Big Band Coming to Skullgirls Encore Tuesday

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Big Band Coming to Skullgirls Encore Tuesday

He’s almost here: Big Band, Skullgirls Encore’s first male character, arrives for free next Tuesday, April 22nd!

Once a regular beat cop known as Ben Birdland, he fell flat when he got on the wrong side of New Meridian’s corrupt police force. Birdland was broken and bent out of shape by his former colleagues, but was tuned up by Dr. Avian and ASG Lab 8. Now he is armed with a full ensemble of pneumatic weaponry, transforming him into the full fortissimo instrument of justice: “Big Band.”

Skullgirls on PS3 - Big Band

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Thanks to the incredible support of Skullgirls’ fans, Big Band is the second of 5 additional characters funded by Lab Zero’s Indiegogo campaign to be added to Skullgirls Encore. Big Band is Skullgirls’s first male character, and lives up to his name with unique gameplay mechanics that take advantage of his tremendous size and musical motif.

Big Band’s a high risk / high reward sort of character – he has a versatile and powerful moveset for just about any situation, but many of his attacks will leave you vulnerable if you miss or misjudge your opponent.

Big Band’s “Bagpipe Blues” taunt actually powers up two of his supers: Super-Sonic Jazz and Tympany Drive. So if you can end a combo and squeeze in a taunt while your opponent is knocked down, the next time you hit could lead into some really huge damage.

Big Band is also the only member of the Skullgirls Encore cast who can parry incoming attacks. He’ll still take a little damage when parrying, but it will give you the opportunity to retaliate against your opponent with a special move or combo.

Of course, Big Band’s also great on a team. He has a number of powerful options for Ensemble Attacks, and one particularly great Blockbuster Attack to use in concert with his comrades in arms.

Finally, he has a Blockbuster attack that allows him to play a custom trumpet solo, which some people have used to create some great videos from the PC beta already!

Coming Soon to PS3: Fukua

On April Fool’s Day, we revealed a “new” character, Fukua.

Now, character reveals on this most hallowed and despised of internet holidays are hardly new, but… we actually added her to the PC version of the game. The joke was that Fukua wasn’t a joke.

Fukua’s name began as a typo of “Filia,” so she’s been built entirely from repurposed Filia frames. But don’t let this fool you, because she plays completely differently from her artistic forebear.

We let our fans decide if they wanted to keep a “clone” character like Fukua in the game, and the answer was a resounding “Yes!” So since her April Fool’s debut, we’ve been testing her in the PC beta, tuning and improving her, and preparing her for primetime.

So in the coming weeks, PS3 Skullgirls Encore players can expect another update, which will add Fukua to the game, completely free!

Sneak Peek: Eliza

The next free DLC character coming to Skullgirls Encore is Eliza, a blood-manipulating, Egyptian-themed lounge singer with a dark secret. While no Skullgirls character lacks for ambition, Eliza may be our most ambitious yet.

Skullgirls on PS3 - Eliza

Eliza’s concept is that she is a “mummy of flesh” – in place of a skeleton, she hosts a Parasite named Sekhmet, who can even leap out of her body and fight in her stead.

Eliza’s blood control powers lead to some really creative attacks, with blood hippos erupting from the ground to sanguine wings carrying her into the air. Eliza’s attacks and animations are brimming with references to Egyptian mythology, such as her summonable bodyguards, Albus and Horace, who are based on the Egyptian gods Anubis and Horus.

Eliza is still in pre-production, but these rough animations should give you a sense of what you can expect. She’s going to be something special.

Finally, here’s a look at Eliza’s bathhouse, one of the new stages coming in her update.

Skullgirls on PS3 - Eliza

In Closing…

So there you have it: Skullgirls’ cast grows again next week with Big Band, completely free! And a few weeks after that, we’ll be adding our April Fool’s character, Fukua, as well!

And don’t forget: the previous DLC character, Squigly, is free until May 6th!

With two free characters currently out now and more on the way, now is a great time to join the Skullgirls community!

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  • Can’t wait to play as one of the new characters! They look great!

  • This game is one of my favorites on ps3, a reason I keep it plugged in when I got a ps4. Here’s to hoping; a ps4 ultimate version in the works? I’d buy it twice!! Thanks for a super rad fighting game. Cheers!!

  • When are you guys thinking of making a PS4 version of skullgirls or a ps vita version ? has it ever recently came up to mind ? as a fan i think it can improve and widen the game’s profile think about it.

  • I second that PS4 nomination. I absolutely love the game and would definitely buy it again if a PS4 version was made available. Any chances that could happen? Thanks

  • Oh! I’m so their. This is why I still have a PS3. I can’t wait to play this. The art work looks sick. Who ever on you guys team came up with her I want to say my hat goes off to you my friend. Love It….

  • To be honest I was rooting for Annie of the stars to win out over Eliza but HOT DANG is her aesthetic gorgeous!!! some of the best animations in any video game to date!!!

  • Skullgirls already had some of the strangest characters in the world of fighting games, but Big Band really takes the cake for being downright odd.

    Fortunately, I favor the odd characters — ever since SF2’s Blanka, I’ve enjoyed the characters who fight less conventionally and who have the psychological advantage of looking rather strange. So I can’t wait to try Big Band out!

    PS4 and PS Vita Skullgirls editions need to happen. I’ve been a Skullgirls owner since it first launched on PS3, but I’d trade that in a heartbeat for a portable version.

