Conception II Out Today on PS Vita

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Conception II Out Today on PS Vita
Conception II Out Today on PS Vita

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is out today for PS Vita, and you know what that means? It’s time to start classmating! Conception II is a dungeon crawler/social-sim hybrid where you’re put into the role of “God’s Gift” — a teenager bestowed with unprecedented amounts of power from the Star God. As a disciple, you’re tasked with saving the world of Aterra by pairing up with one of the game’s seven heroines and clearing out infestations of monsters.

Of course, to do that, you’ll need your army of Star Children — magical beings that fight for you in battle. You make these Star Children through a magical ritual with the heroines, and you can bring up to nine Star Children with you into battle. There’s 30 classes of Star Children to choose from, and the stats of the heroine, the heroine’s mood (You gotta be nice to them!), and other rare items affect what classes are available to you, so spend your time wisely.

Oh — and be sure to turn on your ad-hoc networks; you can actually classmate with another player’s heroines or even the other players themselves in a process called “classmanting” (Yeah, that’s a thing).

Conception II on PS VitaConception II on PS Vita

And even if you’re planning to get the game, you should start with the demo first. Your progress transfers over to the full version of the game, and you’ll receive a starting gift of some strong in-game items.

Conception II is around 40-60 hours to complete the main story and side quests (depending on how grind-heavy you get), so make sure you charge your Vita often!

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  • Excited for this game, looks just as interesting as Danganronpa.

  • So essentially you make babies with the 7 chicks and create an army to use in battle.

    I’m okay with this! Purchasing today!

  • what time do the new games get put up?

  • Picked up my LE edition and listening to the OST now :D. Note though please don’t tape the OST inside a small box ever again….almost broke my case trying to get it out.

    Thanks for publishing these games though Atlus :D

    • I will call our packaging warehouse and get them to put leeches on whoever taped your CD in there. Mine was fine when I unboxed it!

  • it usually updates 4:00-4:30pm central time for me, usually :P

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows

    where is it? no more leaving us in the dark, tell us.

    • Uh, I have no idea. If it’s TMNT related, you should probably start checking the sewers.


  • My amazon order is coming soon.I was wondering the stuff that carrys over from the demo is just your stats right?It doesint start where you left off in the demos story mode?

  • Playing it now, when will the DLC become available?

  • @Souledge94 the game does start out where the demo left off, so no needing to repeat the intro.

  • time for get another platinum in a RPG, thanks,
    I just have a cuestion, why games usually come out in tuesday? it’s just curiosity….

  • This looks great! I’ll be picking it up today…for 3DS ;)

  • Meh, I gave the demo a shot on 3DS. Wasn’t impressed.

    Both the generic anime character art (the UI and presentation is slick though) and the slight pervy undertone in the dialogue (these voice actresses could NOT have been happy delivering some of these lines) were things that really turned me off. They just undo the good here – I actually really like games that incorporate apparent ‘visual novel’-style conversation elements into their storytelling, after playing games like Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. But the final deal breaker for me was the actual RPG component. It’s pretty mindless it seems. A vaguely interesting combat system does not excuse mindless wandering around identical corridors… I barely put up with that back in the days when STING’s ‘Evolution’ was promoted as a major RPG for the Dreamcast, and even then because I was a dumb kid :P

    I’ll pass. I wish Atlus could find another game of Radiant Historia’s quality, or Crimson Gem Saga. I’m glad they’re picking up stuff from other developers though.

    • Once I got to the third or fourth dungeon (and Feene unlocked), I found it pretty hard to put down. But that’s cool man, totally respect your assessment of it. It’s why we put out a demo of it!

  • Well I can wait, was there any word on Japanese dub DLC? I would really pay for that.

  • @WindKnight: I think it has something to do with retailers. Because games aren’t the only ones who do it – a lot of movies come out on Tuesdays too. I don’t pay attention to CD’s for music, but I’d imagine new albums drop on Tuesday as well. So I figure it has to do with shipping schedules and transport, and how retailers & studios want to get all their stuff sync’d up. All those trucks driving around the country delivering stock to stores are probably carrying other, non-entertainment, things during the rest of the week.

    I don’t know for sure though. Just conjecture based on flimsy observations. Maybe Google it?

  • Dual audio, please.

  • Love other choices than FPS.
    Really liked ,ersona 4, although a little more reptitive than I would have liked in battles.
    Dragons Crown however, bleh, even at $17. Alhough interesting to a degree, though I would have prefered them to put Castle Crashers as Coss Play Cross Buy.

    Might just pass on this one.

  • @Vinsanity thanks man, maybe you’re right, must be becouse of the decition of the company, and how you said it, for the transportation schedules

  • count me in with this one!

  • Loved the demo!! I´ve played it many times already. I also love the soundtrack during battle and it´s really fun to classmate with the heroines (I´ve never played this type of game before but it´s really awesome XD). Nice job bringing it here guys, I´m waiting for my pre-order to arrive at the store!

  • cool i will grab it

  • Just went and picked up my retail copy for the bonus soundtrack cd and box. The demo was a blast.

  • Also I would like to thank you for having a eng dub since some companies just ship out the game with no english dub and that pretty much kills all excitement for the game for me.

  • too bad the immature fanservice ruined this game for me. Otherwise it would have been a day one purchase!

  • Waiting for my game to come from UPS. Really excited for this to consume my gaming time :D – Atlus

    (When I was a kid the first Atlus game I played was Ogre Battle on PSX… I’ll never forget you!)

