Canada, specifically Vancouver. :)

  • I agree with JoGam Philadelphia never gets any love… now i have to search on ebay for the PlayStation prizes i missed out on :(

  • You seem to have forgotten about us Canadians again, eh?
    We got good pancakes and maple syrop.
    We once had a bird as a president as well :D
    Come see what the fun is all aboot!

  • WHOA………………… No New York ??????

    I need to speak to your Manager kind sir.

  • How About the East Coast? NY? Toronto? Montreal, capital of gaming?

  • I hope we get one in Miami Florida

  • It sad to see it always in the US, what tick me off is how it says “across the country” more like “within US” or “across US” . Don’t mention “across the country” if it’s only within US. When someone tells me “across the country” I’m thinking all over the world

    Please come to Canada/Toronto!


  • Man, I wish this was coming to Atlanta, but I’m excited for others!

  • Aww… we never get anything cool happening here in Los Angeles. :(

    Just kidding!

  • Hiiiiiii

  • Come to the Southwest!

  • Is The Order going to be one of the playable games?

  • Hahha are u mad or nah

  • Yes, a Tampa or Orlando FL would be amazing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • This sounds exciting!

    But hey, some of us are really sad that the PSOne and PSP Compatibility turned out to be a bug/glitch

    the point is we are not trying to blame Sony. as many have already said, Sony doesn’t and can’t control the entire license agreement. but with all the downloads from this glitch + if we make ourselves heard, I think Sony does have a good case to negotiate with the publishers to rethink about this

    “hey look, gamers want this, people are willing to spend money to buy older games, shall we work things out?”


  • You do realize the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is at the “Kansas Speedway” which is in Kansas City, Kansas not Missouri.

  • please show us Canadians some love too and stop by in Toronto, Canada!!

  • HA. It says beautiful Indio, CA. I grew up in Indio, the only way it can be considered beautiful is if you enjoy dirt.

  • YES! Can’t wait for this. I’ll be going to the events at Summerfest.

  • Please come to Florida

  • Would be nice if they came to Hawaii! ive always wanted to come to things like this, but its always on the Mainland, come to Hawaii please!

  • Darn you New York! Why you so far from the PlayStation’s????!? :( I’d love you guys to come nearby here. Maybe even more local out on Long Island. ;) Pssst…Nassau Colosseum! Pssst…

  • Do we have to have tickets to these events? I want to go to the one in Kansas City but I don’t want to get Nascar tickets to play new ps4 games. Does anyone know?

  • Please could NYC be a place this comes to, you know New York does like, maybe love. you guys

  • Don’t forget Tucson, Arizona! Lots of gamers here in the desert.

  • @iM_soWAVY416 umm….not hating on Canada or anything, but when I hear “across the country” that’s exactly what I think — across the country. Not sure where you got the entire world from….

    But anyway, yes, some Florida love would be nice ;)

  • Summerfest! Heck yeah, I don’t think you guys were there last year, and it kinda sucked. Nothing like playing playstation in between seeing bands! And the first day of Summerfest is my birthday!

  • Nothing in NY? Really?

    Long Island would be preferable, but I’d hop on the train to Manhattan if need be!

  • Sorry, but Greatness Awaits Next (Next) Gen cause what we are handed right now is awful!!!

  • no Orlando, Tampa, or Jacksonville Fl?

  • Coming to Charlotte is a MUST! Also, there’s plenty of events you could host you guys!

  • Never any love for Puerto Rico :(

  • I give a vote for Philadelphia, please!! We have convention centers here too you know.

    You guys took out your Sony store from the Philadelphia Premium outlets after it was there for at least 7-8 years… do you guys just not like Philly? I know Sid is from that way and so was Jeff (before he left to work for the other guys).

    Would love a Philly event!

  • Canada is always getting shafted

  • If you guys can make your way up to Boston this summer that would be greatly appreciated.

  • I hope there is another one for Ohio!! maybe Cincinnati?!?!?! <3

  • Why the hate for utah? I hope to see utah in the list in the near future. Im a photographer and would like to get some pics.

  • Hope you make it out to LA!

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