Eufloria Adventures Shines its Light on PS Mobile this Week

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Eufloria Adventures Shines its Light on PS Mobile this Week

Xenon 2 meets Eufloria! Transcendence meets Flower! Errr… to be honest our new Eufloria game is hard to classify… Let me try again:

It’s a completely new game within the Eufloria Universe, in which you can evolve a single Seedling Ship in different ways. You can specialize by attribute, focusing on Speed, Strength, or Energy.

The Mother Tree has sent you to investigate a strange alien installation, filled with wondrous habitats and sectors. Your ultimate aim is to explore three large environments to discover ancient artifacts, with which you can power up your ship, find lost seedlings, and take over enemy seedling colonies.

Other seedlings have gone before you and as you find their diaries in old data canisters you learn more and more about the installation, yourself, and your role in this universe.

All your evolving ships have their own story arc, although that aspect is fairly unobtrusive. (But nice for people who like a bit of lore)



The game experience can be hard-core or casual or something in between, depending on your own choices. Eufloria Adventures lets you delve deeper and deeper into ever harder areas, but if you haven’t powered up enough you will run into trouble. If you prefer an easier ride you stay in the easier levels for longer periods, while if you crave a challenge you can dive in headfirst and see how long you can last. This is pretty similar to classic dungeon crawlers and roguelikes, but done with our own twist on things.

We also added a casual mode for people who prefer to just explore, and a roguelike mode for people who crave a BRUTALLY HARD experience. (Seriously, it’s hard)

Brian Grainger provided the music again, and Anthony Flack did some stunning art for the game. (It really does look lovely)


About those visuals

The levels are procedurally generated, and populated with procedural plants, trees, flowers, and strange creatures. Where Eufloria is zen and subdued, “Eufloria Adventures” is lush and splendiferous. The idea is that each new level discovery is a reward in its own right. A joy to explore and see the wondrous sights in this strange alien installation.

Whenever you conquer a new colony, beautiful random flowers shoot up and bloom. While you fly around the many levels strange plants grow in your path, giving you useful information on where you have been before, while making the levels look better and better.

Simple controls

We stuck with pure touch controls for now, as it seemed the best fit for all the PlayStation Mobile devices we need to support, and we wanted to keep the game accessible. There is something quite rewarding about having direct physical control as well. Touch your ship to bring up a hud, touch an ancient artifact to activate it, touch the screen and your ship flies to your finger. Simple but effective.


About the music

Brian Grainger (AKA Milieu) did such a good job on the Eufloria OST that we asked him back to provide beats and moods. This time he operates as “Coppice Halifax” for a trippy, dubby and more direct experience, but with plenty of relaxed ambient vibes too. Hope you like it. J

Let me know what you think in the comments below? I can answer any and all questions you have. Alternatively get in touch via our website:

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