  • Can’t wait for a PSN store’s update. Day one purchase for me, though it’s a shame there is no dual audio in the game. Keep bringing good stuff to the West, Atlus!

  • Can’t wait to pick up this game :3

  • Hi!! One quick question…,any plans to bring digital devil saga to psn?

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for bringing the game over! I’m curious, will trophies unlock properly with a demo transfer? Because we obviously don’t get trophies in the demo for “make your first Star Child” and whatnot. Just want to make sure because I put a lot of time in the demo and don’t want to really start over because of a trophy issue. :)

  • Awesome – Just unboxed my LE copy, about to listen to the soundtrack, install and start playing.. Again.

    The demo was a wonderful idea as well.

    I am so very glad you brought this over here.

    As a side question, my PSP died, and I really want to play Disgaea 1 and 2 on my Vita. Any idea when the PSN versions will support that? If not, who can I ask? Thanks.

    Off to play Conception II!!! WOO HOO!

  • Will be picking my copy up from my local retailer on my way home from work later today, definitely will boot it up as soon as I get the chance when i get home.

  • I’m little bit disappointed with the English voice-cast. I would have loved to have the original Japanese voices (I would even be interested in buying that as DLC), but the game is enjoyable enough. Gonna grab it later when the PSN Store updates.

  • Oh, someone from Atlus is replying! Will this game (English version) be Vita TV compatible? Will you be porting this to PS3? Really want to play it on the big screen instead. (Side question, will you be porting P4G to PS3?)

    • AFAIK, there’s nothing to *prevent* it from being Vita TV compatible, but since it’s not available in the US, we didn’t get a chance to test it.

      Conception II and P4G probably won’t be ported to the PS3, but we just released Persona 4 (the OG ps2 version) as a classic a few weeks ago!

  • Thank you, Atlus. <3
    I ordered my copy with cheapskate shipping so I don't have it yet but I look forward to playing this.

  • Just picked up my Pre-Order. Worth buying day 1 because of the limited version. I usually wait for it to go down 30 bones like Persona 4 Golden(which I still have not finshed) before I pick up.

    Will be keeping the box and special cd in a safe place.
    Loaded the demo….got hit hard by the amount of continuous dialogue for 5 mins(however funny)…can’t wait for the Monukuma DLC….sweet revenge for his troll voice.

    I hope I can finish Persona 4 Gold and Arena before Ultimax and Dancing come over.

  • Put over 10 hours into the demo, so I’m looking forward to when my game arrives here. The appeal really is the gameplay for me, so I’m very eager to get my hands on the full version so I can have access to more than one dungeon. The writing seems to be either intentionally bad to be satirical or to appeal to harem fans, but either way, not a huge draw for me. Gameplay is very worth it though.

    Is there any reason the localization team couldn’t upgrade the ad-hoc feature to an online one? Other games have gotten this when coming overseas, and I can’t imagine the feature getting much use as is right now. Maybe this could be addressed in an update someday?

    • Yeah, gameplay is pretty on point. The more you play (esp. in later dungeons) the harder it is to put down.

      It’s possible it could be featured in an update, but I haven’t heard anything about it, so I don’t think it’s very probable. The localization team doesn’t really do anything involving the actual programming, that’s more the developer’s job.

  • Picking up my copy soon! I just hope the actual game is harder than the demo. Also, when is Persona 2 Innocent Sin returning to the store?!

  • I am buying the digital version tonight. I bought P4 for PS3 last week but too mired in Dark Souls 2 to start anything else. Again, thank you, Atlus, for supporting Vita. As the article on IGN says, the install base may not be huge, but we Vita owners are rabid gamers who buy a lot of games.

  • I’m playing the demo now. What an odd game.

    Definitely looking forward to the full release.

  • Atlus, I love you :’)

  • Both my money and savedata (lv 30 mc) are ready. Just waiting on the update :P

  • Played the demo and it was really enjoyable. I loved the rpg/ dating sim hybrid. I’m also quite interested to see what the “tsundere” character has to offer.

  • Waiting for my copy from Amazon *0*

    Where is my secret announce of Persona 3 Golden?

  • @2, Crazy- This is a magnificent synopsis! Hahahahaa!

    John @ comment 6- You’re now a confirmed ‘reply specialist’ for that snappy response to the TMNT inquiry! :D

    Graphics look colorful, & 40-60 hour main story? Wazz?!

  • Picked up my copy at Gamestop (with the soundtrack) Continued from my last demo and which I’ve spent over 10 hours. Loving the 3 new characters especially Tori @_@. She’s definitely my type.

    How many DLC have been released for the Japanese version? How much will they cost individually?

    Also thanks for bringing the game to West. You guys are the best!

  • And yet the first one is only on the 3DS brilliant!!

  • Nevermind about my question. Just saw homepage with the upcoming DLC price and date. Looks like, I’ll be buying them all!

  • I am so exited for this game but the English voices are going to take a lot of the enjoyment away for me. I like Atlus, and thats why im buying it, I even pre ordered the game, but they really need to consider having jp voices for future titles. Don’t get me wrong though, I do enjoy dubs sometimes, but for games like this, where the female charactes have this very Japanese personalities from anime, I prefer the original voices.

  • I want a Monokuma doll or figurine that says “It’s Punishment Time”

  • Really happy with the game so far. I actually like the English voices and don’t mind them at all. I’m a Fuuko fan, that’s for sure!

  • The rpg’s are incoming fast on the PS Vita at some point I want to check this out.

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