Demon Gaze Out Today on PS Vita

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Demon Gaze Out Today on PS Vita

Greetings, doods! It’s your humble Prinny David, and I’m excited to let you know that the dungeon-crawling RPG Demon Gaze is out today in North America exclusively for PS Vita! For the first month of the game’s release, we’ll also be offering free Disgaea DLC that will allow you to download character portraits of Etna, Flonne, Sicily, Asagi, and Prinny as party members.

What sort of dungeon-crawling madness can you expect from the game? Let’s get right into it!

You’ll play as an unnamed hero who awakes in the strange land of Misrid with no recollection of your past. You soon find out that you’re no ordinary amnesiac, however, and that you’re actually a Demon Gazer — someone born with the ability to control demons. This is quite handy, because Misrid is riddled with demons who control different parts of the world. Now it’s up to you to control all these demons and discover who you truly are in the process.

You’re not alone in this quest, however. When you’re not crawling through dungeons, you’ll be spending a lot of time at your base at the Dragon Princess Inn where the rent’s high and the neighbors are (sometimes a little too) friendly. Here you’ll meet all kinds of zany characters including the beautiful, if frugal innkeeper Fran, the morbid mortician Prometh, and Kukure, the style-obsessed Migmy.

Demon Gaze for PS VitaDemon Gaze for PS Vita

Not only are they all unique characters, but they help you in your quest in their own special ways. Fran will give you the lowdown on missions and potential adventurers that can join your party, Prometh will revive fallen warriors, and Kukure allows you to change the gender and character portraits of your characters whenever you’d like. And believe me, with a multitude of races — including elves, cat people called Ney, and the childlike Migmies — and classes that include Assassins, Wizards, and Samurai, you can make your character look as cool as you want!

Aren’t these people at the inn helpful?

Speaking of helpful, I mentioned earlier that you had the ability to control demons. Those demons will be a huge asset to you in battle, but first you must defeat them. In order to do so, you’ll have to fight hordes of enemies summoned from Demon Circles. Once you’ve defeated all the Demon Circles (and enjoyed the item drops they provide) you’ll be confronted by the demon that rules the roost. Defeat them using your well-tailored party, and that demon is yours. You can then summon demons to assist you in battle, where they’ll help your party using their own special sets of attacks and skills.

Demon Gaze for PS Vita

Beware, though, because these demons are never quite domesticated, and if their Demon Gauge goes to zero they’ll go berserk and begin attacking everyone! You’ll have to maintain a good relationship with them to keep that Gauge high. On top of helping out in battle, demons will also help you while traversing the dungeons — some giving you the ability to resist heat traps or helping to find extra items in a dungeon — which will allow you to squeeze the most out of each dungeon.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of having demons at your fingertips and mixing it up with some crazy locals while crawling through dungeons sounds like a good ol’ time to me. All that, combined with class customization, beautiful artwork, and free Disgaea character appearance DLC only makes it better.

I know I’m turning my gaze towards Demon Gaze today, and I think one look from this game and you’ll fall in love, too. Until next time — Prinny out, dood!

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3 Author Replies

  • I’ll be picking it up on my way home from work and digging in once the kids are asleep. Can’t wait! :)

  • I have 2 Vitas and they’re now both chock-full of RPGs. Thank you, NISA!!!

  • Picking this up as soon as the PSN store gets updated. Too bad that I missed out on the limited edition though (ー_ー;)

  • Thanks for the support! I just wish there was a demo since Im on the fence and not willing to drop $40 on a game I am unsure of…

  • I played a bunch last night (got shipped to me yesterday), and it’s a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying it, and have been babbling about it on irc and FaceBook, annoying everyone who will listen about how great it is. XD

  • Love the Prinny demon

  • Can’t wait to play some Demon Gaze, haven’t played a good first person dungeon crawler in awhile. My limited edition will hopefully arrive soon!

  • I can’t wait to get myself into this game. Now only if USPS would deliver my LE box a little faster …

    I played the JP version last year, and had to double-dip and buy this localized version from NISA again to support the localization. Please keep bringing these awesome games to NA!

    BTW, can we also have the DLC that let us have folks from Dragon Princess inn with us, just like the Japanese version? Please?

    P.S. shout out to Nishikawa-san, Steven and Phoenix that came to PAX East two weeks ago! I really enjoyed the panel, and the Q&A in the separate room afterward. I feel like NISA really understand us who are JRPG fans, and I’ll definitely give you guys support :D

  • A little annoyed I was one the fence about getting this especially on Sale at FutureShop for 30.

    I bought Conception 2…..was wary of spending another 30-40 right away. Now seeing the reviews ranging from B+ to A…..arghh.

    Will download the DLC and wait for a price reduction.

    I love Prinny, I can be hero…..looks like Prinny will be the hero again here.

  • Meanwhile i don’tt even got the tracking number of my limited edition.

  • Waiting for my LE from the NISA Store!

  • Already got the collector’s edition from NIS – Super stoked to play it after Conception II

  • Just finished downloading it. Thanks for making this happen NISA!

  • I’ll pick this up as soon as I get a Vita.

