Transistor Comes to PS4 May 20th

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Transistor Comes to PS4 May 20th

Transistor is coming soon! Mark your calendar for May 20th, 2014 — In just a few weeks, our next game will be available on PS4! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on it, and we think it’s just about ready.

If you’re not familiar with the game, Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city. Gameplay seamlessly integrates thoughtful strategic planning with fast-paced action and rich atmospheric storytelling. During the course of the adventure, you’ll piece together the Transistor’s mysteries as you pursue its former owners.

Transistor on PS4

This week at PAX East in Boston, several of us from Supergiant will be taking a short break from development to show you some of our latest progress. We’ll have a near-final build of the game running on PS4, which you’ll be able to get your hands on at our booth (#892). It was one year ago at PAX East that we showed Transistor for the first time!

We’ll have more details about Transistor in the days leading up to our launch next month. Until then, here are some quick facts we wanted to share — stay tuned for more:

When is Transistor due out?
Transistor’s release date is May 20th, 2014.

Where will I be able to get the game?
You’ll be able to get Transistor for PS4 on PlayStation Store

How much is the game?
$19.99 in North America.

Transistor on PS4Transistor on PS4

Will Transistor be available in my country?
We plan for a worldwide launch. Transistor includes English voiceover and text in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Can I preorder the game?
Not at this time, though we’re looking into it!

I have more questions.
Sure! Read our Transistor FAQ, send questions to @SupergiantGames on Twitter, or leave us comments here on PlayStation.Blog.

Stay tuned for more news, and get ready to play Transistor in the near future!

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  • Looks fun! Will buy it! First?

  • Instant buy. Been waiting for this since the E3 announcement. Looks awesome!

  • Best news today! Been looking forward to this since the announcement months ago. Glad to see an early release date a definite buy for me.

  • easter sale soon?

  • Another good one for the new Indiestation 4. Or PS3.5 or whatever it is called nowadays.

  • Yes! This comes out the week of my birthday, so it’ll be a gift to myself :D

  • sooner than expected. can’t wait!

  • Nice! Any plans for a demo?

  • Awe yeah! Can’t wait for this game. Bastion was amazing, so I’ve been excited for this since the reveal.

  • Sweet! ^_^
    I didn’t expected it so soon, as a big fan of Bastion it’s a obvious first day purchase

  • Price seems a little steep. I thought the game would of been priced at 10 or max 15 bucks. I just hope a demo is planned it would suck to drop money on a game that I thought looked good but didn’t deliver in the end.

  • Any chance of seeing Bastion possibly on PS4? I have it on Steam, but would like it on my console as well…

  • Finally a release date! can’t wait

  • Bastion is easily the best game I purchased from Steam, so Transistor is a no-brainer for me!

  • Hey Greg Kasavin!!! I was always a big fan of yours back when you wrote for Gamespot! Glad to see you’re part of such a respected dev team!

    Bastion was fantastic

  • Hey Greg,

    Just wondering, but when this was shown at E3 last year, I could’ve sworn it was announced for PS4/Vita and it was coming free for PS+ subscribers. Not that I wasn’t going to buy it anyway, just want a confirmation on that.

    Have a great day! =)

  • This is a day one buy for me.

  • Day one purchase!


  • Yes! This is one of my most anticipated titles of this year. I absolutely cannot wait. Day 1 for me.

    Any idea on the length?

  • This come out the week of my birthday ………….
    Lol about to turn up

  • Throwing in my support for a Bastion PS4 double feature.

  • looks fun! :) not sure if this is the proper place for it but i was curious if Sony’s network is at risk from the Heartbleed bug goin around? i know it mainly is going through sites that have used OpenSSl and was curious if sony had already implemented the fix that is out or if there was even call for concern in the first place. just need a heads up if i should be changing my password right away or if its a non-issue right now?

  • M­y l­a­­s­t p­a­y c­h­­e­c­k w­a­s $­8­­5­o­o ­w­o­r­k­i­n­g 1­o h­o­u­r­s a w­e­e­k o­n­l­i­n­e­. M­y y­o­u­n­g­e­r b­r­o­t­h­e­r f­r­i­e­n­d h­a­s b­e­e­n a­v­e­r­a­g­i­n­g 1­2­k f­o­r m­o­n­t­h­s ­n­o­w a­n­d h­e w­o­r­k­s a­b­o­u­t 2­2 h­o­u­r­s a w­e­e­k­. I c­a­n­’­t b­e­l­i­e­v­e h­o­w e­a­s­y i­t w­a­s o­n­c­e I t­r­i­e­d i­t o­u­t­. T­h­i­s i­s w­h­a­t I d­o.­.­.­.­. >>>­­­j­o­b­s­35.ℭℴℳ

  • Huzzah! I too have wanted this since launch. My birthday is 3 days after so I know what I will be doing, ignoring friends and playing this till my eyeballs and fingers bleed.

  • Does this support Remote Play? Any plans for a Vita version?

  • Will be buying day 1 without a doubt. Greg, do you have any plans on bringing Bastion to the playstation eco-system? That would be amazing in every way.

  • Was hoping to see this as a free game for PSPlus, guess I’ll need a job to play it. ;)

  • Count me in! Been waiting to hear about this gem since E3! Really stoked to play it next month. Now to wait for Hohokum and Octodad….

  • Keep pushing on that Pre-Order thing. It’s good for us and you. I want to be able to dump my money in and download it ASAP. Until then, I have a little PSN card set aside.

  • Great Game, can’t wait

  • Unfortunately this game doesn’t appeal to me.Well a demo should be released thats for sure.

  • Such an easy D1P for me! I am so happy this is coming out next month! I was hoping it wouldn’t be far into the summer. Thanks for the good news and I cannot wait to buy your game!


  • Awesome.

    Can’t wait to play this.

  • This looks really interesting but with a price tag of $20, i really hope they release a demo. Or maybe a good ps plus discount at launch.

  • Like I asked on Twitter and didn’t get and answer. Are u gonna put a PS+ Pre-Order Discount or First Week Discount for PS+ ?

  • So excited! I can’t wait to play Transistor. A pre-order with some bonuses would be awesome. I want to throw my money at you guys ASAP!

  • Why do you have to hit my PS4, i just bought it last week :P

    Game looks sweet!!!

  • Gustav Klimt : The Game


  • Day 1 for me. Game looks beautiful and different. And wow, did not expect it so soon.

  • Not to be dismissive of the PS4 news, but is there going to be a PS Vita release?

  • what

  • Can’t wait! I still hope we could somehow get Bastion on PlayStation. I know you’re focused on this game, and will probably want to port it elsewhere after it comes out on PS4/PC. But if you could manage to fit in a Bastion port at some point, that would be great. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to play it on PlayStation.

  • One of my most anticipated games and perfect for PS4…I’m confident that this game is gonna be top-notch. Clearly they’ve created a very rich world, and I can’t wait to delve in. This seems like the kind of game that will please just about every gamer, no matter what genre you prefer. It’ll kick off the summer perfectly.

  • @45: Agreed. I played Bastion on PC, but I would much prefer to play it on PS3/4.

  • Yes! Finally I’ve been waiting for this since E3 last year. Pre-Ordering it as soon as it goes Live on PSN-Store… I can’t wait…

  • Nice!! I’ll buy it!

  • Looks awesome! How about a Vita port?

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