Grid: Autosport Coming to PS3 on June 24th

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Grid: Autosport Coming to PS3 on June 24th

GRID: Autosport

Hey, PlayStation fans! It’s great to be back on the blog, and today I’m incredibly excited to bring you news of our latest game — Grid: Autosport on PS3.

Grid 2 raced off into a more narrative-led world with accessible controls, and it’s clear that for many of you that wasn’t what you wanted or expected from it. So with Grid: Autosport we had the opportunity to make a much more focused motorsport game, a desire that many of you have expressed directly to us, and a game that in spirit goes back to some of our earlier titles in terms of content and handling.

The Handling

As ever, our handling model has had a lot of effort put into it, and you’ll really notice the difference, we think, from Grid 2. For Grid: Autosport, we’ve gone back to a more authentic handling style. It’s definitely not a full simulation — we want it to be authentic, not clinical — but it’s more towards that end of the spectrum than before. If anything, we believe the handling is actually one or two steps further towards simulation than Race Driver: Grid, to give you an idea.

GRID: AutosportGRID: Autosport

The Racing Disciplines

You’ll be hearing us talk about disciplines a lot as they make up another of the core foundations of the game. Disciplines are various types of motorsport, of which there are five within Grid: Autosport — each with its own unique style and feeling. A Touring Car race feels completely different to that of an Endurance or Open Wheel. It’s one of our key goals to capture the authenticity of each discipline in Grid: Autosport.

The Career

The single-player career in Grid: Autosport will allow you to become a professional racing driver. As you make progress you’ll be able to join and switch teams, fulfill sponsor demands, and beat rivals.

Racing with a teammate is back, and — at your request — he/she will now attack the cars ahead or defend his or her position.

The Racing Experience

When you take an authentic handling model, a great selection of cars, and a variety of racing disciplines, it still needs the racing experience to hold them all together. And in Grid: Autosport your racing experience revolves around the Paddock.

In the Paddock, you’ll be able to tune your car before the race. Tunable components include brake bias, differential, downforce, gears, ride height, and suspension at both the front and back. All of the cars in the game run great as “stock,” but the option to tune is there should you wish to get the car handling to your own preference. It’s also the place in which you’ll be able to take part in both practice and qualifying before a race.

GRID: Autosport


Powered by RaceNet, you’ll be able to join with friends to form Racing Clubs and race under team colors against other clubs in the community. Receive new challenges every week with the new and evolved Discipline Challenge; track your stats, including your complete vehicle history, and climb weekly with persistent leaderboards.

More Soon

We’re incredibly excited to lift the lid on Grid: Autosport, and we’re looking forward to the coming weeks when we get to show you more of the game. You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it, as Grid: Autosport launches June 24th on PS3. We’ll see you on the track!

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5 Author Replies

  • meh first

  • Kinda dissapointed. Was hoping GRID 3 for PS4 (or even better: DIRT 4!!!).

  • Awesome. Most likely a day-1 buy for me.

    There was nothing wrong with GRID 2, though. I loved it. I thought you guys really did find the perfect balance between sim and arcade handling in that game.

    I can adapt to either style, although I actually prefer arcade-style handling. But I’m still looking forward to this game, for sure.

  • no PS4 ?

    no thank you.

  • A new DiRT game would be awesome too. (Please tell us it’s already in the works…)

  • After 8 years, I’m done buying PS3 games. Good luck though.

  • Just goes to show, the PS3 still has a lot of life left, and is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

    Thanks Codemasters for bringing another quality title to the PS3. Keep up the great work!

    As Primero said, I too hope another DIRT game is in the works for the PS3.

  • I’m really looking forward to this. Huge fan of the Grid series. I thought Grid 2 was a great game and will scoop this off the shelves quickly in June. Thanks Codemasters for everything that you do.

  • Had alot of a fun with the first GRID, havent got around to playing GRID 2 yet (its on my Hard drive)
    Although I do have to ask why no PS4 version, I know IGN has an article saying something about forcing it onto next gen, Im just curious why not do a PS4 version and fill the void for racing games on next gen

    • We’re still working on our ‘next gen’ tech, it’s not quite there yet and it’s not something that we really want to be rushing. We’ll be releasing games on PS4 in the future and when we do they’ll be great :)

  • this game should of been on ps4 as well. too sad to not get it. i’m not plugin my ps3 again lool

  • cmon man! There is no reason why any new release for the last gen shouldn’t be on the current gen! I went out and bought the ps4 and it is quickly becoming a paperweight (actually more like dust trapper)! Show the ps4 some real love. And before you tell me about Infamous second son, it was the worse infamous game of the bunch! looked great but Infamous 1 and 2 were better games!

