New Evolve Interactive Trailer Revealed

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New Evolve Interactive Trailer Revealed

We’re very excited to share a complete match of Evolve with the world for the first time. We’ve done something pretty cool with this trailer by allowing viewers to switch between the feed of any of our four hunters or the monster. We’ve also included a sixth channel to watch along with some great commentary from Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Chris Ashton, the co-founder and design director at Turtle Rock Studios.

New Evolve Interactive Trailer Revealed

The concept of four hunters taking on one giant, evolving monster really sets Evolve apart from other games. This trailer does a great job of demonstrating just how unique each role is, and we’re excited for gamers to start getting an idea of which side of the 4v1 battle they want to be on, keeping in mind that there’s going to be even more hunters and monsters to choose from when Evolve ships this fall.

In this trailer, you get a look at the first four hunters in Evolve: Val the Medic, Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, and Hank the Support. Each hunter plays a unique role in the fight, and each of them has unique weapons and items used to take down the monster. You also get to see Goliath, our first monster. Goliath’s attacks include a charge, leap attack, rock throw, and fire breath. In this 4v1 trailer, the two sides tangle in an awesome battle on our map Forest Ruins.

It was great seeing the reception for Evolve at PAX East, where we had a massive booth that included an enormous to-scale statue of a stage 3 Goliath. We drew huge crowds when we broadcast matches on the big screen above our booth while two 2K Production Staff shoutcasted the play-by-play of the 4v1 action.

We hope that today’s trailer brings that awesome PAX East experience to viewers around the world.

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  • OMG! This game looks so good and different I can’t wait to play it!. Will there be a season pass for this?

  • After watching this I know I need to get this game now! I can’t wait to play as the Goliath!

  • This game looks BAD ASS!!!!!! No Wonder 2K is involved! I though Destiny was goint to be the main dish this year but this is getting all the numbers aswell.

    One question though, the MP aspect of this game will be always to hunt a creature? Not criticizing, I would love if it were to be that way for a change.

  • Coming to vita? Isn’t it?

  • It’s so silly when video games have an individual organism “evolve.” It’s equivalent to saying a person is flying when they merely jumped, calling a beeper a cell phone, or claiming the sun to be a planet.
    Evolution occurs in populations, not individuals; individuals can mutate, which could lead to a population evolving if the mutation is beneficial.
    Video games should be making knowledge more accessible to the masses in a fun, interactive way; not perpetuating common misunderstandings of the knowledge we do possess.

    That being said this does look like a sweet game.

  • @5: I was so happy when Ni No Kuni called it “metamorphosis” instead of “evolution” like Pokemon does.

  • Look at Fez for example. It’s based on a novel called “flat land” in which a 2d being discovers the 3rd dimension and is unable to describe the experience. The story is used to illustrate the concept of 3D being’s inability to perceive the 4rth dimension.
    The “Navi”-like sprite that accompanies you- Dot- is a dodecahedron: a theoretical shape that only exists in 4D- like a cube inside of a cube wherein every vertex is connected to every other vertex by only right angles.

    Fez is an amazing game in which the dev. spent a good deal of time researching the concepts he was building his game around so that he could build up a game that not only features said concepts, but clearly and accurately illustrates them to the common man.

  • To be clear, I’m trying to bastardize fantasy by any means, just saying that story-telling and entertainment media could(and should) be working towards the advancement of humanity rather than nursing the common misconceptions/misinformation that holds(s) back our advancement.

  • I’m not*

  • @5, 7, 8, 9…UGH.

  • Such a great commentary lol. He made the game look even more fun with the sports-like commentary

  • Looks super sweet I’m just really wondering if there’s going to be some form of single player aspect. I enjoy multiplayer stuff, but not enough of my friends have a PS4 so I’d have to play with random people which always holds random results. I still haven’t been able to play a session of CoD Extinction without everybody quitting on me.

    It’d be cool for dual campaigns, as the modes are inherent in the “story” of the game, choose either a hunter in an AI team protecting a camp from evolving creatures or play as the Goliath trying to attack and take over various establishments or camps that have defenses networks and call in the hunters for support.


  • Looks like so much fun!

  • @12: There is singleplayer. They stated it months ago (@2:36):

  • Eh, I don’t see this being fun for long. Kinda burned out on first person shooters and this doesn’t look like it’ll help me get over that. Nice idea, though.

  • Wow I never heard of this game before….looks pretty cool…nice weapons designs…now is this game online only?…I mean there is a SP in it?….nice graphics and seeing the Goliath all wounded was pretty cool….nice attention to detail there.

  • This will be another highly anticipated game for sure with the multiplayer having this much diversity. This brings the level originality to the multiplayer genre.

  • @ 14 OceanH – Oh good…I’m glad to know…cuz online only would be a waste of potential.Now I’m looking forward to see more about it.Thanks for the information.

  • This game looks incredible! Can’t wait for more details. :)

  • Haven’t been this excited for a game since Destiny,. Just hope that there are modes so that new players can get used to it.

  • Yeah been waiting for the gameplay (proper gameplay video that is) since last week they announced it and there you go.
    Definitely this looks like pure fun.

  • I worry about the balance. The monster whaled on that guy for a long time for him to only be incapacitated. And the humans took insane amounts of damage, and the knock back didn’t see like it did much in the scheme of things. Looked like they could get right back with no problem.

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