Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Out Today on PS3

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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Out Today on PS3

Soulcalibur Lost Swords

Hey gang. The endless story of souls and swords marches forward. Starting today, PS3 owners will be able to download our latest Soulcalibur title, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, for free.

That’s right, I said free! Soulcalibur: Lost Swords takes everything you like about the series — the fast and fluid, weapon-based combat, the beautiful graphics, the customization options — and wraps it all up in a free-to-play game worthy of the Soulcalibur legacy. We’ll also be bringing back some fan-favorite characters that missed the fight in Soulcalibur V, including Sophitia and Taki. Be sure to keep a look out for other returning characters as well as time goes on.

There are some changes to the Soulcalibur formula that we are implementing in Lost Swords. The first one you’re going to notice is that the game is single-player only and revolves around players making their way through a series of quests to gain items. These items can be accessories such as clothing options or new weapons to give your character extra flair or increased stats. These upgraded items will be essential as you tackle later quests.

Soulcalibur Lost SwordsSoulcalibur Lost Swords

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords isn’t a totally solo experience, though. Once players have outfitted their characters to their specifications, they can upload their character for other players to download and help assist in battles as an ally. The more you help out other players, the more Friend Points you will receive, allowing for added bonuses.

Be sure to check out the game when PlayStation Store is updated today. And as a special gift from the development team, if you log in within the first four weeks, you’ll receive a set of bonus items as our thank you!

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  • So when are we getting Soul Calibur 6 for PS4?

  • sounds good, looking forward to downloading it ! Hopefully whatever transactions attached to this are reasonable =P =)

  • I take it there’s also going to be some DLC later down the line?

  • Another game that could, and should be on the Vita.

  • Thank you Namco Bandai!!!

  • Hey J. Kartje,

    I think it would be really cool if Namco hosted a tournament like Sega does with the Sega cup or Capcom with Capcom Pro Tour, you know use that Soul Calibur and Tekken to attract players.

  • why games like this are never on vita

  • Thanks for the FTP game. Looking forward to playing it on my PS3 later today!

  • @5 It’s Bandai Namco now. :D

  • Is this a microtransaction game? If so count me out.

  • I’m always skeptical of FTP, but I’ll take a look.

  • @4 Exactly.

    I really enjoyed Broken Destiny for PSP, so I would love to get one for Vita. Pleeeease?

  • F2P Soulcaliber, I’ll bite.

    @ – Mr. Kartje, would you kindly whisper into whoevers ear is needed to get a Katamari game on the PS4, THAT would be some outstanding news!

  • Very curious to see what this is. I wonder what the free-to-play hooks are. Is there an in-game store where they sell items, or are there timers that can be removed by paying? I would much prefer an in-game store over timers or other limiting mechanics.

  • I would totally be down with them doing an HD remaster of SoulCalibur 3 or 4 for PS4. Those two are my favorite.

  • “That’s right, I said free!”….did you mention any micro transactions or time constraints? Of course we’re expected to know this on fee to pay games right? No need to mention it.

  • Im skeptical of anything free-to-play. I also wish this was on PS4 and/or Vita instead of last gen. But Ill try it

  • I will check it out for sure. Sounds like an interesting concept for a fighter, almost like an RPG maybe?

  • How expensive will be the pay-to-win model with this game???

  • I love Soulcalibur, Micro Transactions or not I’m in…

  • Will be checking out this one later!

  • So, is this real free to play or Tekken Revolution free to play where you can only do 5 matches until your recharge like you’re on a mobile phone?

  • Hopefully there will be trophies. Otherwise i don’t see myself wasting time with this fighting game, even if its free.

  • @Ryumoau

    I saw the trophy list. There are 8 so far. Not sure if more will be added later with the DLC, or not.

  • Sorry but but no VS no try, atleast Tekken lets you play other people (as for the wait timer @22 its not that bad, play for a few minutes, make a sandwich, walk the dog, then start playing again, I do wish it gave you more arcade tokens to though, I feel like 6 online tokens, and 8 arcade tokens would work out better then the current system)

  • Nice! Now I can stop playing the one from the Japanese PSN store.

  • @24 oh cool, thanks.

  • I’m a fan of Soulcalibur, but I’m skeptical of this concept. Taking a well-respected 2-player fighting game and then converting it to a free-to-play, single player experience seems like an odd way to continue the series… especially since Legends on the Wii was such a mess, II HD was such a disappointing port and V is generally regarded to be a poor game compared to the games preceding it.

    If I can offer some feedback to Namco Bandai: please do some marketing research with your core audience to find out what we like about the series before you take it in a different direction. The potential for spin-offs and line extensions is there, but not if the core fans aren’t 100% behind the concept.

    With that said, I’m in for a return-to-form Soulcalibur 6 or a PS Vita enhanced edition of SC: Broken Destiny.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaat?….Taki is back?……SP only and for FREE!!!!… I dreaming?…..this is FANTASTIC.

  • Does this mean the DLC for SCV will be on sale/permanent price drop to celebrate this release? :-)

  • Is this totally free or do we have to purchase tokens of some sort like tekken revolution?

  • + Drew_Croft on April 22nd, 2014 at 8:12 am said:
    Another game that could, and should be on the Vita.

    Sadly, the Vita seems to be where they’re dumping the FTP puzzle/casual games.

  • I’m not complaining, for me it’s fine since I don’t play fighting games that deep, play one tournament, then take a break. Good for gamers who play just for fun, not glory… I personally will check it out.

  • And yes, the whole Fighting/RPG hybrid F2P single-player game seems too good to be true. There has to be something we need to pay for to get the most, if not any, enjoyment out of this game.

  • Any chance we’ll see Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ on Vita?

  • Tekken Revolution Vita anyone?

  • The game peaked on dreamcast. After that they put too much focus on the characters breasts and undressing them. I liked soulcaliber for its lore the look at our characters boobs approach turned me off. I would play dead or alive if I wanted that.

    Sorry no interest in this even if its free, too much free ps plus to play anyway.

  • Such a fantastic concept, I can’t wait to try it! Speaking of fantastic F2P ideas, Sony please bring the amazing Hearthstone to the PS4 or PS3!

  • Thank you Bandi Namco!!! and @9

  • Free, why not? Thanks for the hard work Namco.

  • I’m a little annoyed that they made new equipment pieces for this but stopped providing new DLC for V. Not to mention the old characters coming back. Hopefully it all turns up in the inevitable…


    RETURN OF THE characters you missed

  • are we able to use the dlc we got from soul caliber v for this game?

  • Bandi Bandi
    I’m about to snatch this game up.

  • Well, it’s about time… I have been waiting for this game since February…

  • I will check this out as well and see if there is a multiplayer component to this.

  • Very nice. Now you guys need to hurry up and make SC6 for PS4.

  • If only the store would update already.

  • I cant find this on psn but i can find the other games that came out today

  • So downloading this today :) If it’s anything like Tekken Revolution, count me in! I can’t wait!

  • should’ve released on PS4 too.. but cant wait to try it out! Also, why on the bottom of the blog it has firmware sections for everything but ps4?

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