  • The PS3 isn’t going to die yet, despite many on this blog hoping it would and a big thank you to Codemasters for supporting this system. Since there are still millions of PS3 users out there, I don’t see a problem for Codemasters to release it on the PS3. Just because people who say they won’t buy it because it’s not on the PS4 doesn’t mean diddly squat. If you hate Codemasters so much for supporting this “ancient” and “butt ugly” system that you wouldn’t touch with a 50 foot pole then just move on and be patient until they release something for the PS4. I’m sure there’s enough of us to check this game out and this is a day one purchase for me. Long live the freakin’ PlayStation 3.

  • is this going to be in the PSN STORE??? i would love to have it digital,

  • @MrBigShoes99


  • Time for you PS4 people to stop your crying. There’s still a lot of PS3’s out there. There will still be PS3 games coming out. Get over it.

  • Awesome news. I’ll probably grab this on PC though seeing as it’s lead platform.
    Can’t wait, I’ve been needing a new racing game.

  • Looking forward to this, but will you be improving wheel support? I had to jump through hoops to get my Fanatec to work properly with Grid 2 and even then it’s not great.

  • Is there going to be a cockpit view?

  • I´m really enjoying of GRID 2 in my PS3, especially the Split-Screen ! This feature will be available in this new game? (Please YES?!)

    Also, there´s any plans for a GRID game for VITA?


  • Dont worry guys, this will make it to ps4 as a definitive edition, 6 months after ps3, at full price.

  • No Vita Version? Too bad I only spend my money on Vita’s games lol PS3 is still alive.Devs are really funny hehehe

  • Sorry, but I won’t be buying this.

    As a long time customer, and frequent purchaser of Codemaster’s games, I feel really ripped off by Grid 2.

    Bought it day 1, and overall the game wasn’t bad. Paid full price, no complaints.

    Would have purchased the DLC packs, but found the price astronomical ($10 for a track and 2 cars). Then, when the game went free on Plus, the season pass (All-In) price went up.

    It remains $35 on the store for the All-in pack, despite the the full game with all DLC (Reloaded Edition) being only $50.

    I feel that is one of the most blatant gouge attempts, and really is a poor way to treat people who bought the game at launch.

    So, I will be waiting for the full edition. I have learned my lesson.

  • A new Grid game?…damn this was a surprise.Anyway…I liked Grid 2…haven’t played the full game yet but the demo was really nice and fun,I’m sure the full game is great.Thank you guys for bringing this for PS3…yay PS3 FTW….you have my support for this.

  • I liked GRID 2. I’ll probably like this.

    Got gold in first GT Academy challenge … waiting for the next …

  • Cockpit view…Is it there?

  • I gotta admit, I’m disappointed the announcement wasn’t for the PlayStation 4.

  • Me 2 I’m disappointed!!!

  • How is the wheel support?

  • So a new grid game aye never really played this racing series before and may check it out at some point.

  • My guess is that this isn’t on PS4 because they decided to use the existing GRID 2 engine and write a new game around it, rather than develop a new engine for PS4, and get it out relatively quickly. GRID 3 is likely already in development for PS4.

    Anyway, how much is this game going to cost?

  • So does this mean they fixed the whole bumper car mechanics and the “the-enemy-is-an-M1Abrams-and-you-are-a-jeep” weight differential?

  • I remember when I was worried that Grid was a one-and-done series. Now we’re looking at a third game — and only two months away. This is great news, thanks Ben.

  • No one is knocking it for being on the ps3. It should be on the ps4 as well is all that we are saying. at this point feels like i should have saved my $400+ dollars and used that purchase games for my ps3. At this point any game that comes out for the ps3 should also come out for the ps4.

  • I think I fell in love again!

  • Just to add one more that loves Grid 2. It’s the first and only racing game that I play a lot. I’m hopping this new game is not similar to the Gran Turismo 5 driving experience. Very nice to know a new Grid is really close. All the best to you Ben and the Codemasters Team.

  • that’s cool you guys! can someone help me, im want this game called NBA 2k13 but I don’t have enough money in my wallet. if someone can help me my game ID is gamerkyle16. I really like this game

  • Anyone who plays late at nighg and wants to play some grid 2 hit me up on psn.

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