PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour Coming to Mobile

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PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour Coming to Mobile

It’s not too long now until PS Vita Pets launches in June, but maybe that’s too long? So to keep you going until then we’re launching a mobile app, PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlour.


We wanted to give people the opportunity to get to know the pups in advance of the full game’s release and experience one of the core aspects at the same time, so we put together the app to allow players to run their own puppy pampering parlour. Each day a new dog will arrive into your parlour and you’ll be tasked with meeting their specific needs through a range of activities such as taking them for a walk, showering, feeding and playing a number of different games.


Games include Dream Chase, where you race to collect golden bones, and Snack Balance, where you tilt your device to keep your dog steady while it balances a tasty treat on its nose. Completing these games and looking after your pups will also earn you points that you can use to upgrade your parlour and unlock new items and clothes.

As you can see, there’s loads going on! One of the really cool things about the app is that you can unlock exclusive costumes that can be transferred over to the main PS Vita game, so they’ll be ready and waiting for your own pup in June when the full game is released.

The Android version of Puppy Parlour is available now, and the iOS version is coming next week. We’ll be back again soon with even more info on the game, so keep your eyes on PS.Blog!

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  • Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!

  • No PS Mobile support? Odd.

  • says not available in your country I live in United States WTF

  • Yeah, just tried to download it, got the “not available in your country” error, proving both Android and this blog writer are pretty incompetent..

    Ok, I take that back. It’s still true but too rude.

  • Sony does realize the main device competing with the Vita is the mobile phone, right? So why create and release a game that requires an Android or Iphone in order to unlock exclusive costumes for the Vita?? Makes no sense.

  • Welp, ‘not available in your country’ msg Neil! :/ Tho, that’s an excellent screenshot of puppy butt!

    @5, Burme- not quite correct. The Vita’s main opponent is ITSELF. Sounds lame, I know. The Vita does not make phone calls, so it really compliments when ye own both. The marketing aspect here is, that consumers have a greater [necessity] access to Android/iOS devices like family-plan smart phones & tablets… so ‘Let’s create some brand & product awareness by offering a BASIC yet adorable version to the masses!’


  • Why did you even post this on the US Blog if the game is not even available in the US? I’m already annoyed today why did have to add to it by wasting my time.

  • Opps, ignore the extra ‘the’ hehee.


    There should be more releases like this, which would give the devs @ Sony mobile division attention in the Android & iOS app stores. The result is stronger brand recognition for the launch of Playstation Now.

    Neil, hope we can get cats next.

  • “As you can see, there’s loads going on! One of the really cool things about the app is that you can unlock exclusive costumes that can be transferred over to the main PS Vita game, so they’ll be ready and waiting for your own pup in June when the full game is released.”
    I think it’s also being released on PS Mobile. Otherwise how else would they transfer everything over?

    Would be foolish not to.

  • Hmm really cute. I might try it. I might try to wait until it comes to ps mobile on my Vita. Sounds like a fun game, Except my vita and tilting is horrible. Like the blob game, I couldn’t tilt in those levels at all. The one mechanic on my Vita I can’t stand.

  • Coming to Mobile, but not Playstation Mobile? ;)

    Anyway, might give it a try.

  • Android and iOS version as well.
    Yeah, because nobody that bought a vita would even want to play this.
    For girls maybe.

  • I don’t normally post on the blog comments, but today I will. I can confirm that this app is NOT AVAILABLE in the USA!! Quite irritating considering this post is on the US blog site and nowhere in the post is it mentioned that this app is for Europe (I assume) only. Bad form Sony :<

  • lol, doesn’t work on my Sony Tablet. *slow clap*

    Retail release please. Limited retail release. Retailer exclusive. Something. I don’t want to have to import it from Europe, it takes forever to get here and then I can’t get any DLC.

  • Also, I gotta say… I really don’t understand why these promotional apps aren’t on PS Vita. You’d think that would be the ideal place. I would use this stuff on Vita more so than mobile, and a few trophies attached would go a long way to keeping interest in the mini-games up until full release.

    I just don’t understand Sony. I get putting them on mobile, but I don’t get not putting them on PS Vita as well.

  • Sony is putting this app on mobile devices to promote the Vita to smartphone users. It’s actually a very smart marketing strategy. Nintendo also plans on using mobile devices for marketing purposes.

  • @16: Which doesn’t stop, or change, anything about also putting them on PS Vita. Which is stupid.

  • I think this is a great little app, and while I’m happy it came to Android right away, seeing a Vita version would also be nice.
    But I can see how this is a game that will definitely get the PS Vita Pets crowd a little more hyped for the game. Pretty cool.

  • @all, it’s LIVE (US) peeps! (8

  • Dogs are so overratted!! Just when they made a bird movie about birds which is The Rios they manage to put in a dog the same goes with Nut Job ! Can’t they have anything about animals without dogs for once?

  • @Burmecian, just because smartphones are the main competetor of handheld consoles, doesnt mean people who have handheld consoles dont have smartphones. im guessing you dont realize Sony is apart of the open Handset Alliance, and their flagship OS is…. ANDROID.

    @CantonicAlex, “Otherwise how else would they transfer everything over?”, are you serious? just so you know consoles and smartphones now communicate with each other through companion apps. its pretty common and very simple to do.

  • So there must be a major influx of females gearing up to buy the new model of PS Vita aye? because who is actually buying this game?

  • My girlfriend will love this. Nice! Can’t seem to find it currently.

  • @21: Well birds are overrated too (Angry Birds of course). And they can’t make a game about cats…because cats don’t really do anything.

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