Pure Chess Out April 15th on PS4

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Pure Chess Out April 15th on PS4

Pure Chess on PS4

You can literally smell the excitement here at VooFoo towers, and it’s not (only) due to the lack of personal hygiene time we’ve had as of late. We’ve teamed up with publisher Ripstone to bring you our latest, greatest version of Pure Chess, which hits PS4 tomorrow. And we’re extremely proud of our baby.

If you don’t know who we are, VooFoo Studios is a small team of passionate developers based in sunny Birmingham, right in the heart of England. We’ve always prided ourselves on making highly playable, photo-realistic games, and thanks to the power of the PS4 hardware we’ve been able to turn the dial up to eleven.

Displayed at 1080p and running at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second, Pure Chess on PS4 is a visual tour-de-force. We’ve doubled the texture sizes, added many extra layers of post-processing, added contact shadows, and applied ultra-realistic depth-of-field… which is a rather boring way of saying that this is a seriously good looking chess game! Couple this with a massively improved custom networking system to provide a much slicker online experience and we’re confident you’ll love Pure Chess just as much as we do.

Pure Chess on PS4Pure Chess on PS4

Pure Chess is available on April 15th and will be $7.99, but you can also get your hands on the best value Complete Bundle for $14.99 which includes all the DLC. PlayStation Plus users can look forward to some cheeky discounts at launch, too!

Both VooFoo and Ripstone will be doing some code giveaways, so get following us.

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