Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition Coming to Retail May 16th

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Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition Coming to Retail May 16th

Hello everyone! Owen from Mojang, here. As at least 1.5 million of you already know, Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition has been available to download from PlayStation Store since the end of last year. Welcome to the Minecraft family, friends of PlayStation!

Following on the successful launch, we’re pleased to confirm that Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will be available on retail disc starting May 16th. That means you can go into a real-life store, buy it, and then take it home in a little bag.

It comes with all the features you’d expect from the console versions of Minecraft, along with everything that came with update 14, including Emeralds, Ender Chests, potatoes, and more.

Minecraft on PS3Minecraft on PS3

In other PlayStation-related news, the team at 4J is working on bringing Minecraft to PS4 and PS Vita. Sorry for the delay, but making Minecraft happen is serious business.

I’ll do my best to answer any other questions you have below. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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  • Is there a ballpark window for the release of the Vita version? Will it have a physical release?

  • Will the PS4 minecraft have Mouse and Keyboard support? Beacons? Please. Also I love your game. Thanks

  • Will there be any Cross Buy or Cross Play between PS3, PS4, and Vita versions?

  • @thecreekman If you want mouse and keyboard support why not play it on PC?

  • Does Amazon count as in retail?

  • Don’t like pc

  • Have you guys ever thought about PlayStation Move support?

  • I’ve been playing and enjoying the PS3 version quite a bit. I’d LOVE to be able to bring my world over to PSVita or PS4 with Cross-Save. Will that be supported?

    This would be enough of a reason for me to buy these other versions if Cross-Buy wasn’t supported. If I can’t bring my world over, though, I doubt I would. I would just keep playing on PS3.

  • Any chance this will have a separate trophy list from the downloadable version?

  • I really hope that if you bought the PS3 version of MC, you’ll be able to get it for free on PS4. Along with cross-save. If not… well that’s just a shame.

  • Will the PS4 and PS Vita have a different trophy set than PS3, so i can get them again.
    also i really love the game on PS3 and plan on geting on PS4 and PSV then it come out

  • Yeah that’s the biggest question for me too… Cross-Buy?? Or at least a discount for those that bought it on PS3.. I would get it now on PS3 but I’m not gonna pay full price twice.. I’ve already bought it on PC, 360 & Android.

  • Will the vita version be a port of the console versions or a port of the pocket edition?
    Also, will either the ps vita or ps4 versions have unlimited worlds at launch or in the future?

    Thank you

  • Still waiting on news of cross-buy or not. I want it on PS4 and/or Vita and I do not want to buy it on last gen. If its cross-buy, Ill buy it right now and play on PS3 until the other versions are out. If not, then I’ll wait longer

  • Vita version when? Having it on the Vita makes so much sense that it astounds me that it hasn’t been done yet.

  • Do you have an image of the box art?

  • if we payed for the ps3 version do we have to pay for the ps4 or psvita version????

  • Havent gotten it for ps3 yet, ill probably wait since i barely go on it any more now that i have a ps4, but hopefully we dont have to wait too long. Also like others have said it would be nice to be informed if this will be cross-buy. not trying to be mean or anything i have bought this game on other consoles as well as the PC version which i play a lot. But if i can get a deal with it, that would be nice! If anything ill probably play it on my Vita since i technically dont have a handheld version of the game and that would be nice!

  • Where is Vita & PS4 versions?

  • Cross buy?

  • Make a Vita bundle too and release Minecraft physically on Vita, will sell amazingly well if it is marketed appropriately.

  • I don’t need long answers. You can be shorter than a tweet as long as I get answers. Yes, no, probably, or unlikely will even work.

    1. When are we getting more texture packs?

    2. Are we going to get an option to put our save in the cloud? A lot of games do this to where you can push a save file up to a server and then pull it down on another version.

    3. Hypothetically if someone was going to buy EVERYTHING Minecraft related on the PS3 how much would they have to pay for again to get the game, the texture packs, and so fourth on the PS4 and VIta? Acceptable answers would be All of it, Some of it, None of it or you can feel free to elaborate.

    I can accept a tweet’s worth of answers. I just really want something. Some answer.

