PAX East: PlayStation WWS Community Exchange, Booth Events

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PAX East: PlayStation WWS Community Exchange, Booth Events

If you missed our first announcement, then hear us roar again. For the first time ever, five of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios community teams have banded together to construct a community focused booth at PAX East. Additionally, there will be some great PS4 and PS Vita games showing at PAX from some of our talented indie developers as well, which we will detail below. The PlayStation family will be in booth #608 at the Boston Convention Center April 11-13. Not only will we be selling exclusive merchandise and highly collectible PlayStation memorabilia, but you can also discuss, share, and create PlayStation memories with community team leads from Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Xdev.

Wait! There’s more! We have a slew of daily booth and online activities planned for all attendees, even those who cannot make it to Boston. Join the conversation today and continue it all show long by using #PSPAX whenever you talk about PAX or PlayStation online. Here’s the grand rundown of events and our full booth schedule below!

PlayStation Loves Indies

Come check out a few of the Indie games that will be at PAX:

Game Developer Platform Booth
Transistor SuperGiant PS4 Supergiant Booth
Secret Ponchos Switchblade Monkeys PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Source FenixFire PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Sportsfriends Die Gute Fabrik PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Young Horses PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Guacamelee! STCE Drinkbox PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Nuclear Throne Vlambeer PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Hand of Fate Defiant PS4 Indie Mega Booth
Race the Sun Flipfly PS Vita Indie Mega Booth

Share with #PSPAX to win

Create or find any of the PlayStation symbols – Square, Triangle, Circle, and Cross – from wherever you are in the world and post pictures or video directed at us on Instagram or Twitter. Every day during PAX East our PlayStation studios will select random winners for our mystery prizes, which include the rare Tearaway PAX Exclusive Iota pinny!

Follow our studios on Twitter and Instagram, and then participate by sharing your photos and videos using #PSPAX. You must include #PSPAX in the post to enter. There is no limit! Let your creativity rule!

PlayStation at PAX East

Cosplayers: Come one, come all

If you are cosplaying at PAX East as any PlayStation character, stop by our booth, and we’ll award you the Tearaway PAX Exclusive Iota pinny while supplies last. Let’s see your best PlayStation character! We like cosplay!

PlayStation at PAX East

Daily booth contests

The following contests will be running all day, every day at our booth:

Killzone Shadowfall Botzone Challenge

Take on the Botzone Deathmatch challenge to rack up as many bot kills in the set time. The daily Top 3 on our PAX Killzone Leaderboard will claim Dogtags, DLC Season Passes, signed posters, and a Custom Killzone Dualshock 4 controller.

PlayStation at PAX East

Sound Shapes Speed Run

Race the music of Deadmau5 “Invaderoids” in Sound Shapes. The Top 3 daily fastest times on our PAX Sound Shapes Leaderboard will win a bundle of DLC, full game codes, and a rare poster.

PlayStation at PAX East

Name That Tune

How well do you know our PlayStation music? We’ll be blasting tunes from our games all day at the booth. Find the designated “jar next to our speaker” and tell us a game you think the music is from. Random correct winners will be selected at the end of every day for great prizes.

Our live booth schedule

You didn’t think we’d just stand around flipping PlayStation controllers in the air now did you? We have a number of live activities planned every day at our booth, so stop by frequently!

PlayStation Community Town Halls

Every day at PAX East during the various times noted in the schedule below, each of our PlayStation studios will be taking the mic at our booth to answer your questions live in-person. We call it our “Community Town Hall”. We’ll be fielding all questions and aiming to share more about what we do as Community Managers at each of our studios, tidbits related to our current games, studio culture, and why it’s awesome being inside the development of great games. This is your opportunity to get to know us in a very fun, informal way. See the full schedule below.


11AM – Trivia Contest with Naughty Dog & Media Molecule
12PM – Tearaway Poster Giveaway
1PM – Community Town Hall with Media Molecule – Get To Know Us!
2PM – Trivia Contest with Sony Santa Monica & SonyXDevEurope
3PM – Tearaway Poster Giveaway
4PM – Trivia Contest with Guerrilla Studios


11AM – Trivia Contest with Guerrilla Studios
12PM – Tearaway Poster Giveaway
1PM – Community Town Hall with Naughty Dog – Get To Know Us!
2PM – Trivia Contest with Naughty Dog & Media Molecule
3PM – Trivia Contest with Sony Santa Monica & SonyXDevEurope
4PM – Community Town Hall with SonyXDev – Get To Know Us!
5PM – Tearaway Poster Giveaway


11AM – Trivia Contest with Sony Santa Monica & SonyXDevEurope
12PM – Tearaway Poster Giveaway
1PM – Community Town Hall with Sony Santa Monica – Get To Know Us!
2PM – Trivia Contest with Guerrilla Studios
3PM – Community Town Hall with Guerrilla Studios – Get To Know Us!
4PM – Trivia Contest with Naughty Dog & Media Molecule

Whew! We’re going to have some sore throats when all is said and done but there’s just one more thing…the Molecules and all of us want to make sure the PAX Exclusive Iota Pinny will get in the hands of those who interact with us. The pinny game of PAX has a simple rule: trade or kindly ask for it. Chat with any of us at the booth wearing a World Wide Studios PAX T-Shirt and perhaps we will pin Iota to your lanyard, shirt, or give to you at our discretion. Maybe we’ll even trade you for an Ellie pinny.

PlayStation at PAX East

The PAX PlayStation Community Exchange is a constant conversation, come join and get to know us. We can’t wait to see you all! #PSPAX

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