  • Squigly
    Big Band
    & Robo-Fortune

    That puts us up to 14 characters! My only complaint about Skullgirls was the small roster. Things are looking up!

  • Vita version… YES! Please! The Vita has become a great console for fighting games. It would be only fitting for Skull Girls to be there to show all the other fighting games how it’s done right!

  • Seeing as Skullgirls is on the PC, it shouldn’t be that difficult to port to the PS4.

  • skull guys ? thanks free this free DLC. def going try him out.

  • Difficulty alone won’t determine whether this gets ported to the PS4. It’s more about whether or not it is profitable.
    If they do port it you know a lot of people will say, “I’m not buying this again.” “this better be cross-buy.” “Give it to me for free, then we’ll talk.”

  • What ever happened to the patch for the 360 never seen it release

  • Great! many thanks to the skullgirls team!!

  • Thanks so much for all the support guys and gals at Lab Zero! If you ever decide to put out a vita version of Skullgirls, you have a guaranteed buy from me!

  • yeah i want a ps4 edition !!!

  • Man that last line, lols everywhere, can’t wait to try Big Band next tuesday, keep the great work!

  • That Big Band video is all sorts of the right kind of ridiculous.

  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you so much for the hard work.

    Looking forward to more news!

  • This seems like a game that at some point I would try this out the free characters are nice.

  • The US PlayStation gamers can now sigh) It’s coming!!

  • Big Band has a parry a la 3rd strike??? Nice!

  • Oh Those parrys!!… I’ll be playing this again in these days… great to be back to this great game..

    By the way… for when a Vita version? I’ll gladly would pay again to have it on the go…

  • Thanks Peter for the awesome update! Skullgirls became that fighting game ill always go back to for some down time. Loved learning how to play Squigly and using her in some matches. Cant wait to try out the rest of the characters. Keep up the AMAZING work!

  • To be honest im not all that excited for the upcoming dlc characters but their free so thats cool.Iv seen the list of other potential DLC characters and im more interested in those.

  • So hype! And gods, where have I been, with these Big Band ensembles. Got my first taste today from an “U.N. Owen Was Her?” duet as linked in Destructoid comments. Big Band for the next Mario Paint? I hope. I hope.

    And WHOO, FUKUA! She immediately felt easy and enjoyable soon as I tried, and I’m glad to see her coming along.

    And while I’ve not much on Eliza yet, I will say that first shot appears to set her in the foreground a bit, which seems fitting, though it’s prolly more me having a disconnect with her size right next to Filia.

    *fidgets waiting for releases*

  • srsly, y cant skullgirls be $1 like this weekends other games?

  • The newest batch of DLC for Skullgirls is awesome, I’m going to give the game plus the add-ons a shot if I decide to buy it.

  • PLEASE give us a PS Vita version!! I’d gladly ‘Double Dip’ for the pleasure of having this excellent fighter on both my PS3 AND my PS Vita! Also, thanx so much for continuing to add more characters to the roster! We look 4ward to seeing them in the lineup! Keep ’em coming, Lab Zero! We’ll keep supporting you! Thank you, Sony, for giving us such fantastic hardware! (^_^)

  • HAHA, i found it hilarious how you got Zone-Tan in the game!

  • finally now i can test combo other then steam. let’s hope for lobby’s in this patch update.

  • I can’t wait for Eliza, and Big Band looks interesting

  • Nice…thanks for letting us know about the characters…I’m not too fond of a male character on a game with a cast of female only characters but he looks cool…looking forward to Eliza..she looks awesome ha.Thanks Lab Zero…free is the way to go.

  • BTW I just watched that “Skullgirls Bigband’s Holiday” and damn what a great idea…pretty nice…and he’s an awesome idea of a character.

  • Maybe Sony could partner with Lab Zero to continue development after Eliza, Beowulf and Robo-Fortune are complete! :)

  • More Michiru Yamane music please!

  • Since the game was funded by Indie go-go (which I supported). I’m hoping for a cross buy or upgrade to next gen discount!!!!!!

  • I’m going to give this game a shot.

  • Oh man, I’m not even a big fan of fighter games, but this just looks ridiculously entertaining!!!! I can see myself spending hours with Big Band alone (I’m a musician, and I find him very funny looking)! So you can add me to the list of those who hope for a PS4 port. Hell, I’ll get a PS Vita (debating that anyway) if this game came out on that platform!! XD

  • Or PS Now….put it on PS Now!!!!!

  • Peter, when will this come to EU? And if it already has then what can I do to get my voucher?
    I’m not certain on how to contact any of you about this since there’s no contact information on site, and I’ve bought the game in the roundabout way of using a US account (Which has not gotten the message either) And I do not know what to do, I’m afraid I’m going to miss out on getting Squigly on my PS3. (If it’s not too late already)

  • Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $87h… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online. All I do are easy tasks from this one cool site

  • Okay they say the content for him is available but I see him so where in the store?

  • Yeah in the game it says he is available for download but they haven’t put him in the store. :/

  • I know its kinda late but… i didn’t recive my vaucher for skullgirls encore on ps3 =/

  • Unfortunately, he is not for free… :(

  • NightShadeluvr24

    I love playing this game because of the art, music, and everything else,but my sister and I were just wondering if the digital art compendium or digital sketchbook will ever be available because we didn’t have money during the indy gogo campaign and missed out. i would have loved having my own copy because the art has inspired me to try different styles. please let us know should you make it purchasable and if a ps vita version could be in the works with the fact i just can’t stop playing! :)

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