  • Please make it Cross-Buy on PS3/PS4/PSV.

  • What about saves between PS3, Vita, and PS4. I have a world on PS3 so can it be upgraded to the PS4 or Vita?

  • I really want to play this game, but I will wait a bit longer to see if this game comes to the PS4. I love my PS4, but I’m tired of buying games for it now that I have a PS4.

  • I just want a release window for Vita/PS4.

  • Physical release for Vita version? Release date? Sony should bundle Minecraft with the new Vita slim!

  • Is the DLC cross-buy? I totally understand the game not being, because it’ll sell insanely without it. But the DLC would be more appealing if it were. And I’d buy it now while waiting for the Vita version.

    Also, please do a physical release on PS Vita and PS4. I’m sure it’ll take some time for it like with PS3, but I hope it happens.

  • Would love an update on the ps4 & vita versions because that’s the only versions I’m interested in buying. At least I’ve got the new terraria 1.2 update coming out on April 17 to keep me busy

  • will the vita work as a second controller for the ps4 version?

  • Sorry but I’m not interested in this last-gen version. Hurry up with the PS4 release, and you’ll get a sale out of me. I’ve so far managed to never play this game, and I can keep holding out until you guys release the PS4 version.

    As for a question you can answer: “For all of Microsoft’s flowery words on the subject, are you being blocked from releasing Minecraft on the PS4 until the XboxOne version is ready, due to Microsoft’s horrible release parity clause?”

  • Will there be a cross-buy and DLC cross-buy with minecraft?

  • Might just pick this up even though I got digital day 1, but I gotta ask… Will we possibly be seeing the Mass Effect DLC pack in the future at all?

  • I really hope you guys do cross buy for PS4 and PS Vita.

  • WHO GIVES A CRAP?!?! WE WANT IT ON PS4! over 7 million sold, that means 7 million more minecraft copies sold, im sick of waiting, jesus

  • That’s good to know since I’ll always choose retail over digital because it gives me a sense of ownership.

  • About time a retail disc of Minecraft was announced. Was a bit stingy for paying $20 for a digital download of this game and that Xbox has it for both. Glad I decided to wait until it got announced. Will buy it and I’ll get the Vita version digitally when it comes out as I prefer having my games digital for that platform.

  • Will Minecraft PS4 edition be coming to retail? Please?

  • Want ModNation Racers 2?

    Go to Google

    Search “ModNation Racers 2 for PS4 petition”

    Click on the second result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • ModNation Racers was incredible.

    Had some problems with the overwhelming popularity and rankings domination of people that uploaded ModNation versions of popular characters from comics and other games, but even *that* is kind of praise for the game’s creation tools.

    I think they bailed on it a little early to go off and make LittleBigPlanet Karting, which was also really good and a natural expansion of Little Big Planet, but something about it was missing….

  • Oh but yeah, Minecraft, great, but I’ll keep playing on PC until we can make our own skins, thanks. :D

    The skin packs look great and all, but I’m just not interested in paying for other folks’ skins when I have and could continue to make my own. It’s paying to be limited.

    Just because you could charge people for something doesn’t mean you ought to do it. :D

  • “I’ll do my best to answer any other questions you have below. Thanks for playing, everyone!”

    good to see 40+ responses and not a single question answered…

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  • Does the PS Vita Edition support Cross-Play and/or Cross-Save features with the PS3 Edition?

  • Who wants to play minecraft ps3 psn is : crazymonkey10124 I Have mic

  • When will Minecraft come out for the VITA? I have it for the PS3 but i wan it for the VITA

  • If you bought the downloadable version of minecraft the ps3, and if you bought the retail disc version, would all your stuff from the downloadable version be a the retail disc version?????????

    Plzzzz responded quickly thx

  • All I ask is there going to be horses in Minecraft PS3 Edition?
    Also, When is the 1.06 update?

  • I would like to know if the PSVITA edition of the game will be able to run multiplayer just as well as the PS3, same with world sizes or if there will be world expansions in future updates. (A physical release would be nice)

  • Around how much will the disc version of minecraft be ?…

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