Trials Fusion on PS4: Challenge the World

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Trials Fusion on PS4: Challenge the World

If there’s one thing better than blazing through one of Trials Fusion’s trickiest courses, it’s knowing you did it faster — and with fewer crashes — than your friends. Online leaderboards lie at the heart of the Trials universe, and with Trials Fusion on PS4 we’re taking that competitive experience one step further.

Trials Fusion will pit you against racers all around the world in a heated battle to dominate the global leaderboards with your fastest times and even your highest FMX scores. Built off the core framework of Trials Evolution, Trials Fusion now makes it easier than ever to track your rivals’ progress and one-up their top race times. This is your chance to prove your skills, crash now and then, and prove that within your battered, broken rib cage beats the heart of a champion.

And for those who want more immediate gratification when smoking their rivals, Trials Fusion also supports 4-player local multiplayer races and FMX courses. Just promise not to throw a controller at your friends when you face-plant at the finish line.

Get ready to crush your competition (and probably shatter a few bones) on April 15th. For more information on Trials Fusion, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • I’m confused is this coming out on ps3??? Gaming sites have this listed on ps3 but on the official Trials website only xbox one, ps4, PC, & Xbox 360 are listed as platforms it’s releasing on but it never mentions it coming out on ps3….

  • Xbox gets 1,000 points for this game but PS4 gets no platinum? I don’t like this trend at all.

  • Please, please, please tone down the lens flare. I can’t even see a few of the characters in the 4 player mode.

  • WORK WITH GOOGLE online, seriously I couldn’t be happier I work when I want and where I want. And with a little effort I easily bring in 50h and sometimes even as much as 80h…heres a good example of what I’m doing……………..j­ℴ­ℬ­s­35.ℭℴℳ

  • Sony, knock it off with the obscure platinum restrictions. It’s not some rare commodity you need to limit or else the trophy economy will collapse. Having a platinum will encourage, not discourage, product sales.

  • @5 Exactly. Don’t be the inferior platform when you’re the superior platform for everything else.

  • I have yet to play the Trials game I got free for Vita…but this one looks good.I wanna know too…is this coming to PS3 as well?


  • What?!?!!

    Has it been confirmed that there is no platinum in this game??

  • @Ragingmexicano87 try really reading you’ll be suprised by the results. Don’t insult gamers everywhere that where dumb as a doornail a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • @9 Ricen-Beans

    0 Gold, 4 Silver, 12 Bronze

  • @9 Ricen-Beans

    0 Gold, 4 Silver, 12 Bronze

  • PS4 – 1080P y 60 fps.
    XONE – 900P . LOL !!!

  • @tusunami was I talking to you? No I wasn’t I’m not stupid it clearly states in the title ” Trials fushion on ps4″ I’m asking a simple question I’ve seen certain gaming sites listing this game on ps3 that’s all Im asking if it’s coming to ps3 or not.

  • @Welmosca This is a game from the actual Trials series. Urban Trials is a cheap, bargain basement knockoff.

  • Really? No Platin again? This gets really disappointing

  • @ Welmosca That game is trash compared to the real trials game. The one on vita isn’t even made by the same company.

  • Didn’t know that.

  • For a game with such difficult trophies to obtain (10/10 difficulty ratings consistently on playstationtrophies), its nothing but hurtful to the game’s profitability/ fans to withhold a platinum trophy from the collection. As an avid trophy hunter, you’ve made the game less appealing to me and many others by removing the sense of accomplishment gamers feel associated with unlocking a platinum trophy (an arbitrary, valueless token). I’ll still probably get the game, but only after it’s dropped considerably in price. All in all you made less than half as much off me for this title than you could have because of some stupidly arbitrary rules about handing out trophies that cost you nothing to put in place.

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