    @2 – Can I have one of your Vita’s? :p

  • Love you, NIS! Love your games! I hope you guys start doing collectors edition options with download codes. I have a huge love for digital versions of your games to be permanently stuck to my Vita at all times. My Vita just finished downloading Demon Gaze, so I’m off to go play. Keep being awesome!

  • Just got home with my copy! I’m really liking all this Vita love we are getting lately with all these RPGs and many more on the way. Finally!

  • This will be a another great RPG game for ps vita a lot of remarkable games making there way to the platform

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time, I’ll be buying this today. Disgaea 4 vita is a day 1 purchase as well! Thanks NISA! This game looks great, I’ve always loved these 1st person dungeon crawlers, except for the die rolling for stats at the beginning. Please say you guys don’t have that.

  • @14, FearMonkey, I know, excessive but I got the launch boring black so had to get the pretty Liberation crystal white. I had a PSP Go, but hated the slidey button. The Vita twin sticks make all the difference.

  • Not really into first person dungeons so i’ll pass on this.

  • I got my yesterday and I tried the game out for a bit and had a good time.Thank you for bringing it over and thank you for giving us an english dub since it seems some devs are just taking the easy way out and slapping the game out there with just subs and I dont do subs.

    • Hey Souledge94,

      Glad you’re enjoying it! We try to make it a point to have the option for both English and Japanese audio in every game we publish, dood!

  • @21 yeah, i hate how lazy some publishers of japanese games have gotten recently with localizing.

  • Will definitely start playing this after I’m done with Conception II which should be soon, regardless I’ll be picking it up tonight. Will probably dabble in it for a bit to see what I’ll be getting myself into.

  • Why can’t developers post actual game play footage in these trailers ? I know nothing about this game and was hoping the post would tell me more than this and the video would show more than just what characters look like and vague screen shots of menus

    maybe if they have a demo I’ll check it out , I need a new rpg but want to know that I’m buying

  • @22 I have to ask each time if a game comes over if its going to have a dub.Before this wasint a big problem but its becoming one and an annoying one at that.I speak english so I would like to hear it when im playing the game.I personally dont do subs so if a game has them its an auto pass.

  • Just youtube “Demon Gaze Gameplay”. There are loads.

    Been refreshing the PSN store all day.. still nothing.. =/

  • @26 the PS Store ALWAYS updated Tuesday afternoons if it is on time

  • *updates

  • I didn’t know about this game until I read the Drop yesterday, but it sounds good. I think I’ll pick it up; the Vita has needed more games, especially RPGs. Thanks. Hoping the price isn’t too much.

  • @26 Just do a manual search on the vita store, that’s how I found it. I already downladed it. Good news for people with full memory cards like me, it’s less than 500 MB!

  • @26, 27:
    Check the browser-based PSN store. It usually updates much faster than if you try accessing it via console.

    It’s already up on the web store around noon, just download it off the Download Manager afterwards.

  • I was looking forward enough to this that I dared stop camping out for PAX tickets just long enough to fly over to pick up my pre-order!

  • Please please tell me that the rumor i heard that suikoden 2 is coming to the playstation network is true.

  • I just want to take this opportunity to sincerely apreciate what the guys at NIS do, I love all the games you have and that you are the only ones who takes the risk of bringing great JRPGs for you loyal fans, keep it up and I will always support you (you brave bastards, lol), cheers!

    • Thanks a bunch, darkantys. Us Prinnies try to keep it fresh and unique for the Western gamers. Prinny loves you, dood!

  • I hope I don’t have 2 read about Sony not showing love for vita owners because it seems that there are many new games out for vita nowadays.

  • sorry bout posting that question here. clicked on the wrong link

  • Just waiting for my CE to arrive. The life of this NISA fan. xD

  • So many RPGs I can’t even keep track of them. Really looking forward to play this, though. Thanks!

  • Already played about an hour of it. Although wallet-chan might not be so thrilled, I’m glad I picked this up. Thanks NISA! =D

  • I got my collector’s edition in the mail today! Now I just have to decide how to split my time between Witch and the Hundred Knight and this! NIS, I love you.

  • Right now I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I love the Character art and gameplay, but holy f@*# is this game hard or what?!

  • Highly Recommend trying out game. Both challenging and has a surprising amount of customization for a dungeon crawler

  • Waiting for my LE from the NISA Store!

  • Been looking forward to this for a while and picking it up today since I finally decided I would get this before Conception.
    Also awaiting Disgaea 4 Vita, Neptunia PP, and Fairy Fencer F.

  • I asked my boyfriend yesterday if he wanted to buy me this game. He did and I do not regret it, it’s amazing.

  • All those smoking hot girls…………demons??………wish I could have some demons like that in my life.LOL

  • wish these rpg’s started coming out on PS4 wasted money on a next gen console and im getting nothing for it :(

  • Another game i must get as soon as im able to buy a Vita.
    Im starting to think im going to have to sell a leg or 2 to buy it along with all those games you published that i want
    Keep up the good work, NISA

  • Played all day yesterday and a large portion of today. The game is absolutely addicting. Thanks for the character art DLC, too! I love Asagi.

  • I like RPG’s almost as much as the next guy, but anything more than $20 for this and its no wonder the majority will not be buying it.

    Much rather buy the HD Final Fantasy.

    I do not even want it on Plus. Sorry , but true.

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