New Blacklight: Retribution Map Out Today on PS4

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New Blacklight: Retribution Map Out Today on PS4

Blacklight: Retribution

Hey Blacklight: Retribution fans, Zombie Studios is releasing the Seaport map today on PS4! Seaport is designed to bring players into the fight quickly with two major avenues of attack. If you find yourself pinned down, plenty of smaller side paths and routes cut through the port’s warehouses. Good use of HRV is critical, since the opposition can take you by surprise quickly if you let your guard down — watch your teammates’ backs.

The industrial port setting means there’s verticality to the map you need to keep in mind to be competitive. Check the walkways and roofs as you advance or you’ll just be GP in someone else’s wallet.

Map releases are a cause for celebration here at Zombie, and we love to include our players in the festivities. It’s been a while since we’ve had a double XP weekend, and this is a perfect excuse. That’s right: new map and double XP.

Blacklight: RetributionBlacklight: Retribution

While we’ve got everyone’s attention, lets touch on some popular questions Zombie has been receiving:

  • “When is beta over?”
  • “Are you guys doing anything with GP pricing?”

Here’s the current situation on beta. Zombie has begun the final march to the end of beta. We have one bug fix patch planned, and then the next patch is going to take us out of beta. Keep watching Zombie’s Twitter or Facebook for the date announcement.

Concerning GP prices, Zombie has put a lot of time into figuring out how to best balance GP to make sure our players are having fun and to keep the game balanced. All your feedback in beta has been extremely helpful, and we’re feeling great about our final plans. Expect details at the end of beta we think you’ll be pleased to hear!

Thanks for being a Blacklight PS4 Beta player! You’ve made all the difference.

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3 Author Replies

  • Great news! Will we see Trophies added when you go out of Beta?

    • Definitely on Trophies. We’re eager for them too! Putting them into the beta would have been bad form though. Too many tweaks and changes.

  • hope for trophies too

  • Nice. I’m sure it will become a lot more active out of beta, and if trophies were added.
    Thanks for the map!

  • Trophies …and we be all set !

  • Awesome news, been meaning to go back and play BLR was busy with PS3 backlog this perfect timing

  • The main thing that would get me to play the game more often would be changing how items are purchased. Instead of every item being on a “rent” basis instead of paying real money, make it so some things can be purchased permanently with in game funds. I would be more willing to pay for weapons/hardsuits and more with real money if I could permanently unlock things such as red sights and silencers with in game funds. Also along with everyone else I would love to see trophies added too.

  • I think you should try to going a platinum in the game just like DC universe has once you’re out of beta

  • I haven’t played this game in awhile this will be cool to get back into the game and check this out. Glad to see the game has been fixed and that it’s finally coming out of beta!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game has come such a long way since beta stage and Have dropped about $30 on it. Not because I need too but because i want to help support you guys. A couple of things that would be great in launch build would be a party system aswell as showing how many people are online on the game as well in each gamemode. Also the game is still a bit laggy but I know that will be improved over time. Other than that I hope even more receivers are added as well as more cutomization! Also why arent the attachments we buy carried over to other receivers? I hate that i have too buy attachments twice with z points etc. Im enjoying this game a lot just a few small things that need to be worked out!

    • Remix –

      The team loves to see posts like this. They’re big motivators.Every thing you suggested in your post is in the big list of things we know you guys want. I’m not promising they’re all there immediately but certainly are at least long term goals.

      As for why attachments aren’t global any longer we made the call to make them receiver unique for many reasons. Primarily so we could lower prices (both Gp and Zcoin) on them compared to when they weren’t unique. This lowers the barrier to an attachment for a more casual players. Lets face it the hardcore players aren’t really stopped by barriers like that. We do get that it may not be popular with all players but ultimately we felt it was best for the health of the game. Gp prices have a big effect here too and they are still being tuned.

  • Ready for post beta trophies!!!

  • Can’t wait for the beta to be over, will be playing it a lot once the trophies are added.

  • I played this when i got my PS4. when i played it felt like some of the people were hacking. other than that its good. and needs trophies. and when is it out of Beta?

  • Any details and eta on clan support and any kinda ingame competitive league system?

  • Why is this game even on the PS4? It seems so….. low tier and low budget. It’s a beta and F2P I know that but looking at the other F2P game on PS4 ummm you guys are far behind the capabilities of the PS4 and it’s just weird seeing this being updated when it looks like no one touched it in five years.

  • they should make it so GP if you have a lot of it will unlock a gun instead of doing one or 30 days.

  • To be honest, I didn’t expect much when I downloaded the game. I just wanted to try it out “while I waited for Battlefield 4 to arrive… But now that I have been playing, I have to say I actuallu have enjoyed the game. It is tons of fun and matchmaking is easy to use, gets you playing in no time at all… great job guys!

  • Have tried your game but trophies will draw me in even more. Be sure to add trophies similar to the way Warframe does. (every big patch)
    That keeps me interested in these F2P games.

    Please hurry! ;)!

  • Yaaay! Finally almost out of beta! Can’t wait to get the final version.

  • I’ve been playing this game on my new PC lately, good game. Also wanna tell you guys I’m excited for Daylight to be coming out.
    Keep up the good work. c:

  • Sadly i could never pla the game, twice i downloaded it and twice it gave me an error screen after i get trough the menus

  • i agree with #6, i would play more often if i could buy an keep things with GP, i spent some money on one gun an attachments its supposed to be F2P an ur the only one i ever seen that forces u to use real money to keep things forever, heck even war frame lets u get get everything by just playing but not your game

  • @daDILLYdog theres only 2 other f2p games on ps4 an this game looks just as good as them to me, heck it looks better than BF, i hate COD so i have no clue what that looks like on ps4

  • oh ya zombie studios can u please tell me if theres gonna be lots of maps? i hate how every shooter has less than 20 maps an they never add as many as i like before they make a new one, so more maps will make it were u don’t replay the same ones alot

  • @juggalorider, #21

    You aren’t FORCED to buy them, actually, and I’m not talking about the whole “If you don’t wanna buy it then you don’t have to” thing that people throw around. I’m not sure if this applies to the PS4 verison, but I know on the PC version that I’ve been playing, you can pay more GP to own it for longer, even permanently. They give you the options for maybe 3 days, 7 days, 30 days, or forever, maybe some other times inbetween.

  • This is awsome do you have any news on planetside 2

  • I remember a while back hearing that things could be GP permed once the beta ends. Was I dreaming that? or has the decision changed?

  • @SAzzanadra

    I would say you’re probably not dreaming that, considering that is something available in the PC version.

  • Kael i love blacklight but a lot of my friends do not. so i just thought of a few changes the game could use. firstly the game crash so often for me that i usually cant finish a full game and it lags alot. But my friends also think it lacks content so i was thinking you should add many more guns and gear to the game make melee more viable. maybe at some point in the future specialized classes. I also think the game seems pay to win. so i was thinking make it possible to perm weapons with gp. maybe new hardsuit types or vehicles. and tons of new maps including some very open maps. more normal game types. and maybe some just for fun game types like a zero gravity gametype. also if you could add more animations like crawling animations . thanks for listening.

  • please get rid of the AimAssist
    i hope with the new update the game will run Smooth

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